Women’s windbreakers 2021

Women's windbreakers 2021

No fashionable onion of the upcoming cool season will no longer without this stylish attribute. Women’s windbreakers have never had due attention to the general public for a long time.

But today it’s time to donate! Such a thing should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista, and better several at once. How to choose what to wear – tell me in our article.


Easy female windbreaker did not accidentally moved towards raincoats and trenches, so hotly beloved by everyone a couple of seasons ago. Today, such jackets are represented in a variety of colors, fittings and fabrics.

But initially windbreaker was exclusively a sports attribute. Comfortable and practical things are firmly and for a long time the trends are now. How sneakers penetrated all spheres of life – even in office outfits – both windbreakers are suitable for any ensemble.

And also, if you still believed that this is an exclusively youth style attribute, – throw stereotypes to the side. Such light jackets are good for absolutely any age!

Pledge of relevance for the next seasons lies in simplicity, ergonomics and versatility. Such models will be especially popular, and it does not matter what kind of style they are classic, eclectics or sports.

Special demand uses a hooded model. The most sought-after length – to the top of the hips.

Also interesting models of windbreak, the length of which comes to the middle of the hip or slightly covers the buttocks.

And of course this season is not so much a windscreen style, how much is the ensemble that you will create in combination with it.

Harmonious images are always relevant, but currently they are most important! Make sure, reviewing our selection of photos with fashionable onions of recent seasons.


Each windbreaker, in addition to aesthetic qualities, should be inherent in the main characteristics with which they are associated – protection against wind and precipitation. And since not only in the fall and spring, but also in the summer quite often we are overalling the pouring rains, most of the fashionistas are trying to acquire precisely terrible windbreakers.

Such jackets should be sewn from waterproof material and zipped exclusively. The most common fabric options for such windbreakers – cloak material, fabric with membrane impregnation, nylon.

Thanks to modern tissue production technologies, such jackets are not only missing inside moisture and wind, but also allow the body to “breathe”. It provides maximum comfort when sock.


Literally in a few years in all major cities of the world, a fashion peak came on street sports, running, cycling culture. And, as a result, fashion designers began to actively use reflective elements in their collections.

This can be said not only about sports-oriented clothing brands. Such trend elements are found practically from any major brand engaged in creating everyday fashion.

Reflective film was developed almost 80 years ago. But for a long time she had no such widespread use in clothing and shoes, as it is now. Initially, it appeared exclusively on workwear and sports. Next, actively penetrated the style of sneakers and sneakers.

And today, the reflective elements are found on the most fashionable windbreak models – both sports and classical. They reflect the light, “burn” in the dark and also have a waterproof effect.

Without sublock

Such models are especially relevant in cases when you want to maximize yourself from excessive volume in clothing. This option is not possible only in sports windbreakers – there is a lining.

But any classic and casual light jackets can easily do without a subflade. As a rule, these are unnecessary models of direct or fitted cut. The clasp here is suitable on both lightning and buttons or buttons. Great Option for Cool Summer and Early Autumn.


Waterproof materials (membrane fabrics) work on the following principle:

  1. Such fabric is very thin, it has many microscopic holes that are of size, many times less than the dimensions of water drops. So it turns out that water can not penetrate inside this fabric.
  2. The membrane fabric, however, is vapor-permeable, because in a gaseous state, water decreases so much that it easily penetrates into the holes of this matter.
  3. Most membrane tissues have one or more protective layers of more dense material. This reduces the ability of such fabrics to skip steam.

Membrane fabrics are good because they do not let moisture inside, but allow you to go out to excessive heat and sweat. That is, such fabrics contribute to improving body thermoregulation. Therefore, windbreaker from such material must be present in the wardrobe of each modern woman!


Pretty fashionable variety of light jackets are windbreakers raincoats. They should be attributed to sport style, but they are appropriate in ensembles for every day. In addition, such windbreakers are usually unisex, so it is practically impossible to make a mistake in the choice – it is enough to determine the color and length.

They are waterproof, presented in stores in a wide range of colors. And they are made from very thin materials, which allows you to conveniently and compact to turn the raincoat and put it in a bag – priceless quality for travel lovers.


One of the favorites among the materials for the manufacture of modern windbreakers can be called nylon. He is smooth, nice to the touch, wear-resistant, affordable and unpretentious in care.

Often manufacturers, trying to strengthen the excellent characteristics of the nylon, use it in the composition of blended tissues (for example, in a tandem with polyester).

Cotton – another pet manufacturers of modern windbreaks. It is good for light jackets, which, of course, will not protect against rain, but will give a feeling of heat and comfort. In the mixtures there are also combinations of cotton and nylon – this is the perfect fabric for relevant windbreaker this season!

Color solutions

For coming seasons in choosing a palette for windbreaks you practically does not limit. When considering the color solution, think if all your wardrobe can go well with the visiting windbreaker. Then the choice of color will be correct.


Excellent option for adherents of strict traditional style. Black is relevant literally in every season of recent years. And especially it concerns the outerwear. Black windbreakers – classic or sports – help create an elegant and stylish image.


Such a color is always refreshing. Wasy windbreakers are good for a woman of all age. They perfectly complement the office costume or the casual outfit. Still effectively and relevant the combination of “white top, black bottom”. Also well white windbreaker with a hood will look with light blue jeans and white sneakers.


The current season is very appreciated by the shade of the red palette called “Fiesta”. Take this note if you decided to buy a windbreaker red. Such a thing will especially be to face burning brunettes or platinum blondes.

Bright red windbreaker without a hooded perfectly complement the black evening dress or a strict office suit in black and white or dark blue gamut.

In casual style dresses, it will also always be a place: with jeans (black or light blue), with sports knitted pants, with a non-classical skirt or even with shorts – variations on a combination of an infinite set.


Traditional windbreakers – both sports and classic – long available in a pleasant dark blue color. You can follow well-established canons, and you can experiment. This season in fashion is deep, rich, but at the same time a bright blue color – cornflower.

Especially relevant it will be on classic windbreakers and raincoats. Stayed in the trend, the color “Biscai Bay” (blue-turquoise).


In this gamma, the favorite of the season – the color “Green Flash”. Bright, warming, increasing freshness notes – excellent option for light jackets. Also worth paying attention to the trendy green color from bed gamut – mint.

It is suitable for romantic natures, to create gentle images in clothes. Both colors – a great option for red-haired beauties!


Love this color? Then look for the windbreaker trend in this season of the butt. Bright, juicy, he will raise the mood in bad weather! Beautiful color solution for raincoat.

Casual windbreakers in this range look no less winning. Such jackets are good for any age and type of appearance.

With printh

Youth Fashion today actively uses original prints in clothes. Windbreakers – no exception.

Flower drawings are still relevant, as well as any vegetable theme: oak leaves or fern, wild tropical thickets – all this can be found on modern light jackets.

The topic of fauna is also widely used. Meet both animals prints (leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe) and drawings with their immediate images. Especially popular prints with birds and fish.

Very young nature can pick up a windbreaker with a cartoon print – designers produce many variations on the theme of famous Disney animation films. Also in the trend printed on the clothes famous paintings and any images of large size.

Options Outside – Ethnic motifs in the picture, as well as a small cell, stripes, geometric abstraction.


Interesting solution for the most fashionable practical people. Bilateral windbreakers make it possible to combine two things at once, which will allow you to complete your wardrobe with light jackets for all occasions.

As a rule, bilateral windbreakers are made of contrasting colors and different fabrics (on one side – smooth, waterproof, on the other – cotton).

There are also versions of bilateral jackets, in which one-photon design is outside, and a fashionable print is located inside on the same color.

So, you get two jackets in one color scheme, but in different trendy variations.

How to choose a stylish and beautiful windbreaker?

To find an answer to this question, check out our advice:

  • Polyester version – practical, for all occasions. Pay attention to models with a special high collar that protects against wind.
  • Velvet windbreaker – a stylish thing, just for beauty, about practicality is not here.
  • Suede jacket – classic, refinement, elegance + well protects from a cold autumn wind and even from a stratching rain. However, it requires scrupulousness because it does not have wear-resistant qualities.
  • Cotton windbreaker – Durable, pleasant to the touch, the body in it is very comfortable. The only minus – she rains quickly under the rain.

  • Shortened hem and sleeves – focus on thin wrists and honed waist, designed to help thinness demonstrate their advantages.
  • Rounded shoulders – tribute to fashion unisex and oversisis, an excellent solution for amateur “Tom-Fight” style.
  • Windbreaker-jacket – Hit for a business woman, will also be suitable for completing evening images.

What to wear?

  • Romance. Dresses from lace and translucent fabrics are perfectly complemented by any windbreaker. Trendy image: a tender dress with rude boots and a jacket oversis.
  • Coquetry. Prutted windbreakers are perfectly combined with short dresses and a pencil skirt. Also here will be a narrow jeans or trousers long slightly above the ankle. Footwear can be sports or universal (slips, cryptpers, leafers).
  • For all occasions. Any windbreaker is perfectly combined with jeans. Add to this ensemble the top in the style of Casual and your favorite comfortable shoes – the outfit every day is ready!

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