Winter Park for Pregnant

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Winter Park for Pregnant

The last few seasons of the park is a real MUST Have for both male and female wardrobe. It is noteworthy that initially this style was wore a purely utilitarian character – the first parks sewed in the United States as shaped clothing for pilots. The designers who created this uniform were inspired by the silhouettes of traditional Eskimos, which were manufactured on a special technology that impregnated material with fish oil. It provided the finished product of the maximum water resistance, which is extremely necessary in the harsh northern climate.

Practicality, convenience and perfect combination of effectiveness with efficiency made a jacket-park with the favorite object of the wardrobe of many mods and fashionistas. The latter do not refuse themselves the pleasure of fit in warm and comfortable winter park, even being in late pregnancy. Currently, the market presents a wide choice of such models designed for the most delicate and exciting period in the life of any woman.


  • A classic version of the female park is considered a jacket that reaches the middle of the hip, which is distinguished by a steam lining of artificial fur or with a synthetic filler. Such a park is equipped with a rather hand-standing rather high, so that, if necessary, it was possible to cover the lower part of the face, as well as a hood, allowing to protect the hair and forehead from precipitation and penetrating wind. For most classic models, overhead pockets are characterized on the outside of the parks, several internal and additional pockets on one of the sleeves.

  • Fashionable over the past years, the trend on clothing-transformer did not pass and the park – almost all the elements in it can be disappeared. For example, in more warm days you can “dismantle” lining or hood, and sometimes sleeves. Then the park will turn into a cozy and stylish vest. Also hoods on female parks are sometimes equipped with a vertical zipper, with which the hood is easily divided into two equal parts, transforming into a postponed collar.

  • In variations, designed both in the last months of pregnancy, and in the first weeks after the admission of the long-awaited kid, there is also an integrated insert in the park to wear a newborn in a slingzak, which at the right moment comes to replace the insert for pregnant women.

  • In the current fashion season, the most sought-after stamps of such a variety of winter clothes for pregnant women, like jacket-parks, is a model of an elongated cut, which due to its length can well act as an equivalent replacement for traditional down jackets. Designers actively decorate the hoods of such jacket fur, which not only adds elegance to this extremely pragmatic things, but also clearly emphasizes their seasonal affiliation.

  • About “Militari” -Prises resemble the most relevant color solutions for popular types of pregnant women in the present season. Sports and military style is set as well in this case: in fashion all shades of khaki, marsh and olive, as well as dark variations of gray and blue and unchanged camouflage of all the “strings” – from the “gray” urban to classic green. In addition to these army reministences, rapidly conquer the sympathies of customers and unusual for such things animal prints.

It is important to understand that the more easy autumn models that the future mother wore last season throughout the winter, in its current position to wear in the cold is not recommended. The wind and the fauna should not penetrate the tissue to the tummy, it will also be necessary to provide heat and in the loan area. That is why you should pay attention to the warmed varieties of such outerwear.

How to choose?

Winter clothing designed to provide comfort and security of two people at once, defaults must be the highest quality. At the time of pregnancy, it should be excluded to eliminate the use of winter things, sewn from a cheap fabric, styled dubious composition with insulation and characterized by the seamstar curve. The correct winter park for pregnant women should ensure one hundred percent protection from cold and wind, so it is important to choose a model with rods or rubber bands along the lower edge of the park, with a functional hood and pockets for important trifles, as well as with sleeves equipped with cuffs.

In case the Park jacket looks closely in early pregnancy, it is necessary to lay admission to the size of “on the grown” – some ladies for 9 months are added in weight not only at the expense of the tummy. This does not mean that it will have to acquire a dimensionless thing of the format of the “cloak tent”, but the solid stock in the hips and on the waist will not prevent.

Beautiful images

Waterproof cloak fabric of the outer part of this stylish militari parks makes it reliable protection from both snow and rain. In such a jacket, it will be comfortable and warm even in the coldest winter days, and the cutting store will retain the relevance of the things that loved during pregnancy and after the birth of the child.

Strict model with warm fleece lining suitable for wearing on any month of pregnancy. Its width is very easy and convenient to adjust with the help of a tape stretched into the waist, as well as zipper zippers located along the seams on the sides of the product. The laconic dark blue gamma is perfectly combined with both classic denim jeans and with an unusual and bright scarf.

The original A-shaped silhouette of this jacket-parks is beneficial to highlight its owner among the total mass warmed by the Winter of Future Mom. Nontrivial color solution expressed in the shade of “dusty rose”, camouflaged with a vertical plank clashes, as well as a ragged fur with a raccoon hood, passes into the collar, will fall to taste the most demanding fashionmented in anticipation of the main miracle in the life of each woman.

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