Women’s fur coats from natural fur

Women's fur coats from natural fur

Women’s fur coats made of natural fur – element of wardrobe chic, bright and warm. They are ideal for winter, protect well from cold, wind, snow. This article will tell about the advantages of the upper clothes from natural fur, describe fashion models and styles, will give advice on color range, length, as well as other interesting and relevant information on the eve of the winter season.


Is it worth saying that the fur coat is – welcome, exquisite and incredibly warm object of women’s clothing. In addition, the fur coats from natural fur have other advantages:

  1. Fur coat – sophisticated aesthetics, melting charm and gloss. Fashionista know it and use in their arsenal as seduction weapons.
  2. Fur coats are perfectly combined with various types of shoes and accessories. With their help, both elegant images for exits in light and casual bows are created.
  3. In fur coats, even in the coldest weather, warm and comfortable, so the risk frozen and get sick reduces to a minimum.
  4. Fur coats are quite expensive, but with proper care and storage, will serve for a long time (up to 5-10 seasons).
  5. A variety of shades and models allow women to choose the most suitable option for themselves.

The combination of such properties make a fur coat from natural fur in the winter favorite of fashionista, giving her owner comfort, warmth and style.


Natural coats – noble and warm outerwear. As time shows, fur coats always stay in trend. Designers know how much women love fur, and every fashion season represents new, elegant, sometimes original and extraordinary models. In the rules, you can find fur coats for representatives of the fine floor with absolutely any type of figure, all ages and for each acceptable price category.

  • Oversiz. This style has long won the attention of many: first in the native clothes, then in the upper. Fur coats did not exception. They look very stylish, free and easy. Well combined with both classic clothing (dress-case, office skirts, straight pants) and with informal (jeans, leggings).
  • A-silhouette. Classic model that is in great demand. She perfectly adjusts the figure, hiding disadvantages – a weak waist, full of hips.

  • Fitted. Popular style that addresse. The length is different – from the line of the hips to the middle of the caviar.
  • On the strap. Such coats look neat and stylish. Strap or belt can be leather, suede, fur.

  • With a collar stand. The collar fits the neck tightly, which allows you to protect against wind and cold. In addition, the rack always looks elegant and is in trend out of time and fashion.
  • With hood. Hood – element, detail of clothing, performing two functions: decorative and protective. First, the hood is always beautiful, makes the thing holistic and stylistically completed. A, secondly, he, like nothing, effectively protects from wind, snow and frost.
  • With a combined volumetric collar. What can be a gorgeous volumetric collar made of fox or black fur! It looks noble, adds to the image of comfort and chic, protects well from minus temperatures.

Color and length

Shuba is a decoration of women in winter weather. BUT Properly selected fur coat will become the main emphasis in all. But not just to make a choice – the market is filled with various models of fur products. But there is one undeniable advantage of such a variety – designers make clothes for every taste, any length and color.

As for the length, three main options are distinguished:

  1. In floor. Let’s just say – on an amateur. Not the most convenient and practical model, it is hard to move in it, ride in public transport, it is cumbersome and heavy. But, of course, such a fur coat looks expensive and rich. Good for evening outlets under long dresses.
  2. To the knee or just below – the popular length of the fur coat. They are universal, you can go to work, walk, shopping, visit the cinema or restaurant. In any case, such fur coats are appropriate.
  3. Before the middle of the hips and shorter. Suitable to those who are used to moving on the car. AvtoTedi will appreciate all the advantages of short fur coats.

The color scheme is so large that it is very difficult to cover all the shades. We highlight the most popular.

NAnd first place, of course, goes black. Leader, classic and just practical. In addition, it looks restrained and elegant.

In second place there are variations on the topic of brown shades. Such coats are universal and perfectly combined with other colors.

Troika leaders closes beige and pearl tone. They are not as practical in terms of everyday socks, but the output is just chic.

Fashion designers love to indulge the public with novelties, and sometimes they simply will be with their originality. For example, SEsane there are no fur coats, but also green fur, blue, red and orange.

Fur types

Fur is considered a specific material, so when buying products from it it is worth paying attention to some features. This will help in the subsequent fur coat do not disappoint.

  • Sable – dear and valuable fur. More often it is used as a decorative finish. Fully from a sable can be seen only on podium shows of famous couturiers. But still it is worth noting that the sable fur loves the air and it is necessary to ventilate as often as possible.
  • Sable Analogue – Cute, Only a little tough. If you want a sobular coat, but financial means are limited, the cuckit will become an excellent alternative.

  • Lescent and Lisa – warm in frost, while look beautiful and luxurious. Cost quite expensive, but it is justified – they will serve for a long time.
  • From mink Fix soft and silky coats. This is a practical, wearing and relatively inexpensive fur. With proper care, the product will last up to 10 seasons.

  • Astrakhan – the most wear-resistant and durable fur. Fur coats from reliable and strong.
  • Muton It is synonymous with heat resistance, durability, ease of care, stability for dampness and pricing accessibility.
  • Leopard. Leopard Print as always on the ridge of fashion. And leopard fur coats are in demand among young girls and women. Basically, such a color is applied to Mouton.

How to find out natural fur coat or not?

This question cares many women who decided to buy fur coats. Therefore, consider several proven ways to help avoid the acquisition of fake.

  1. Method of ignition. Several hairs are broken from the product, and the lighter is set on fire. Natural fur burns, artificial – melts and hardens.
  2. Method of visual observation. The pile is moving forward to the base, and if there are threads on the fabric, it indicates non-mercy of fur.
  3. Tactile method. Natural Fur Soft, Silky. If you twist the fur fabric, it will faster back in the original form. And the natural product is easier than his fake.
  4. Studying labels. Mandatory attributes: Fur Name and manufacturer name. Should be written clearly and without errors. If something causes doubt, it is better to give up the purchase.

How much are

Range prices for fur coats are simply implanious. Any woman will find for themselves the best option, moreover, an inexpensive fur coat made of natural fur – it is quite real.

The low cost of natural fur coats is due to several factors:

  • Coloring+
  • Creating not one-piece canvases, but from the flap.

With proper operation, care and storage, any fur coat will serve for a long time, giving the heat and the joy of its owner.

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