Women’s short-sized fireplace

Women's short-sized fireplace

The semi-coath is a fashionable and practical thing that can drastically change the appearance, and the women’s semi-adhesion of large sizes did not exceed. Unlike the classic option, it is more convenient and easy to provide freedom of movement on the street and in public transport. It gives the feeling of comfort and comfort, and most importantly, the coat is always in fashion. A variety of styles will allow you to pick up a model of a woman of any age.

Fullness – this is not a reason to deny yourself in beautiful clothes, the correctly selected image will transform the figure, will add charm and elegance.

How to choose?

Choosing a semicline for full ladies – the task is not easy, but interesting. Logsa is the main criterion when buying things. If your complex is prone to weight fluctuations, choose free models. Be careful at the following: if the size is incorrect, the thing will add volume. Buying a coat for a long time, pay attention to the classic styles. They are combined with different variations of jeans, trousers and skirts and will not lose relevance for a long time.

It is important to remember the features and type of physique. Knowing some details allows you to successfully mask certain disadvantages.

When choosing a model, follow the following rule: women of low growth must be pulled out the figure, large and high – narrow. In addition, there are seams of semi-trap, which visually reduce excesses in the abdomen.

High-growth ladies with a lack of expressed waist, a model with a wide belt or strap is suitable, which will allow to balance the top and bottom of the shape. Belt will form the waist and emphasize the hips.

The ideal option for women with narrow shoulders and lush hips is a semi-trapezium that will benefit from the bottom of the bottom. The model with an overwhelmed waist also skillfully hobs flaws of waist and hips.


The richness of the color range when choosing a semi-feet admire, because relatively recently the bulk of the models was represented by the monotony of the gloomy tones.

Beige color is one of the popular options. It is most practical among shades of light palette.

Feel free to choose bright shades! Damas of solid age are suitable burgundy tones, younger women – scarlet.

Classic black is always in fashion. Fitted silhouettes in the dark color scheme look much more profitable. To revitalize the image, you can turn into a potential of a harmonious colors, tie a bright scarf, put on gloves.


When sewing a semipalo, woolen and semi-wool materials, leather, fur and knitwear use. Many options allow you to make a shape slimmer.

Drap coat – a find for full ladies, because it is perfectly holding the form and helps to hide the flaws of the figure.

It is better to choose models from a combination of wool and synthetic fibers. Such a fabric looks more elegantly and does not waste silhouette. Drap is actively used when sewing classic options.

Light and warm flies fabric coats suitable exclusively for dry weather. It is worth falling under the rain, as the material will absorb all moisture.

The nodel surface of the “book” is well stretched and for complete women can only be applied to coat of free cut.

Twid – the material is pleasant to the touch and pretty heavy, which contributes to a good fit of the figure.

Cashmere gained popularity for its softness, ease and ability to keep warm. The smooth cachemir texture is blunting forms and at the same time heats in cold times.

High wear resistance and soft glitter – distinctive feature coat of leather. Products of direct and fitted cut, as well as with the details of the book are popular among full women. Leather models can be supplemented with a voluminous fur collar, belt and rivets on board.

In the stylish and luxurious coat made of natural fur, very warm and comfortable. Among the diversity of fur, mink is in demand for women. Volumetric fur of the Sable is not so suitable for lush forms and roads for the price, and the rabbit does not have that effect and not wear-resistant. Smooth and soft mink profitably emphasize the advantages of their mistress. It is worthwhile to know that natural fur adds a woman of age and, if you wish, look a little worth paying preference to artificial models.

Models and styles

For the cold season, the quilted coat is a suitable option. Uncomplicated ornaments formed by the seams passing throughout the surface of the semi-coath, smooth the combination of insulation. Thanks to this, it looks thin and perfectly sitting on the figure.

The semi-coath of a bathrobe is distinguished by a free circuit, smell, belt and a wide collar hooded. One winning detail is a belt, underlining waist, and another advantage of this model is a collar that creates clear proportions for ladies with a pear figure.

Straight coat – classic model widely used in many styles. It does not add volume and figure looks careful. The versatility of the straight cut allows you to use it in business and in everyday style.

Simplicity and ease of silhouette – Business card knitted coat. A stylish product from a large mating warms in the cool spring-autumn days, and the texture and uniqueness of knitted patterns pleases the eye. Models from dense knitwear sit exactly on the figure and more resemble a warm dress.

The real revolution made the appearance of a knitted knitted fabric. Never else coat was so easy. Due to the elasticity of the material, knitted models are beautifully fitting the figure and smoothed imperfections.

The coat with the sleeve-reglan perfectly smoothes the line of the shoulders, and the track will help to balance the proportions. Such a cover is suitable for women with the figure “Inverted Triangle”.


Winter semi-coath is sewn from dense materials with thick insulation, which must be considered when choosing garbage. Common fur collar should be avoided, a big hood will look much more profitable and a fur rode. The owners of a more complete top of the body, it is worth paying attention to a sprinkler along the line of smell and niza, if completeness at the bottom – on wide curved cuffs.

Dense down-down-down fabric perfectly protects from the wind and cold, and the straight cut will extend the silhouette. Due to the emergence of new types of fillers, it has become much thinner and elegant.

One of these types of fillers is a synthesis with an incredible ease and softness. This synthetic fiber fills the heat and does not waste coat.

Bolovoe coat can be purchased at a democratic price. It is distinguished by high airtightness, which, of course, will save from cold air streams, but, at the same time, the skin will not breathe.

Unstable weather in cowar transition seasons and a demi-season coat should ensure effective protection in these periods. Silhouettes of these models from year to year, in fact, do not undergo changes and updated only by adding and eliminating additional elements.

Autumn options are represented by a wide variety of materials designed both warm and more capricious days.

This season, the semi-coath of the damned cut took a worthy place on fashionable podiums.

Cold coat looks perfectly at the Stat Figure. One of the options for this style – poncho, the main advantage of which is a successful masking of full hips and hands, as well as freedom of movement.

Model Strictly straight silhouette in men’s style with valves and patch pockets will help create an elegant image. Not only trousers will suit it, but also skirts.

At the peak of its relevance of a semi-coath in the form of a trenchotte with buttons in two rows, decorated with straps, cuffs and a wide belt. Trenchkot in the form of an hourglass will emphasize the waist, and in combination of deep tones, the silhouette will sweeping.

Unusually stylishly look full forms in a semi-trap, reminiscent of a jacket, stitched from more dense materials. This model is suitable for cool weather and will be perfectly combined in tandem with trousers of classic cut.

Refer seriously to the choice of coat, remember that it should warm and delight you during the entire cold season.

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