Winter Cashmere Coat with a fur collar

Winter Cashmere Coat with a fur collar

Coat – an indispensable thing for the coming autumn. It may not only be warm, but also stylish, as the trend of this season – Cashmere coat with a fur collar.

Features and advantages of cashmere

Cashmere is a woolen or semi-wool fabric made of a molding of a mountain goat. Due to the complexity of processing and mining, as the fluff leaves about one coat about from fifteen goats, clothes from this material is quite expensive. Due to the fineness of the hair, the fabric is light, like a product from it. At the same time, the coat remains warm, and this is the most important thing for outerwear.

Most often there are coats from the combination of cashmere with wool. Use substitutes that feel very much reminds Cashmere. To insulate the cashmere coat, use the fleece or fur lining, so that it can be worn to minus temperatures.

Cashmere – Natural and Pleasant Material. He not only saves heat, but also protects against winds and moisture. However, he is committed to care, so if you do not comply with the rules, you can easily spoil such a valuable thing. To clean the cashmere coat it is best to seek help in a dry cleaning.

With the right leaving the coat from cashmere can be kept the original luxurious look and not lose color.


The fur column does not limit the traditional coat models, as it looks harmoniously with the cashmere itself and is the main trend of this autumn. Best this element looks on simple clothes without a large amount of decor.

The most common model is classic. Strict lines, fitted style, length to knee or maxi. The fur collar is absent on things with a hood, but he himself can be a fur finish on the edge. Trenchkots and coats-jackets are no less often decorated with a soft collar. Not alien fur elements and overshais models.

Some models of coat capes and coats, as well as coats of sleeveless, but often the fur with a collar applies immediately to lapels, shoulders and sleeves. It is especially luxuriously a coat with a smell, since the collar is most often big on them and descends almost to the waist.

As for the collar itself, then options are possible. It can be small and neat with a short fur or, on the contrary, lush so much that you can hide face. Not only natural fur, for example, sable, fox or fox, but also artificial.


Maxi-length coat and shortened are the main trick of this season. Of course, there are similar models from Cashmere. However, the most common length will be more traditional, medium – just below the hips or to the knee.

Color solutions

Color Coat made of natural cashmere – beige, gray, brown, black. Their shades are possible, brighter or, on the contrary, dull. Adding impurities allows you to get things and other colors: red, green, blue, white.

Color variety can be fur. It may be natural coloring, and it can be processed and decorated with a pattern, animal stripes and stains, which is so popular this season. In addition, in the trend color processing of fur, so you can find particularly original products with bright turquoise or lilac collars.

How to choose?

If the bottom coat is pretty free, then such a style will hide wide hips. If they, on the contrary, narrow, it will be better if the bottom will be volumetric, multilayer or richly decorated. In general, the decor helps to make accents on what I would like to highlight, for example, on narrow shoulders, if you choose a wide fur collar. Those who have a good waist, you can safely acquire a fitted coat, also with a belt. Shortened models in combination with shoes on the heel will help appear above.

When buying should pay attention to the material itself. If irregularity and bloating are visible, then this is a reason to learn a label with the listing of the composition or make a choice towards another coat. Checking the lining, if we are talking about insulated things. Cashmere coat – the pleasure of expensive, but it costs its money only if it is performed qualitatively.

What to wear?

Fur collar – the main active decoration of the image, so do not seek to combine such a coat with bright distracting accessories and shoes.

Signaged pants and jeans, high boots, boots, boots on the heels are suitable for shortened models. Skirts and dresses are best combined with long products, with the edge of the skirt should not be visible from under a coat more than ten centimeters. For a coat of length to knee fit both skirts – a pencil of the same length and jeans, and the shoes are best selected on the heel.

It is necessary to rely on the common style of the product. So, for example, Oversiza coat coat of a more sporty can be combined with dunkets.

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