Winter Women’s Transformer Park

Winter Women's Transformer Park

Why winter park transfrete is so attractive for women? First of all, such a thing is practical and comfortable, which is capable of bribing almost any fashionista. This little trick is the opportunity to turn from warm winter things in a more lightweight model – such as a jacket, a vest or a sewer. What kind of models of winter transformer parks prepared so brilliant designers for ladies?


As already mentioned, the main advantage of the modern model is its possible transformation.

Acquired Park with different attributes – such as the bulk hood, numerous pockets and laces, damaging the lower, middle part of the product and sleeves – provides the ability to turn the winter model in a thinner jacket.

For this you do not need special work – changing the shape and length of the model will take a few minutes.

Such a transformation will significantly save money, as well as carry out various experiments with images, changing and complementing them with other elements of the wardrobe to create an individual style, as well as comfort in any climatic conditions.

The classic style of the Winter Women’s Transformer Parks can be easily converted to a regular view, who dismounts the furs’ lining. It would seem that such a simple move, and how much benefit from it!

The modern and popular model will be the park, which includes two layers. It can be a woolen coat made in the form of a stylish park, or a jacket, stewed by a flip pad worn under her.

Another interesting option for the transformer park can be considered a model with a warming vest from natural fur, which is put on top of the main jacket.

Park transformers are very comfortable and practical, which have the ability to adjust the length with the help of specially equipped for this lightning locks. Many women like parks with unfastening sleeves and hoods. Such a conversion of the model helps to create more and more new images.

Weather, mood, lifestyle – all this does not prevent quickly and without difficulty to create the desired image, thanks to the modern design invention – the winter park transformer.

Color solutions

A rich assortment in the market of winter women’s park-transformer allows you to satisfy the wishes of every fashionista and choose the appropriate color model.

Parks performed in classical colors deserved special popularity. The most popular product is a warm Tranform Tinting Park. With a model, so deep and universal color can create a huge number of images: from classic to sports, as well as combine with clothes of any shade.

An excellent addition to a dark blue fleet will be jeans. Such an image is optimal for sports-style amateur and active lifestyle. Decoration of the model using different applications and emblems will add model effects.

Another classic option is the Park-Tranform Khaki and other variations close to it.

Modern models can be any light or dark shade – olive, burgundy, black, peach.

Red, Green and Yellow Parks are especially popular from bright colors.

The models with the Effect of “Ombre” become not rare. Such a brave print will definitely pay attention to those unusual parks around others.

From the current coloring, the parks also highlight camouflage colors.

And from more gentle and maiden products you can find a park-traffamers in polka dot or any other small print (flowers, birds or leaves).

Tips for choosing

Such a product, like a Tranfer Winter Park, is not purchased for one season, so it is necessary to take it with attention and consideration of all major nuances:

  • Fur lining that can be disseminated, make the park more universal. In winter, it will be warm in it, and in the spring and autumn without lining it will be extremely comfortable. Fur quality is also important when choosing. On severe frosts need to choose a park with sufficiently dense pod.
  • The fabric from which the Tranform Park is made is practical, and also sufficiently dense to eliminate the ability to dust.
  • In the frost time of year often and quite freeze hands. That is why the presence of additional pockets on the chest will be a huge plus for the model. Such pockets are useful not only for heating hands, but also the storage of any important small things, to get that will be simple and fast.
  • If preference is given to the Park Tranformar with a fur hood, it is important to pay attention to the ability to dissemble it. In addition to the fact that this nuance will help the holder of the product to change it for the seasons, it will also be possible to replace the end of the hood to another fur or its complete removal to create another image. The special importance of the detached fur on the hood is the possibility of relaxing washing, as well as dry-cleaners of the product. Numerous washers will spoil the appearance of fur, making it more rare and ugly.

  • Also pay attention also for the presence of tightening laces. The heater of the hemp will allow warming up in windy weather, the belt – to emphasize the waist, and the hood – save the heat and cover the face from precipitation.
  • If scarves did not eat, then stylists recommend paying attention to high-collar trannemer parks.
  • Buying the park, you need to pay attention to the quality of lightning, which should not “go wave” and sneeze on the frost.
  • An equally important detail will be the presence of an additional tape tape on the buttons that closes the zipper from above. Such a bar will protect against wind, creating more heat and comfort.
  • Winter park transformer, first of all, must perform a warming function. That is why the lady was the most heat in it, it is important to have two insulation linings: from fur and sealing procession.
  • And the last important point when choosing the park will be the landing and model that should be not only fashionable, but also to sit on the figure.

What to wear?

The transformer park boasts to other options for the outerwear with its practicality, which gives the freedom to its owner when choosing concomitant things.

The most common option for such a model – bulk scarf, narrow jeans and heavy boots.

To create a more feminine image, the park can be combined with a short dress and shoes on a bulk sole. The selected dress can be like knitted and light knitted, and the style itself is direct or tightly. Excessive pomp Niza will not be combined with the already bulk park.

Shorts, leggings, leggings – all this also looks perfectly with a modern park. But it is important to pay attention to the materials from which this clothing was produced. If these are leggings or tights, then they must be of dense tissue.

Women’s Transformer Park is perfectly suitable for various options for shoes: both low or high-heeled boots, and fashionable Valenok variations, uggs, as well as boots or half boots.

The choice of shoes and clothing to the park is usually dictated by the lifestyle and the event to which the image is created.

To a little diversify a boring and monophonic model, the park must be added with bright accessories – such as a colorful scarf, scarf-shed, mittens or gloves, knitted hat.


Olive Park with Fox Fur in itself a bright thing. Selecting clothes and shoes to such a model, you should not focus on bright tones. On the contrary, an excellent combination will be narrow tight black jeans, adding elegance, with black tone shoes.

The presence of shiny items and straps on shoes makes an image stylish and modern. Supplement becomes a bulk bag of dark brown tone and bright lipstick.

Rude, but at the same time an interesting park-transformer color “Camouflage” gives the image of extravagance. The correct combination of such a type of parks with sufficiently feminine accompanying attributes becomes correct. Short black shorts with thin tights along with a baggy park gives an image of feminine.

Long brown tone boots with numerous lacing perfectly complement the image of a bold and stylish girl. The final stage of the image becomes black bag, scarf and glasses, ideally suitable under the tone of the park.

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