Winter Women’s Brimip Hooded

Winter Women's Brimip Hooded

Hooded coat comfortable, stylish and universal. Want to buy yourself? Then you made the right choice!


Brimipotto with a hood is considered one of the most universal types of outerwear.

It combines well with trousers and skirts, suitable for most types of shapes, looks great on wellbars and girls with forms.

Due to the convenient length, the semi-trap does not constrain movements, so it is great for everyday socks. The hood also plays an important role: it eliminates the need to wear a headdress, protects against cold, wind and precipitation, helps to keep the hairstyle in perfect condition.



A classic coat can be straight or slightly curved cut, usually it is fitted, it sits on the figure. Depending on your type of shape, you can choose a model with a belt and without it.


An arched or trapezoid coat is suitable for almost any type of shape.

It hides all flaws well, so suitable girls with forms. May be fitted or volumetric, Leson Oversiz.


Coat-OVERSIZE can be any style, but the most popular “cocoons” with a shredded shoulder, which smoothly narrowed to the bottom. They are incredibly popular for several seasons in a row, especially among young girls. Pay attention to the models from Drapa, which are well held by the form of the product itself and the hood, in particular.

Semi-fellow poncho

This model is not so functional, but nevertheless, the last few seasons are very popular. Such a coat will like girls with your own car, because it is comfortable, stylish and does not argue the movements while driving.

Types of hood


Sends to a coat in the form of a bag, a very common option. Not very well protects from the cold, so it is better to wear it on top of the cap, using as an additional insulation.

Hood helmet

The folding hood sits tightly on the head and retains his shape even in a crowded form. Often such hoods make hiding on buttons or lightning, which is very convenient. If you don’t need a hood, you can change the design of your coat in a few seconds.


Hood-Schalke is a kind of symbiosis of a hood and a wide collar. In the collected form, it does not retain his shape, but gently and smoothly falls on his shoulders, like shawl. If you put it on my head, he will be beautifully framed by a face without spoiling a hairstyle. Especially luxuriously he looks on models with fur.

Material and color


Drap coat is suitable for warm winter, when the thermometer mark does not fall below -5 °.

It is a beautiful and stylish thing that goes well with business and casual clothes. In winter, you should give preference to a warmed drape coat with a warm lining. Especially elegantly look at the model with fur edge on the hood

On Sinyprona

Winter casual semi-trace must necessarily be warm and easy, so the product on the synthepsion is a very good choice.

It saves warmth well and does not let you freeze. The only drawback of such a coat is that it looks quite voluminous and can add a couple of extra centimeters to your Figure. But this deficiency is easily solved with the help of a properly selected cut.

On Puhu

A downhole, perhaps, can be called the warmest. It is intended for a very cold winter and definitely will not let you freeze even in the conditions of harsh climate. Coat on the poch light and comfortable, it keeps the form well. Popular sports type models and more feminine, elegant, for example, with fur trim on the hood.

With fur

Brimipotto with fur can be sewn from one of the above materials, may be leather, suede or even completely fur. There are products with natural and artificial fur for every taste. Their advantage in relatively low cost, compared with long fur coats. In addition, they are more comfortable and practical.

As for the colors, the young girls are more like a coat of light and bright colors – beige, blue, red, mustard, pink. Older ladies prefer muted and rich colors: gray, burgundy, dark blue, emerald, black.

How to choose?

If you are looking for an inexpensive and functional semicline, give preference to the model on the syntheps. They are beautiful and bright, perfectly suitable for everyday socks. More attractive look at a coat with a fur finish, which gives elegance image.

The classic semi-trap is suitable for almost any type of figure, it will easily fit into a business, casual and even a festive look. If you have a big breast, give preference to a free or trapezoid model, refusing a fitted semi-coath.

Girls low growth should choose shortened models, and if the growth allows you, then the semi-trap can go to the knee.


  • Red Classic Brimarce Looks Very Elegant. The hood protects against the squall snow, a wide scarf stern does not give the throat freeze. Dense black tights are well combined with a warm dress or skirt. The image is complemented by brown shoes and bulk black bag. Excellent decision for office days when your image should be business and restrained, but you still want to look interesting.

  • Black semi-coath perfectly suitable for everyday socks. Fur on the hood gives elegance image. A stylish and comfortable look, which consists of a gray jumper, green skinnie and a thick shoe boot – is the perfect solution for every day. The image is supplemented with a black roomy bag and a black hat with pompon.

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