Winter female down jackets 2021

Winter female down jackets 2021

A few years ago, a convenient, lungs, beautiful and practical jackets arrived at the change of traditional fur coats, coats, jackets and coats. In terms of its characteristics, they hardly inferior to the rest of the upper clothes, and a wide range and democratic price allows you to acquire your liked models without much damage to your budget.

In the wardrobe, you can immediately have several different in length, color and stamps of down jackets for all occasions. With more expensive outer garbage, it will do much more difficult. The downtorms are obliged, first of all, their ease, external attractiveness and high heating ability.


The downdate of the down jackets received thanks to the filler. For insulation, clean fluff or fluff with the addition of pen.

Information about the insulation and its percentage ratio is indicated on the label: the greater the percentage of the pen content, the lower the cost of the down jacket.

Most often as filler uses the fluff of ducks, goose, gaga or swan. The warmest, expensive and durable is considered the Gagachi Pooh. It is very light, perfectly holds warm. However, the down jackets, whose filler is pure fluff, need special care.

Recently, a mixture of natural fluff and synthetic fiber is very often used as a filler. This makes the washing procedure and drying the product is much more comfortable. The down jacket will dry and returns its original appearance. It is cheaper models on pure re and does not cause allergic reactions.

The filler is distributed in the down jacket in special blocks, as a rule, square. They should not be too big, otherwise the insulation will distribute uneven and accumulate at the bottom of the block.


From other models of the outerwear, the downdates are beneficially distinguished by a huge variety of model range and color gamut.

In addition to classic white, black and gray colors, all sorts of bright shades are greatly popular: red, yellow, green, purple, pink and t.D.

In the fashion jackets, decorated in combination of contrasting colors.

The entire model range of women’s down jackets can be divided into several groups: sports, classic and elegant.

Sports down jackets are performed in traditional design and, as a rule, do not have a large number of decorative decorations. The color scheme can be classic or opposite – bright, saturated.

Classic models are made in an elegant, feminine design. Elongated, fitted models are often decorated with fur. It can be used to finish a hood or cuff.

Elegant models are striking, thanks to a large number of decorative decorations. For finishing, rhinestones, sequins, brilliant tape, embroidery, applique, original, bright fittings, multi-colored fur and t.D.

One of the most popular jacket styles – fitted. This model is closer to the body and creates a beautiful, feminine silhouette. Such models are sometimes complemented by the belt.

Most often there are elongated models up to the middle of the knee or lower, but there are very short down jackets, ideal for athletes or carotivers.

Very popular down jackets with shorten sleeves. Such models are complemented by the elongated fitting gloves.

Branded downpouring

The most popular and well-known companies for the production of outerwear, including down down jackets, are usually in states that are not familiar with low winter temperatures and cold winds. This, of course, Canada, USA, Scandinavian countries and T.D.


One of the most famous brands is Moncler. The company is positioned as the manufacturer of the luxury. Ultra-easy down jackets with a hussing poch filler are a business card of this manufacturer.

Despite its ease, down jackets are perfectly withstanding very low temperatures and are suitable for use in regions with the most severe climatic conditions.


Another popular brand. The company specializes in the release of sports models of clothing.

All products of this brand feature exceptional performance and variety of designs.

Tom Tailor

The company is focused on the release of clothes for everyday socks. For sewing, materials and fittings of the highest quality are used.

Classic and modern models, original design and democratic prices make this brand one of the most sought-after and popular today.


Warm, trendy, beautiful down jackets from Nike are excellent for harsh Russian conditions. The release of the outerwear is made taking into account the most modern technologies and the latest fashion trends.

With hood

Hood – an indispensable element not only sports down jackets, but also models for everyday socks.

Deep, comfortable hoods, broken off with natural or artificial fur, securely tightened from wind and snow and will become a real decoration of any model.

Some models of down jackets for the convenience of socks and subsequent washing are equipped with detachable hoods.

In the fashion jackets of the feminine silhouette. The elongated models of the fitted style with the belt and without it are relevant.

Shuttle jackets. Externally, very much reminiscent of the slaughtered coat, autumn cloak or light park. Such down jackets can be worn in winter or in the spring-autumn period. Most often performed in black.

Trend season – combining multiple materials. Popular down jackets with leather, wool, fur or textiles.

Such down jackets look very stylish and original. Inserts may have a contrast to the main product color, such a downpour looks very impressive.

Overseas jackets entered into fashion with natural and artificial fur. The fur edge on the hood or the collar will not only give the product a road and beautiful view, it will also warm in the frosty days.

How to choose a stylish, beautiful and warm model?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the beautiful, high-quality and warm down jacket, it is enough to remember a few simple rules:

  1. Filler. When choosing a down jacket, it will be necessary to pay attention to the percentage of the Pooh and Feather. Rarely meets 100% fluff, these are the most expensive models. Most often you can see down down jackets with the percentage ratio of the fluff and pen – 70/30 or 80/20. The lower the percentage of the down of the fluff, the colder down jacket. As a heater, both fluffs and artificial fillers can be used: Sintepon, Hollofiber, Isosoft and T.D. Synthetic fillers are perfectly preserved form, they are hypoallergenic.
  2. Length. The owners of miniature growth should not stop their choice on the models of down jackets below the knee. From this growth will be even less. Perfect option – a shortened down jacket long not lower than the middle of the knee. In order to beautifully designate the waist line, the belt or the belt must accurately coincide with it.
  3. Style. Holders of lush forms worth paying attention to direct cut down jackets. Perfectly suitable models with vertical stripes that visually stretch the silhouette. Shortened models, especially sports options with cuffs on the bottom of the product, are not desirable.
  4. Quality. Seams should be clear and smooth, without distortion. The filler should be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the down jacket, do not hang, do not prick and not deliver inconvenience when fitting. Accessories should be durable and do not eat at fitting.
  5. The down jacket should not be too tight to fit. This is the outerwear, it is understood that the warm sweater or sweater will be put on it.

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