Women’s raincoats Spring 2021

Women's raincoats Spring 2021

Fashion in the offseason period is characterized by the wealth of paints and a variety of styles. The most common element of the wardrobe during the off-season, when alternately heat and cold show their rights, there are raincoats.

Women’s models of fashionable lungs and insulated raincoats are distinguished by interesting cut, long, coloring, materials.

From the preppedited fashionable houses of the spring raincoats and light coats, any woman may pick up a suitable model that will take an honorable place in the closet.

Trendy models

The main elements of the wardrobe this spring, as always, remain fashionable women’s raincoats and coats. A variety of models attract the attention of fashionistrate design, style, length, ease, refinement, style.

This season is fashionable to wear both monophonic raincoats of different shades and patterned or patterned. Some models of raincoats and light coats of this spring are able to produce a furor on the streets. How do you bright yellow color of outerwear from an impenetrable material, for example?

Spring female raincoats can be more shortened, can be equipped with a hood, which makes them more like stylish jackets. Hood can be removable. Such models look good in combination with skirt or pants.

One of the features of fashionable raincoats this season is worth calling the model decoration. Different models of this element of the wardrobe may have pockets, rivets, folding, fasteners, short lightning and even lace.

Easy female raincoat can be with a smell, buttoned on buttons, buttons or zipper. More volumetric models of a cloak or coat better postpone the case of cooling.

As for the characteristics of the models, this year, many fashion designers made a bet on the practicality and conciseness of women’s raincoats. Popularity and models focused on the elements of the fashion of the 70s of the last century, but with a press on the 21st century.

Many designers when creating fashion collections of spring raincoats upgraded the classic models of the upper clothes of past years. Among the models of several directions can be distinguished – this is a constant classic and the right lines, asymmetry, styles in the style of modern, bold models from translucent materials.

By the way, the main requirement for most models of the cloak remains.

Select models of fashionable raincoats this season follows not only on the style, length and color. Many fashionable by external attributes emphasize individual style. So, a strongly fitted brilliant black cloak not only emphasizes the elegant outlines of the figure of his owner, but also indicates a girl belonging to a youth group, gothic style lovers in clothes.

This year, the fashionable spring female wardrobe was replenished with elegant, stylish classic and trendy models of a raincoat and light coat. Among the unchanged favorites of the spring wardrobe there were more practical and comfortable things in the wear, which not only protect from weather conditions, but also ideally emphasize the figure, help create an irresistible female image.

In the spring of this year, fashionista has an excellent opportunity to choose modest codes of suitable cut and style. Trendy houses pleased with the beautiful ladies of a variety of materials, accessories, shades of raincoats, emphasizing the texture of the figure of each woman.

Presented on fashion shows and in clothing stores a variety of seams of raincoats are made in different style:

  • Casual,
  • Classic,
  • Elegant,
  • Dare,
  • hooded and without,
  • With a laid collar,
  • with a rack collar.

It can be bold trench and raincoats, soft or shape outerwear. Any option will create a new spring image without much effort.


Long and short, bright and inconspicuous raincoats are designed for bad weather. The functionality of things is associated with the materials used by the manufacturer. Fashionable and high-quality women’s raincoats should not be afraid of no cold, no wind, no rain. In fashion raincoat from different materials – from suede, leather, shiny lungs or lacquered fabrics.

You can stop your choice on rascoats with fringe fringe or lace, choose things from fabrics with a flower or leopard print, in the style of militaries. Fashionable this season have become raincoats from denim, cargoes. There is no question of cheap material.

This spring is in fashion – both raincoat from “breathable” fabrics, and things from materials with rough weaving threads, with tassels (fringe) along the edges, from suede (both coats and raincoats). An interesting version of the female wardrobe – a raincoat. A peculiar cut and soft material make it look like a bathrobe. Only for sewing clothes are used expensive version of terry fabric.

In addition, raincoats can be made of silk, cotton, flannel. Special attention designers paid models with genuine leather. For example, relevant – snake printing and crocodile crochet. Leather, like fashionable material, never handed over its position in high fashion. Natural material is represented by various shades – from sandy-beige to thick coffee. And, of course, do not do without the classic black color of the outerwear.


To the length of the raincoat this season is not subject to many requirements. The main thing is to correctly pick up the style in accordance with what you feel more. Trenchkoty usually have a shorter length in comparison with classic raincoat models and more concise design. This element of the wardrobe is best suited for everyday socks to study or to work. The main elements of the decor of such floats are buttons (for example, in two rows), lightning, overhead pockets, Raglan.

Elegant “weekends” raincoats have a length to floor or to ankle. In such a model, the cloak can appear in a secular round, and the cloak is not necessarily removed (it must be a light model). Coldes with lace or with perforation – fashion trend this season. These raincoats also refer to shortened models, like sleeveless raincoats.

To summarize the models of spring raincoats, fashionable this season, they can be allocated to three main groups:

  • Raincoats Mines+

  • Midi Floas+

  • Plasteco Maxi.

When choosing a model of a raincoat in length is worth paying attention to the brand. Many trendy houses specialize in the upper clothes of different lengths.

Color and drawing

In the spring, all the paints come to life. Among the fashionable models of things from the spring female wardrobe, a special place is occupied by raincoats of white or creamy flowers, as well as various bright shades. As a rule, it is warm colors. At the next step by significance – raincoat of all shades of gray. Even the cloak of one style, but in different shades of gray can look different.

The most fashionable shades of this season can be called the following similar shades:

  • Blue, Salad, Green+

  • peach, yellow, orange+

  • Raspberry, red+

  • coffee.

Lovers of khaki and black color can also be envied. This season raincoat the brutal shades have become a fashion trend.

And separately take into account the raincoat with the released print. It can be contrasting spots on the canvas, stripes, cage, floral prints. Pastel tone – another fashion trend of the season.

Vitious drawings on the material can be your business card. The main thing is that the drawing is appropriate. Many extravagant models of raincoats are characterized by geometric patterns. Appliques, animals and ethnic prints also do not lose their relevance this season.

Spring raincoats from Russian manufacturers

Russian manufacturers have recently been very skillfully oriented in fashion trends. Among domestic brands, a Russian woman can always choose for a suitable accessory and upper clothes. Raincoats – no exception. Light and warm, air, fitted, hiding the flaws of the shape and emphasizing its advantages. It can be leather raincoats and coats on thin syntheps. Choice is huge.

Outer clothing of Russian production as it is impossible to adapted for the Russian climate. At the same time, Russian designers began to pay more attention to the quality of models, their functionality. Among the reliable suppliers of a raincoat from Russian manufacturers should highlight a fashionable manufacturer – Hoops. New trends are relevant and the optimal value for the price and quality of fashionable things.

Big sizes for full

Elegant, fashionable, topical models of large-sized clothes are always successful at the average buyer. Floats for lush ladies have a special cut, taking into account the parameters of the figure. In such a raincoat, you will always look exquisitely, fashionable, stylish and even solid. Women’s raincoats are designed for daily sock. At the same time, the cloak will not lose the form.

Affects the practicality of models for lush ladies. In them, a woman may feel incredibly attractive. At the same time, fashion houses did not forget about the insulation of models.

Big sizes can be decorated with pockets, various ebb. Some models are more suitable for daily walks, others – are a fashionable exit style. The main feature of a large size of large sizes is in a very convenient, free Crop. Moreover, the model will not hang on you like a bag. Trendy trends today are necessarily taken into account when creating collections of outerwear for lush ladies.

A variety of models of raincoats of different colors for full women have an attractive design. They are distinguished by the ideal landing, taking into account the nuances of the figures of lush ladies. Traditional length of rapid sizes – to ankle. But there are elegant models to knees that make up an excellent combination with straight trousers.

For pregnant

Today it is not difficult to choose convenient and practical models of raincoats for pregnant women. Stoys are made with an emphasis on the design of the front plank product – it is frills, and large folds, and models with a smell or with high fit.

As a demi-season outerwear, pregnant women are recommended to choose more insulated models. And this, despite the aggravated spring rays. Women in an interesting position also better pick up more practical upper clothes. For example, it may be raincoat from waterproof fabric. Demi-season coats are selected on a thin natural poach.

When choosing a model of a raincoat better focus on the model with a hood, with free cut and comfortable inserts. Usually women during pregnancy prefer to choose things not by beauty, but in terms of product quality.

What to wear?

When fashion images appear? When the girl skillfully combines the elements of clothes in his wardrobe. The same rule primarily concerns the selection of the elements of the wardrobe and accessories when combining them with the upper clothes.

Cloaks have the highest characteristics by combinators. This element of spring wardrobe can be worn with any clothing. Just throw a fashionable cloak over the dress to get an incredibly feminine and elegant image. No matter what you wear – jeans, skirt, classic pants. Correctly picking them to the flood, you can create a universal bow.

Previously, raincoats were dressed with boats, today no one will surprise the combination of a cloak with sports shoes. Although, it is better to follow the fashion boards of fashion designers. Vintage and eclectics should also point to good taste. Silhouette Silhouette Models can resemble a dress. Accordingly, it is not assumed that you put it on top of dense trousers or sports pants.

Spectacular images

A variety of fashionable women’s trenches enjoy unchanged popularity in the offseason. An elegant image in caramel-bed scale is a success in fashion shows, not one decade. The shortened cloak is sufficiently perfectly sits on the figure, giving the image of lightness, sophistication, aristocraticness. Double strap with dark buttons turns a cloak in a constant element of the wardrobe in a business style. This is a characteristic detail for Trenchkott models. Image Complete Dark Bag.

Retro style raincoat managed to conquer the podiums of famous fashion houses. Feminine images of a raincoat in this style create original images towards – New Look. Stamps, mostly have a-shaped silhouette. There are interesting models of direct cut. The color gamut here also brings to the exquisite bed shades (mint, pearls, floral shades). Interesting and images in retro style from cellular materials.

Youth image easy to create with a denim raincoat. This is a great option for everyday socks. Why it is worth choosing denim? It will never come out of fashion, with it, bows are created both every day and on the output. Denim is perfectly combined with decorations, accessories.

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