Winter bomber

Winter bomber

Winter bomber – Excellent alternative to jackets and jackets. It is a women’s jacket that is made from various materials with a fur or other approach, having distinctive features in the form of a high collar and rubber cuffs. Fashion is always in dynamic development, and the bombers were very popular 70 years ago. Everything is cyclically and repeated, now this clothing is again in the trend, swinging from the male wardrobe to female, changing a little.


The 30s of the 20th century – the beginning of the history of the pilot jackets, or as they are called bomber. At this time, the US Armed Forces were looking for appropriate clothes for their pilot bombers. According to their order, a special jacket party was sewn, having a number of benefits:

  1. Protecting from cold in open bomber cabins due to the material used – thick, durable buffaloes+
  2. From the wind they saved the warm tight throat knitted collar and gum cuffs on the sleeves and at the bottom of the product+
  3. Bombers thanks to Crya are comfortable and not shy movements.

In the mid-80s, the bomber from the discharge of military clothes moved to the Civilian Wardrite. The first who marked the convenience of these things became athletes and students. After the boom on the bombers they loved to representatives of many subcultures. After 10 years, the bomber is already stylish and comfortable men’s clothing, a little later – women’s.

Despite the fact that the bomber changed over time and under the influence of fashionable trends changed, he retained all these qualities, while having loved by the representatives of the beautiful sex. Now consider more popular models of modern women’s bomber.

The women’s-bomber jacket became popular quite recently, but she loved to fashion immediately. It is easy to create topical and stylish images at any time of the year.

  • Long bomber. An unusual model elongated with a card reminds a cardigan, but the cuffs are still returned to the pilot jacket. Winter Bomber – Last fashion trend in fashion. It remains the same, but some elements are added – fur trim, insulated lining, internal cuffs protecting from cold.

  • With hood. Functional bomber, which can be worn in bad weather. Hood is possible and volumetric, and small.

  • Jacket bomber. Comfortable winter clothes, thanks to Puhu bomber light and warm. In length, various variations are possible: from the hip line to the knee and below.

  • Park Bomber. Just a trendy combination, two actual currents connected in one thing. Compromise found if I want both the park and bomber.

  • Bomber flight jacket. Bomber for the summer sews from light breathable fabrics – lace, guipure, silk. It is perfect for evening walks as cape.

Bomber is very popular with women. He can easily fit into the classic bow, complement informal boyfriend jeans.

The color gamma offered by modern designers and brands, almost no limited, there will be colors from black and beige to acid green. As always on top of fashion neutral classic shades – black, gray, beige, dark blue. They combine well with all other flowers.

Bright shades also deserve attention and young girls adore them. Pink, blue, mustard, red, green bombers look colorfully against the background of winter landscapes. In the last seasons at the peak of popularity there are powdered tones – mint, lilac, peach. Such bombers look gentle and immaterial, giving them a possession of elegance.

Tips for choosing

Before making a purchase, you need to decide on several points.

  1. Color spectrum. Popular colors we looked higher, and here it all depends on personal preferences. Someone loves classic restraint in the form of neutral dark or light tones, someone like bright, juicy accents.
  2. Style. Winter bomber can be short, medium length, long. Long bombers protect from cold and wind, short options will appreciate auto-ladies and lover of outdoor activities.
  3. Material. Bombers are sewn from leather, finger, cloak fabric.
  4. Lining and filler. Manufacturers make clothes for every taste and wallet, so it is not difficult to choose – syntheps, fluff, artificial or natural (for example, sheepskin, rabbit) fur.

What to wear?

Female Bomber appeared quite recently, but has already become a popular thing at Modnitz. It is worn by female students, office workers, business women, Celbriti, athletes. But in any case, the bombers love for their versatility, functionality, practicality and a combination with other things.

Winter bomber is ideal for our changeable climate. His Cra gives women’s figure fragility, while it is perfectly combined with many findings of wardrobe.

  • With jeans bomber looks youth and at ease. Jeans are allowed almost any – skinnie, shoes, straight or boyfriends. Casual style is, first of all, comfort and convenience. Therefore, add cozy uggs or laconic boots on a flat sole to jeans.

  • Straight pants and bomber create a casual ensemble. It can go to work and for a walk. Add brightness to help catch accessories.

  • Bomber and dress or skirt – sexual combination for all occasions. To the office, in the cinema, shopping, such an outfit is appropriate everywhere. From the shoes, preference can be given boots with high-top or shoe boots.

As you can see, the winter bomber – the thing is irreplaceable in the cold. Due to the variety of models, you can find a jacket at the very beginning of winter and frosty days. At the same time, the bomber in combination with other things allows you to always look fashionable and stylish.

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