With which shoe should be worn?

With which shoe should be worn?

Park – universal option for women’s outerwear. With high quality performance and comfort, it has an affordable price. It would seem that the surround top of the parks, some rudeness of the species predetermine it for socks in a sports or militaristic style. But this is far from.

In order to avoid the impression of cumbersome and rudeness of the female park, manufacturers add to her feminine accessories – embroidery, rhinestones, fur finish on the hood and challenges of sleeves. And the park jacket is transformed and becomes quite a fashionable component of a feminine image.

With what shoe wearing the park?

To the park you can choose shoes of any type and color, if the image allows:

  • With boots. Boots can be like a coarse male type with massive trim and flat soles, so feminine, on a high tractor platform.

Boots can be with textile riding the park. Another popular needle – Motobot. Perfect to the style of Militari.

  • With ankleon. Add a soft knitted dress and tight tights to the image and can safely go on a date. Ankle boots can be both in a thick heel and on a wedge.

Good option – leggings and jeans in crap with wide ankle.

  • with boots. Here the best option will be a short option boot. Fashion trend Cossack boots. But perfectly look at the park and boots and high boots to the knee with leggings or dense tights. Mandatory condition for a skirt or dress, selected for the image, did not “peel out” from under the park. Otherwise, the multi-layer will also add too much.

With the park perfectly combined boots from suede. Rubber bright and contrast boots are well suited for crude weather.

  • with UGGI. Teenage option for everyday walks. Comfortable uggs combine with jeans with socodes, or warm leggings. Uggs can be with a simple top or decorated with fur spoon.

  • With sneakers. For the jackets-parks perfectly fit any variants of sneakers. Conventional sneakers with sports pants or knitted trousers will create a beautiful ensemble. Snebers sneakers will help make an image of feminine, perfectly combined with skirts, and leggings, and with jeans.

  • with shoes. To create a feminine image with narrowed pants and jeans, dense tights with skirts and dresses. Shoes can be both on a thin hairpin, and with a thick heel, or male options for women’s shoes – Lofer and Oxfords. This can be attributed to the slips with ballet flats.

When choosing a suitable shoe to the park, you need to remember its one-photon, and selected shoes without cleaning monochrome. But accessories – lightning, rivets, lacing, rhinestones, dilute the image and add flirt. But you do not need to overload yourself – because in the park, and on the shoes there will be bright accents and decor, the image will become overloaded.

Footwear can pick up both at the color of the parks and create a contrast, because now this fashionable trick is at its peak. The main thing is to observe the balance, not forgetting about the colors of the clothes under the park. The brighter the color of the parks, the calmer there should be a color of shoes.

If the park and shoes have a single color gamut, dilute the image can be saturated with color – bright blue jeans, colored tights and leggings, or bright sweaters and shirts.

If your park has a bright color fur, then you can afford bright colors of shoes under the color of the finishes.

Footwear Pick up the park. If this is a classic – direct park, you perfectly fit any shoes options, if there are stripes, sports logos on the park, then it’s better to do with sneakers, Militari or Ugzhi style shoes. When your park has bright accents – rhinestones, fur, then boots and boots on the heel will be suitable for it.

If the park is long, then you should not shift high boots. Between the park and shoes should be a textile break from the clothes, so that the image was not ridiculous. For long parks perfectly fit boots and ankle boots.

For each season, the park is different in thickness and volume. If the winter park is not gathering with shoes, then with demi-season light versions of shoes will look beautiful. Surrounding shoes, and ankle boots. Length of the parks in this image should not be below the middle of the hips.

When choosing shoes for the park you need not to forget about the unity of style and equilibrium.


  • Militari – Park in combination with motobots, shoes.
  • Casual – Park + Cossack Boots, Uggs, Winker Boots.
  • Romantic – Park jacket with fur trim with boots, boots or rude boots on a tractor sole, ankle boots.
  • Punk – shoes with spikes, rivets and straps, with a calm park in the style of militaries or classical.
  • Country – Park with Cossack Boots, High Boots in Cowboy Style, Suede Boots.
  • Sports – sneakers, sneakers, sneakers with a park of sports style.
  • Animalism – a calm park in combination with leopard print shoes.

At first view of the park – this is a component of the style of unisex. But design solutions made it an excellent option for any style. The Park jacket has proven itself as a universal version, due to its simple cut. That is why you can choose shoes for any stylistic solution.

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