Winter Park for Girl 12 Years

Winter Park for Girl 12 Years

Park is a warm, protecting from the wind and moisture an elongated jacket, which came to the “civilian” wardrobe from the military. Therefore, the benefits of the parks are so extensive – this outerwear not only warms well, but also distinguished by wear resistance, long service and wonderful appearance. Parks are ideal for children, since with a variety of colors, very practical.


Winter Park is an extended jacket, reaching the middle of the hips, as a rule, direct cut. Most often on the waist there are ties to “plant” the product on the figure, as well as eliminate the bloody wind inside. The tightened sereska is also present on the cuffs and an oil pipeline, which easily turns the straight cut into the volumetric.

One of the bright features of the parks – a lot of pockets, including – overhead.

Winter parks necessarily have a hood, confused by artificial or natural fur, often fur and inside the hood. Hoods in the parks have lightning in the middle so that you can make them more comprehensive, putting on the head and, on the contrary, more compact, so that the hood does not interfere on the back.

Another distinction of the parks is a high free gate that lies in the breast and shoulders in an arched form – closes half of the face. This option is indispensable for rainy winter weather.

Winter parks have a thick warm lining, sewn from a dense waterproof material. The difference of the parks from the down jacket is that it is easy to wash at home – the filler will not gather lumps, like fluff, and the external fabric will not “catch it”.


Despite the fact that the park has many distinctive, almost canonical traits, models at different age have their differences.

4-5 years old

At this age, the girls no longer wear overalls, and may well try on a neat lung park. Differences of models for the smallest – free-free “trapeze”, a special, not waste filler, as well as not too deep hood so that he does not cover the child face and did not fall on his eyes.

For such a gentle age, designers offer the entire color palette – from the traditional Girl Pink, to quite adult shades: khaki, mustard, denim, gray and even black.

6-7 years old

The girls of this age are about ready to meet with the school, but still playing active games and are not fully able to assimilate that clothes should be preserved. In stores Mass models Parks for preschool children. Most often these are the parks on the Lightning Lightning Castle, on the hooding artificial fur, which is not so sorry to wet or stain. It is important to choose a model that completely closes the back and comes to the middle of the Bird so that the baby does not frozen.

8-9 years old

Parks for schoolgirls – reduced copies of adults. They can be both more restrained color and super-bright, having a fluffy fur on the hood, a classic straight cut. It is important to choose a model that the school uniform will smash well. At the request of the girl, the park can be harmonized with the color of school clothes, and maybe there is a contrast. Well choose a model where the hood will be removed – it can be worn to school for extra heat, and to walk to shoot, so as not to interfere.

10-11 years old

By purchasing a park for a girl of this age, it is worth paying attention to the structural models. Today there is a lot of insulation of almost weightless, which will not add weight in addition to the school bag. Girls a little older than ten years are already independent, go to additional classes and sections, so the main thing is that the selected model was warm and tumarted. You can consider parks with a removable lining to wear them and in the offseason until the girl has grown.

12-13 years old

At this age, young ladies pay more attention to their appearance, so when choosing the park, you should consult with a child. Schoolgirls of secondary classes with pleasure wearing models of complex shades – powdered pink, colors of curry or ultramarine. Hood can have a natural fur, its natural color or painted by the product itself.

14-15 years old

For teenage girls, designers offer not only traditional parks of direct cut, but also all sorts of deviations from the ideal. Parks for girls 14-15 years old may have an unusual, asymmetric cut, have a “bat” or “balloon”, shorten sleeves, up to the elbow. At the same time, for this age there is a mass of classical models of restrained colors: wine, ink, dark gray.


Brand Taffalar – one of the well-known manufacturers of outerwear for children and adolescents. As a filler for its products, the company uses high-quality natural and synthetic materials of the new generation. Taffalar clothing is made from hydrophilic membrane fabrics, waterproof, but breathable, which is very important for children. In production, durable, expensive, UV resistant technological materials with good dirt-repellent properties are used.

Popular brands like Zara, Sela and H & M, having children’s lines, sews up to ten new parks for girls each season. Parks are in the rules of such well-known sports manufacturers, like Adidas, Roxy, Nike and Puma.

How much is?

Parks entered a couple of seasons back and do not pass their position. Therefore, the price range for these products is very wide. Chinese manufacturers offer parks at a very low price – from 1.500 rubles, however, the quality corresponds to the cost.

Among the brands of mass market, prices ranked 4.000 and up to 10.000 rubles. For this money you can buy a very stylish, warm and high-quality park, with natural fur, with a good filler warming up in frost.

There are also more expensive products that are advisable to buy for girls older so that they do not grieve from clothes for the next season. And designers of the “middle hand”, and the famous couturies sew the parks both on the kids and on the young teenagers, in this case the price may vary from 15.000 and up to 50.000 rubles.

What to wear?

Park – Truly Universal Clothing Element. Due to the fact that the fabric from which the parks sew does not glorify, allows you to combine it with anything. For a walk or for every day – with jeans, velvet pants or sports leggings, to school – with pants or skirt of any length.

To the shoe Park also does not impose special complaints. It can be both restrained leather shoes and sneakers of cheerful colors. High boots to knee perfectly look with the park. More sporting options can be worn with winter shoes in the style of snowboarding or uggs, elongated and more feminine styles – with classic shoes on the heater or tractor sole, which is now at the peak of fashion.

To the park it is easy to pick up a headdress. For girls older it can be a sce, thrown on his head, stylish takes or knitted hat. Baby shame healthy will look in knitted hats with pomp, braids or ties.


Very gentle, but at the same time a practical image for every day. The khaki color park with gray fur is wonderful with a thin squeezed scarf slightly brighter, and a pink scarf pattern echoes with a dress. The combination of pink and green has long been recognized by stylists the most successful, so such a look is perfect for a girl!

A crucial image from which not to tear the eye! Assymmetric Crow Park will be an excellent option for every day due to the main black color, but does not look boring or gloomily. Bronze sleeves, knitted pockets and bright fur wonderfully make the park at the same time elegant, but not screaming.

Casual style image – nothing superfluous. Park of the false shade of Fuchsia looks bright, but not defiant, and the red fur is perfectly combined with golden fittings. Add to this classic blue jeans and black boots, and the outfit every day is ready.

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