Women’s winter down jackets 2021: Finnish, Swedish and Canadian brands

Women's winter down jackets 2021: Finnish, Swedish and Canadian brands

Russian winter is very changeable and unpredictable, so many fashionists are forced to refuse traditional outerwear type of fur coats in favor of something more practical and universal. Therefore, we suggest to get acquainted with fashionable and stylish options for warm “equipment” for the winter.

Modern manufacturers from different countries compete with the palm of championship in this market. Women’s winter down jackets of Finnish, Swedish and Canadian brands today are leading in this race.

Features of the jackets on the brand

To somehow distinguish between competitors, certain brands try to endow their products with special recognizable features.

You can choose for yourself the perfect winter down jacket, carefully studied all these features, and also familiarized with the latest stylish trends in this field of fashion.


Close to its climate to the Russian, Finland has established itself as a manufacturer of different quality and latitude of the choice of downlifting models. Here, the release of warm clothing is actively going, in which it would be comfortable to carry harsh local winters.

Finnish down jackets leave freedom of movements, you can not be afraid to frozen after a long stay in the cold. These things are not only warm, but also beautiful.

Some models look so carefully that at first glance you might think it seems that this coat.

In our country, the Finnish joots of the company Joutsen enjoy the greatest popularity. They have proven themselves due to stylish appearance and excellent protective qualities.

Such models please and with their ease. The most new technologies and high-quality materials are applied in their manufacture, which ensures durability.

Fillers in Finnish down jackets are two species – natural and synthetic. The first belongs to the Pooh Arctic Duck – Gaga. Synthetic fillers serve Hollofiber, Dujn, Sansulete.

According to its thermal qualities, both fillers categories are absolutely identical. The second group is different only greater simplicity in care.

Designer solutions from the brand Joutsen are models of any length, classic, sports and semissive. Such a variety allows you to easily choose a style for any shape and climatic belt.

Fabrics used by Finnish jacket manufacturers have excellent wear-resistant qualities. They also have excellent water repellent and dirt protection properties.

Benefits include:

  • The quality is excellent, and the prices are lower than that of Canadian analogues.
  • Finnish manufacturers more often than their competitors suggest sales offer tempting discounts.
  • All materials used in production, eco-friendly.
  • A wide range of down jackets.


The production of high-class women’s down jackets for harsh winter is also widely developed in this mountainous country. With concern for lovers of climbing, reliable down jackets protecting from cold, snow, fog. At the same time, they are comfortable, do not constrain movements and do not add an unnecessary figure figure.

Russian Swedish lovers most often choose brand Elvine. In the jackets of this brand, all the necessary characteristics are concentrated:

  • They are developed and manufactured in accordance with high quality requirements (waterproof and not thought).
  • The most modern fabrics and fittings are used, as well as fillers.
  • Swedish jackets wear-resistant and durable (they are not afraid of many mechanical damage).
  • Easy to care, do not lose their qualities after washing.

Mark Elvine especially attracts fashion from those regions of our country, where winter is rather soft. Especially for such climatic conditions, the brand offers a wide range of models of short winter down jackets. It is also an excellent option for those who spend a lot of time driving.


Worldwide Winter down jackets produced in Canada are considered the warmest and high quality.

In Russia, not every fashionable can afford such a luxurious thing, because they are much more expensive than their Finnish and Swedish competitors. However, it is still worth paying attention to high-quality and trendy models of downpaths produced in this country.

The most famous brands – Canada Goose, Arctic Bay, Nobis. They always offer a wide range of styles, color solutions, sizes.

Fabrics meet high quality standards. In addition, a distinctive feature of Canadian female down jackets can be called widespread use of fur accents in them.

Designers of Canadian Winter Clothes Brands All the time experiment with forms and decorative trim. Offer a wide selection of both monophonic and multi-colored models.

They seek to make their things universal, for what are disgraced lining and hoods. Combine natural materials with synthetic, which increases their service life and simplifies the care process.

To obtain an elegant silhouette, Canadian manufacturers provide their down jackets internal screed. And the best adjacent to the body is good not only with aesthetic, but also from a practical point of view – heat-shielding characteristics are enhanced.

Fashionable style of the Canadian down jacket – “Park” – will make it possible to look very stylish even in the most severe frost.

This season, the models of female jackets of medium length are relevant – slightly above the knee or to the middle of the hips. Most preferred hooded options. Welcome finish fur (collar, cuff).

The coming winter fashion program will be very easy to choose a down jacket in the favorite range – relevant many colors. So, the most trend can be called green, burgundy and blue.

Adherents of the classic gamma were lucky no less – white and black down jackets will be the hits of the season.

Do not be afraid that the white down jacket will visually increase the figure. The use of modern technologies and materials allows manufacturers to produce stylish things, not burdened by excessive volume.

Black down jackets will also look stylish. Do not be afraid to look in them gloomy. Designers were bored for glory – they created a wide range of trendy down jackets in this range.

Tips for choosing

High-quality down jacket – item is not cheap. Therefore, it is necessary to approach his choice very responsibly. Be prepared to lay out a round sum for a warranty of warm and comfortable winter clothes.

And that money is not spent in vain, remember the following rules:

  1. Choosing a down jacket, make sure the seller licenses from the manufacturer. The cost must also be checked on the official website of the brand. So you will protect yourself from the acquisition of fake.
  2. Check the quality of the seams. High-class jacket should not have any flaws. Lines should be perfect.
  3. Pay attention to the composition. On the labels of the down jacket must be clearly prescribed the entire list of materials used.
  4. Be sure to find a note about the country in which it was done. Quality Finnish, Swedish and Canadian down jackets have exclusively local production. They can not be produced in China or Vietnam.
  5. To the selection of the down of the down jacket, it is necessary to take no less carefully. Consider your lifestyle, as well as the features of the climatic belt in which they live.

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