Turkish Dublenki

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Turkish Dublenki

Many fashionistan, Russian winter is associated with stylish and warm sheepskin. This elegant top clothing on a very democratic price can offer Turkish manufacturer.


The peculiarity of the coarse from Turkey is that they are made of fur velor – very durable skin having a thick fur. Such clothes are incredibly warm, but rather heavy, which is a little shy.

The most popular Turkish model – durable leather sheepskins, And the most popular material – sheepskin. Designers of Turkish companies develop a variety of trendy color solutions. Invariably enjoy classic brown and black tone.

In the plan of Tsamon, the covers from Turkey are presented in all its diversity. These are classic straightwork products, fitted option and exquisite coloded models. Copying models of sheepskin coats have a fur sword of sand, black fur, as well as an elite mink.

Numerous hooded options to get rid of a woman from having to wear a headdress and retain a hairstyle in safety.

As for men’s models of Turkish manufacturers, they are in quality and impressiveness are not lagging behind female. In trend, options for men of black and various shades of brown.


The length of Turkish suckers is also a variety. Each buyer can easily find his model.

So, always relevant universal The average length of female sheepskin, Luxurious looks Long model in the floor, Also there is Many shortened youth options. Dynamic stronger representatives will donate shortened models, very convenient for long trips. For other cases, more elegant long style will be appropriate.


In general, the quality of the coat of the production of Turkey is almost not inferior to Italian, French, German and Finnish models. But the price is their winning. Therefore, Turkish products are so popular with the middle class of the population of different countries. While other countries are purchased raw materials at auctions, Turkey is sewing them of its own production. This is exactly what the lower price of finished products is due. Turkish manufacturers successfully export their products to many countries of the world.

If the Turkish coat is sewn in the factory, then it will certainly be a high-quality product: In recent years, the country constantly improves the quality of its products and deservedly has a good reputation in the European and Russian markets.

It is impossible not to mention about some lack of outerwear from Turkey: Due to the peculiar tight technology, skin flooring Turkish sucker is a bit rough. They are heavier than the Italian or French models, but at the same time and much warmer and practical. With proper care this thing you can wear a few seasons.


Currently in Turkey there are about five thousand factories for the production of winter outerwear. The country continuously improves tanning production.

Consider the most elite Turkish stamps:

  • Adamo Releases elegant exclusive models. Company more than once occupied prizes at exhibitions and world-class show. This manufacturer owns its own factory for processing fur raw materials. In addition, products are successfully sewn through the flows from Italy, and accessories comes from Canada and Europe. At the same time, Adamo is widely used manual production.
  • Brand Vesutti Traditionally, sews a bunch of foreign skins, isolated in Italy and Spain, which causes an exquisite view of finished products. Vesutti covers are in demand mainly in wealthy women, classic in the upper clothes.
  • Designers companies Vesivio Oriented only on the latest trends in the fashion world, but at the same time show their own creative fantasy in terms of texture and forms of products. Products of this brand are always elegant and status.

More economical Turkish manufacturers can also offer decent quality products. This is Punto, whose covers have high wear resistance. Products of the Damla brand has its own model range with the years, which is continuously improved. Giorgio Rotti, relying on the work of Italian designers, offers stylish original sheepskins for all ages.

How to choose?

If you decide to buy Turkish Dublin, go for buying in a specialized salon. Here you must provide product certificate.

  1. Responsibly go to the process of fitting. Clothes should emphasize the advantages of the figure and do not argue movements.
  2. Carefully consider the seams of covers: they should be even and neat.
  3. If the product is factory, then its painting (and fur, and skin) will be homogeneous and durable. It is easy to check using a conventional wet handkerchief: with a close contact with the surface of the product, there should be no trace.
  4. In addition, you should immediately avoid a fatty raid on the surface of the coat and the specific smell coming from it.
  5. Double-quality covers have a trace in the form of a strip on the surface, if you spend nail on it.
  6. Fur product should be durable. It is easy to check: enough slightly grab a piece of sheepskin and pull it. If several Village remained in their hands – before you the product of the unfair manufacturer.
  7. The surface of the coat must be treated with water-repellent composition. This can be checked with a water droplet: if it comes without a trace of leather, then a quality thing.

In general, to choose a really decent thing and at the same time save, it is best to go to the shopping tour to Turkey. In major cities (Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya) you will find a huge selection of men’s and female sheepskins. It is always appropriate to bargain, as well as get on sale or good discounts.

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