Ultra-easy female jackets

Ultra-easy female jackets


Ultra-easy down jacket differs from the usual model, first of all, by its weight. Depending on the length of the jacket, its style, the presence of additional parts and decorative decorations, the weight can vary from 300 to 1000 g. Such a down jacket smoothly fits the figure without adding superfluous kilograms, as ordinary outerwear does.

Low weight absolutely does not affect the ability of the down jacket to keep warm. The whole secret is that the filler is distributed between the lining and the material of the jacket, and not in special square or rectangular blocks, as is done in conventional down jackets.

Most often, the finest nylon is used as the upper fabric. It is processed in a special way that the fluff does not get through the lining. The material is shifted to narrow rectangles that allow the insulation to host the down of the down jacket as uniformly as possible.

Ultra-easy down jackets at one time were designed for athletes and travelers. During exhausting training or hiking, each extra gram can represent substantial inconveniences. That is why there was a lightweight, warm, thin clothes that does not take up much space and easily placed in a hiking bag or backpack. True, it slightly inferior to traditional jackets in the heat maintenance indicator: a ultra-easy down jacket withstands the temperature to -20 ° C, while conventional models are perfectly kept warm and at 30-40 ° C below zero.

Lightweight, thin down jackets have become popularly popular, and today they are used not only for sports, but also for everyday life. There is a huge range of ultra-easy down jackets, they are produced in the most varying colors, are complemented by various functional and decorative elements.

Ultra-easy down jackets are used not only as an independent unit of clothing, but also as an attack. Then the weight of such a down jacket becomes even less. Some models weigh a little more than 130 g.

Many down jackets are complemented by hoods, and the rest of the models tend to have high collars for better heat conservation and eliminating the need to use scarf.

Store the ultra-thin down jackets are best in the rolled form, this position does not allow the flock to settle at the bottom of the horizontal sections.

Compact models – down jackets, folding in a bag

This type of downpoures is distinguished by simple design and lack of decorative additions. His task consists not so much in external attractiveness, as in compactness of sizes and functionality. In the rolled form, such a down jacket is easy to fit into a small special bag that takes at least a place and always at hand.

The advantages of such a model are obvious: compactness, ease, ease of storage. Of the minuses, you can mark the low heat saving indicator and the absence of fur that additionally removes from winter cold.

Among the companies specializing in the production of outerwear for sports and everyday life can be noted the main brands producing the most famous and popular brands of ultra-thin down jackets.


One of the most famous global brands for the production of down jackets. To sewing your products, the company uses only the highest quality materials and natural fillers. Ultra-easy bilateral down jackets of this brand attract attention to bright, beautiful colors.

MONCLER down jackets are distinguished by exceptional quality and highest performance characteristics. That is why the clothing of this brand belongs to the category “Lux”. Ultra-easy waterproof down jackets with a package of the lightest fluff perfectly withstand low temperatures.


Excellent example of a democratic price ratio and decent quality. Manufacturers of this brand made a bet on the practicality and functionality of their models. Traditional style, classic colors, good heat saving ability – everything you need for travel, walks or workout in the fresh air. Models are equipped with a hood or collar-rack.

Tips for choosing

The choice of a suitable down jacket is directly related to the one for what purpose it will be used. Jacket for sports, tourist hiking, fishing, hunting and t.D. Must have a high heat-saving ability, low weight, wear resistance, practicality and functionality. In this case, the down jacket must have the most simple and convenient style without decorative excesses and decorations in the form of a fur edge.

Fur prevents the compact addition of the jacket, in addition, with constant folding, the fur will very soon lose its attractive appearance.

If the down jacket is purchased for use in everyday life, then the choice is little different from the choice of an ordinary down jacket. Ultrathin models can be shortened and elongated, have a straight and fitted style, sleeves of different lengths, hood, belt and other additional elements. The color scheme can also be diverse, in fashion – bright, saturated colors.

Ultrathin down jackets are perfectly combined with the clothes of a variety of styles.

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