Winter Jumpsuit Kerry

Winter Jumpsuit Kerry

Winter clothes selection – always difficult task. Especially if it’s clothes for small fidget. How to choose warm, comfortable, beautiful clothes so that the child does not frozen in a cold, windy day, so that it was not hot in it, and the child did not sweat, so that it looked worthily and served a couple of seasons? These and many other questions ask ourselves all parents.

Recently, several world brands of children’s outerwear have appeared on the Russian market, which have proven themselves exclusively with the best parties. One of them is Brand Kerry. About winter overalls from this brand and will be discussed in our article.


Finnish trademark Kerry not in vain became one of the most sought-after and popular recently. Scandinavian frosts are comparable to Russian, and this means that Outerwear from the manufacturer from Finland perfectly suits our climatic conditions.

The advantages of Kerry overalls include:

  1. Excellent thermal insulation. The result is achieved by using isofix – one of the most effective heaters of the new generation. Due to this, overalls are perfectly warmed even in 30-degree frosts.
  2. High air permeability. Material from which overalls are made, air perfectly passes. Baby will always be comfortable and warm enough to continue to play outdoors for a long time.
  3. Strength and wear resistance. Children’s clothing is quickly dirty, so and often erased. Wear resistance is one of the most important indicators of high quality clothing.
  4. Small weight. Overalls are very light (weight no more than 300 grams), which is also important when it comes to children.
  5. Soft, nice to the touch hypoallergenic material.

Kerry winter overalls are great for long winter walks. They are very comfortable in the sock. Lightning lock allows you to instantly fasten the jumpsuit, without delivering the inconvenience to the child. Jumpsuit for the smallest provides special challenges on sleeves and pants. They will not only replace the boots and warm mittens for completely tiny children, but will allow you to wear such a jumpsuit, at least the next season too.

Jumpsuit perfectly fits the baby’s body. Mama can not worry about the fact that a shirt or sweater will break out. A rubber band at the bottom of the pants will save the legs of the child from the snow in the snow boots. Jumpsuit, like other outerwear from Kerry, complemented by reflective elements. Today it is no longer a piece of decor, but the necessary element of the safety of a small child.

Kerry’s overalls have a number of advantages and from a practical point of view. They are perfectly dispensed with a typewriter and dry quickly. Do not require chemical or special cleaning.

Models 2016-2017

Under the brand Kerry produces a wide range of outerwear for children of different ages. For the most tiny kids, the perfect version of the clothes on the winter is a jumper jumpsuit.

Older children can no longer do without separate set – jackets and semi-overalls. Warm pants on the straps reliably tighten the lower back and legs of a child from strong wind and snow, and a warm jacket will not give the child to freeze even in the most severe frost. In front of the overalls, it is much more convenient and more comfortable than in ordinary winter pants. From under it, there will be no clothing, it does not slide off the loin, it is quite comfortable and not hot, if on the way home it will be necessary to go to a cafe or other place and remove the jacket.

Older guys engaged in winter sports, Kerry offers a collection of semi-overalls with special cocked seams. Such clothes are characterized by increased wear resistance, durability and practicality.

For newborn children, a collection of warm, lungs and convenient Woody jumpsuit has been created. The inside of the clothing is made of natural cotton, the density of the insulation – 250 g / m3. Wide weapons on the sleeves and at the bottom of the pantian additionally prevent cold gets inside the overalls.

This model is additionally equipped with a windproof valve, lightning lock is used as a fastener. Hood has a sewn elastic band for convenience, small cute ears are used as decor.

An excellent alternative to such a jumpsuit will be envelope for newborns Bliss. It is made of practical polyamide, as an insulation is used light, hypoallergenic polyester. From the inside the envelope is covered with natural cotton with a soft velor’s lining. Material has high wind and moisture protection.

Double Lightning reliably will save the kid from the penetration of cold wind under the clothes. For convenience, the sleeves are equipped with soft challenges, a hood on an elastic. For fixing the baby in the car seat in the envelope there are special slots under the belts.

TERRY overalls – the most practical and convenient option of the outerwear for newborns. First, the crumb walks on the street in a lightweight, warm envelope, and when the kid will grow up, the envelope is easily turning into a great, comfortable overalls. For additional comfort on the hood there is an elastic band, and the overalls itself has special slots under the car seat belt.

For an older kids, another model of the combination overalls is presented – Lilith. The model provides for the presence of long zipper and windproof valve. Extra Plus – Wide Rubber, Write. Thus, the overalls are as tight as possible, but gently adjacent to the child’s body, without fighting movements, but keeping heat.

The upper part of the model is made of a special material that is resistant to different kinds of pollution and moisture action. Pants are complemented by strips for the obstacle to snow in the overalls.

Older Girls Probably like a bright and stylish rosie jumpsuit. The density of the insulation is 330 g / m3, so in such a jumpsuit you can walk on the street even in the strongest frost without fears. The top of the overalls is characterized by high practicality, it is easily erased, dries quickly, it has excellent wear resistance. The jacket hood is decorated with fur edge, a bright flower ornament is used as a print.

For the Spring-Autumn Period, Kerry offers a collection of demi-season overalls for children of different ages. They also provide different little things to ensure the comfort of a child: gums on the waist and sleeves for a more dense fit to the body, a spacious, deep hood, strips on the pants and T.D.


Combs from the Kerry brand are made using a ultralight and warm filler – Isosoft. This is one of the high-tech materials of the new generation. A huge number of microcolocon, of which it consists, allows you to effectively hold heat and keep the shape of a jumpsuit. At the same time it is very light and soft.

Clothing using isosopht has good breathability.

The upper part of the jumpsuit and jackets, as a rule, is performed from polyester. Additional impregnation with water-repellent composition, promotes moisture stability inside. In addition, the material has a good mudtoping ability, so it retains his original appearance for a long time.

As a material adjacent to the child’s body, natural cotton is used.

For a cool summer day or as suitable clothes under warm overalls, the company offers a collection of children’s clothing from wool. Kerry woolen jumpsuit is equipped with convenient cuffs on sleeves and pants, the model is fastened for long zipper. Material – 100% wool + cotton insert inside overalls.

Color and print

One of the distinguishing features of Kerry’s overalls is their bright, saturated, stable color. For the youngest children, overalls are usually performed in bright, pastel colors: soft blue, light green, sandy, white, mint, cream, gray, pink color.

For the older guys, there is a huge selection of overalls of various colors: bright pink, lilac, blue, turquoise, herbal, golden and t.D. And, of course, the classic tones are not forgotten: black, gray, beige.

Various print options are used to decorate children’s overalls. For girls – these are flowers, bears, bunnies, elephants and other animals.

For boys: machines, geometric print, abstraction, funny faces and t.D. Many models are made in combination of two or more contrasting shades, some overalls are decorated with a floppy pattern.

How to choose?

The choice of outerwear for a small child – the case is very responsible and not easy. As a rule, such clothes are purchased with a margin for season 1. How to make the child to move 1-2 seasons, while it was convenient for him, the jumpsuit did not hang on it with a bag and did not constrain movements?

The choice is often complicated when the purchase is performed “blindly”, without fitting. For example, through an online store or joint purchases.

Several simple rules will help painlessly pick up a suitable set of clothes.

  1. The size. It is worth considering that the products from the Kerry brand goes in accurately compliant with the mounted mesh. Not murmuritis and not bigger. To determine suitable overalls, it is necessary to take into account growth, weight, age, child body. Sometimes we need more accurate parameters (chest girth, waist, hips, neck and t.D.). When buying a jumpsuit for a child under two years old, you should not forget that it is not very proportional to the body and the length of the body exceeds the length of the legs.
  2. When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the mobility of a child either time to find it outdoors. Active children should not buy too warm item, he will be just hot.
  3. When buying a jumpsuit for a child of dense physique, you can buy a model on the size more so that the clothes do not constrain the movements. It is desirable to pick up models with gums on cuffs sleeves and a pantian. So the child will be much more convenient, you will not have to convert them.

How to wash?

Children’s things are dirty very quickly, so the correct care will help for a long time to preserve the initial appearance of the overalls and its heat-saving properties.

When choosing detergent and washing tools, preference is worth choosing as safe as possible for the child and hypoallergenic powders. Do not choose funds with chlorine content and strong aromatic fragrances. Clothes after washing and rinsing should not be smell.

Before washing, the jumpsuit must be turned inside out. This will warn the appearance of various kinds of deformations (katovka, hooks). You need to read the information placed on the tag. There are the conditions under which the cleaning and washing of the product is carried out.

Overalls erased as needed, but not very often. Sometimes it is enough to walk on it with a brush. And sometimes you can manually soak and caulate the bottom stunner or sleeves, using a soap solution. After washing, overalls must be carefully dried by using recommendations, data on this occasion by the manufacturer. Some things are allowed to try, and some permissible to dry exclusively in the unfolded state with natural air temperature.

No less important step of care for overalls is its storage. After the end of the cold season, the jumpsuit must be wrapped, dried and put on storage until the next season. Children’s outerwear should be stored separately from the area of ​​use of special means to protect against insects, as well as spraying aromatic means. Best if it is a special vacuum package or clothing storage case.


Before buying outerwear for children, you need to get acquainted with customer reviews, who have already managed to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model. Moreover, weather conditions in all regions are different and it is best to know in advance how the winter or demi-season jumpsuit behaves at different temperatures of air, various weather phenomena and T.D.

One of the first advantages that buyers mention in their reviews is the absolute umbrellability of Kerry overalls. And this is especially important for children’s clothing. The child actively behaves on the street, plays snowballs, just may tinker in a snowdrift.

Second moment. Excellent heat saving ability. This is celebrated by buyers from various regions: with soft and harsh climatic conditions. The child in the Kerry jumpsuit is warm and comfortable, with the clothes very light, allows you to move freely, the child does not sweat in it.

Among other advantages is the practicality of the overalls. Special impregnation with water and dirt-repellent makeup allows you to keep clothes, as long as possible in perfect condition. Overalls are easily erased and dried very quickly.

From other advures: the presence of reflective elements, comfortable cuffs or pulling gums on sleeves, pants, hood, excellent quality of fittings, beautiful look of clothing and a wide range of clothing. Especially often notice the presence of a special case in a zipper, provided for in order to safely and painless fastening of a jumpsuit to the top.

The disadvantage is usually only one – a fairly high cost. Considering the fact that children grow rapidly and jumpsuit at best is bought for a couple of seasons. However, the impeccable quality of performance and excellent performance characteristics are definitely worth the price-writer.

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