Tuscan lamb

Tuscan lamb

Among the variety of winter clothes in the modern fashion world, you can easily be easily confused and not to see the standing option, among the abundance of others.

We will tell you about an amazing product – a loaf of the Tuscan lamb, which is not only beautiful, but is very warm and functional.

What is this “beast” – Tuscany?

For the manufacture of sheepskin coats, the skins of many animals that have their advantages and cons. Some fur are more popular due to the name constantly on hearing, and some, on the contrary, do not have loud popularity.

But there are such cases when the sellers are confused when buying a product, giving it to a completely different. This often occurs with the skirt of the Tuscan lamb.

Although the animal belongs to this fur and is one of the rocks of the sheep, it externally hardly has at least some slightest similarities with classical sheepskin. The skin of the Tuscan lamb is softer and gentle, pork more silky and smooth.

Often the skin of the Tuscan lamb is confused with a goat fur, and sometimes at all, take for artificial. But these guesses are erroneous, the Tuscan lamb is a special breed of sheep, derived in a small Italian town.


The numerous model range allows fashionable to acquire a suitable product, or even one. But sheepskin coat with a fur lamb did not particularly differ in Croes and Stamps. The main differences fall on small details that act on the appearance of the product in such a way that they change it radically.

The presence of a hood often defines not only the functionality of the product, but also its appearance.

For example, covers with a neat collar rack and without a hood, have an elegant look, in the best traditions of classic style. A model with an elegant large hood look luxuriously, although a little more volumetric in the top.

Streamed born has a shorter pile, so it can be less warm. Many believe that the length of fur does not play a role, but in fact it is not the case, and there really depends on fur.

Tools of large sizes

In addition to the standard dimensional series, represented by sizes from 38 to 48 (in some countries to the 50th), there is also a fairly wide selection for girls with a figure of much more complete.

Tools of large sizes, for girls suffering from light fullness, have dimensions in the range of 52 – 56, and products for ladies with more serious weights vary vary in area 58 – 70 sizes.

Straight or trapezoid cut – that’s what is ideal for a very complete figure. The product will not only warm well in the cold, but also perfectly sit on the figure, without focusing on its shortcomings.

Girls with small “weighty” problems are suitable for the collapsed models on a smell, supplemented by a wide belt of leather or the same material as sherself.

It is worth avoiding shortened models, and you also need to competently select the product in size so that it does not look tight.


The length of the product may be a decisive factor in its choice, since a lot determines not only its appearance, but also many functional features.

For example, short sheepskins, well-combined with the trumstone, are suitable for girls who lead an active lifestyle and are prone to frequent quick movements, especially on vehicles.

Long covers in the floor are not popular because the hem of the product is rapidly brewed and flies, but this season is unprecedented popularity covered the length of the midi, which, by the way, looks incredibly elegant and feminine.

If you can purchase multiple models, it is worth getting a long and short option. Long coat is suitable for entering the light, in combination with evening dress, and short – will become an excellent everyday option.


The color gamut of sheep can be quite diverse, which is undoubtedly pleased with the wonderful customers, because every girl wants to choose a product for his soul.

Most of all the black models look like the least marked. In addition, the clothing of this tone often prefers magical beauties, because black color visually hides unnecessary volumes, making the silhouette more sophisticated.

Blue and brown coats are common, which are also pretty functional, but look a little creative and more fun, rather than the products of black.

Beautifully looks beige coat, combined with brown fur, for a couple of tones darker than the product itself.

The gray model, especially the steel shade, looks incredibly luxurious and well combined with many other flowers. In addition, this shade allows you to combine the cooler itself with trim, both from light and from dark fur.


The quality of the product is largely depends on the manufacturer, because they are responsible for the materials used, as well as the execution of all seams and the neat production of the product as a whole.

In addition, it is from the manufacturer and the materials used by him, the price of the product depends.

For example, Turkish coats have an average cost, but differ in high quality of their products. That is completely not surprising, because Turkey has long been famous for the largest fur manufacturer.

Italian factories are also responsible for the quality of their products, always remaining at a high level. But the pricing policy of Italian producers is slightly overestimated, so it may not be for his pocket.

Chinese suckers do not differ particularly high level of quality products, but are rather cheap and quite affordable for each “wallet”. Dublinski from domestic, Russian manufacturers, who, unlike Chinese, are responsible for the quality of their goods.

How to choose?

To choose a wonderful, stylish product, it is worth paying attention to many factors.

  • First, the quality of the material surface. The outer side of the coat is made from a special fur velor, and some manufacturers even use natural, high-quality suede.
  • Secondly, if the coat is made of many small flaps, you need to pay attention to the seams – they should be high quality, without spaces and even without the smallest holes.
  • And finally, if you are aimed at purchasing a product from strictly natural fur, you should pay attention to it. And also, it is necessary to carefully select the size of the product and the color gamut, in accordance with the tinge of the skin and hair.

How to care?

  1. First, it is worth noting that the necessary information for the care of the sheep can be found from a special label that is on each product.
  2. To store a coat, it is necessary to choose a special hanger suitable for the shoulder line, which will not allow stretching the product.
  3. Store it stands in a special “breathable” case for clothing containing inside the pellets of naphthalene, which will protect the product from the harmful effects of moths.
  4. As for the care, it is worth noting that high-quality products may be dry cleaning and remain in the original form.

Other Care Rules are presented in the following video:

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