With what bag wearing a fur coat?

With what bag wearing a fur coat?

More than a century passed since the elegant handbag officially received recognition as an independent accessory of the ladies. Since then, the yield of any woman in the light without this attribute is almost unthinkable – another way to grace everything you need from credit cards, phone and cosmetics to documents, cash and keys simply do not exist.

For many ladies, your favorite handbag is as significant and important things like jewelry and fur coat. Right and tastefully combine these three elements that determine the style of the representative of the beautiful half of humanity – this is real art.

On female forums are often complaints that with the onset of cold weather, a luxurious fur coat continues to hang in the closet, because it simply has nothing to wear with. With other things relating to the upper clothes, bags are almost always combined, but it is important to be mistaken in the sewing accessory.

Combination of color

The most versatile color solution for the bag traditionally consider black. The accessory, desposed in such colors, will be appropriate when drawing up a kit with a fur coat of almost any color.

The most secure in terms of despusting the image and the impossibility seem tasteless boldly, you can call Total Black Look: black bag, gloves and boots in combination with a fur coat. In this case, you need to pay attention, whether the image is not obtained too dark – otherwise its owner risks visually adding several extra years.

If the bag is selected for wearing with a coat of another coloring, it should be done up to the opposite: the accessory should not match the color of fur. It is recommended to pick up bags of bright shades to the dark fur coat, while they should be lighter than the main element of the image.

Light fur coats better add handbag moderate color gamut. Preferably at the same time so that it is at least one tone darker.

One of the discussion issues is the relevance of the combination of fur coats from white fur and the white handbag. Opponents of this image lead analogies with a pale one-photon Snow Maiden and hint at the impracticality of the excess amount of brand white things in a season of slush and wet snow.

However, we should not forget that the fur coat itself was never considered everyday clothes – it is not particularly convenient to move on public transport and make long rides on the dirty streets.

The fur coat is an element of a luxurious image that has beautiful and exquisite accessories to the use.

Therefore, a white fur coat bundled with a white leather handbag or expensive fur will emphasize the sophistication and feeling of taste of their owner. At the same time, the main thing is not to forget that, in contrast to Total Black, an image cannot consist of strictly white things – add contrast easily with a hat or a hat of bright shades and the same shoe.

For amateurs fur bags and fur coats Important ability to properly combine accessory and main object of winter wardrobe. Handbag, like a hat, in no case should not look more cheap than fur coat. Ideally, the accessory, like a headdress, should be selected from another type of fur, excellent in color and structure.

Cubes weathered in a monophonic color range perfectly adjacent to the brightest handbags. In trend Orange, blue, green and cognac colors. By the Spotted Shubs, reminiscent of the leopard or Dalmatian color, more relaxed color solutions are better suited: strict white or black, as well as white combinations with graphite and black with bodily.

Increased accessories for accessories are making coats, sewn from elite, “noble” fur species, among which mink, sable, lynx and chinchilla stand out. And here are more budget furs, such as a cut-off rabbit rice or muton, are much more open for experiments.

Stylists willingly combine the most spectacular and bright models of bags, shoes and caps, creating sharply images in various styles from Casual and glamor to grunge.

Combines on models and stations

With a different stove and type of fur fur coats should be absolutely different models of handbags. For convenience, all common options for these accessories can be divided into several main categories.

Bags bags. Dimensional, roomy and very comfortable bag-shaped bags are categorically contraindicated, if a woman is a luxurious mink coat “in the floor”. The only case when such a Baul is appropriate with a mink or other expensive fur – this is if the fur coat is extremely short and minimalistic on Crow. Less pathetic fur, on the contrary, look beautiful with dimensionless bags.

Bags-saczoi. Square handbag will be well combined with expensive fur coats, if its size is not too large. The too massive bag will give all the way as a whole, the feeling of incompass “quadness”, and we will be worn over the shoulder, it will not be very convenient. And again – for more democratic types of saczoja fur coat will be a very spectacular accessory.

Classic ladies bag. This type of accessories is traditionally accepted to attract all the compact handbags, characterized by a soft, round form. It is this kind of bags perfectly combined with almost any fur coat of mink fur, a sable or Chernoburki. No contraindications in length or stamps of the fur coat – Full freedom of expression!

Clutch. Real wand-corrosive for ladies, which make it difficult when selecting an accessory to the fur coat. Dear fur or the simplest materials – clutch is appropriate when drawing up any image, from a sophisticated evening dress up to youthful street style.

As for the materials from which bags that can be combined with a fur coat can be said that designers and stylists are not limited to some rigid requirements. The main rule is relevance and disadvantage.

If you want to add a fur bag to the fur coat, you need to thoroughly think out the final image. It is important to avoid the feeling of “everything and immediately” – the appearance of the appearance of the image is not an indicator of a good taste, always losing the calm luxury, which is careful, carelessly, as something of granted.

It will also be inappropriate to look and “Mesallians” fur coats and eco-bags. Such models are increasingly conquering fashionable podiums, but in combination with natural fur it looks foreign.

Fierce disputes on women’s forums and among experts is a question: can we wear a bag on the shoulder with a fur coat? Opponents of this option are convinced that this cannot be done immediately for several reasons. First, the fur can track or laid out in those places in which the long handle of the bag puts on it, and secondly, due to the specifics of the frame structure, the bag will constantly slip off the shoulder.

All this, of course, is partly true – but only in the case when over the shoulder it is supposed to wear a volumetric, tightly scored bag. If we are talking about an elegant miniature handbag, which is rather an analogue of a clutch or a different decorative accessory, a thin chain or an elegant leather strap over the shoulder will become an additional stroke forming the perfect image.

Stylists tips

Style experts in one voice say that in our time it is fashionable what you like. Today’s trends are very democratic, but it’s still not to go. Especially in order for this not happened, the stylists constituted a memo, which must become a “minimum program” for any girl picking up a suitable handbag to her coat.

  • From whatever the bag is made, its quality should be flawlessly both in terms of basic material and all small fittings – no visible non-thendition, if only it is not an artificial agree or conceptual pulp+
  • In case the bag is selected under a long fur coat, it is necessary to eliminate the options of accessories with protruding zippers, ripples and locks: all similar accessories can cling to the fur that threatens the burners of the fur coat+
  • In no case cannot be abused by wearing heavy loaded bag over the shoulder, even if it has a very comfortable long handle – it is fraught with wiping fur+
  • Regardless of the texture of the material from which the handbag is created, it is important to select it in color, harmonizing with a coat color+

  • In case of difficulty in combining design experimental models of bags and strict shaws, more expedient to choose a more classic type of accessory – a clutch or an elegant lady handbag to add brilliance, composed of both the coat of noble elite fur, and with the participation of a youth bushob from a rabbit or Mutona+
  • Bag must be harmonized not only with a fur coat, but also with shoes. The skin and suede look at the same way and on the legs, the designers are emphasized. Although about the weather conditions, it is also not recommended to forget, because the fur coat is the subject of primarily the winter wardrobe.
  • If a woman plans his image for every day, the main board of the stylist will sound like this: “expensive and simple” – underlined conciseness and restrained luxury will tell about the owner of the fur coat and the handbags much more than the overarching of the drapes and complex structures both on the fur coat and the accessory.


Coulder and impregnated Freedom image, the basis of which forms a fur coat from mechanics. Simple gray jumper, classic jeans with an open anklet and an elegant bright handbag on a chain. Yes, combine the bag, thrown over the shoulder, and fur coat is against the rules. But in this case, Look itself is conceived as a stylish riot against the system!

The original fur coat painted by designers in a bloody-red with white spots, effectively harmonizes with a clutch bag, equipped with an unusual “waist” of leather strips. Stylish boots with hollows from suede emphasize the slightness of the legs, and vintage dark glasses give the image of mystery.

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