Women’s Winter Dublenki

Women's Winter Dublenki

Every woman wants to be attractive not only in warm season, but also in the cold. And if in the summer it is simple, then some difficulties arise in winter. After all, clothes should be not only beautiful, but also warm. Find a thing that combines style, attractiveness, convenience and practicality – it’s very not easy. However, the output is! This is a dumble. She will make an image feminine and elegant. At the same time, she will warm you during winter frosts. Thus, the house is an excellent alternative to both luxurious, but less practical fur coats and simple and ordinary down jackets.


Today there are a lot of diverse styles of women’s ducks. First of all, you need to decide which style you prefer.

Pretty popular is the dumplock in the style of the jacket Aviator. It is characterized by volumetric and wide lapels. Such a duck can be decorated in different ways. High heels, skirt, jeans or classic pants are suitable for it.

The trend of the season are the dublinki in the biker style. Jackets of koshuhs, as, however, and all models with an asymmetric line, wide collars and a lot of clashes today are very in demand. Interesting models on the smell in Japanese style. They will look good with warm sweaters or turtlenecks with a high collar. The roar is suitable for both evening events and for everyday socks.

In modern fashion collections of outerwear, you can also find Double Trench. In it, thanks to the contrast belt, focus on the waist.

Another fashion model are the dublinki in the style of the 60s. They differ in translets and short capes.

Dublinki in the style of Patchwork resemble fur coats. These are short models with sheep wool inserts. Usually they have a collar “Borg” A la Shal. This model does not have a buckle, and has shortened edges. It makes it not the most suitable for winter walks. Although, thanks to a free cut, you can wear a warm sweater under the rank.

If you like the original things, pay attention to the dublin. This style has a belt that is fixed on the waist and does not have other clashes. Despite such a cut, there is no dumping during the movement. It is cozy, warm and comfortable. In addition, thanks to the belt, it is possible to adjust the size of the figure.

Last winter fashionable were bilateral models. And, I must say that now they are in great demand.

Interesting multi-layer styles with complex drapery. However, it is worth noting that they are suitable only to fragile miniature girls, otherwise the image will look bulky.

It is impossible not to say about models having a reftill skin coating. They can be supplemented with unpacted sheep wool or brilliant skin of natural colors. This is a real hit of the season!

When choosing the outerwear, the question of which material choose is natural or artificial? Modern designers do not bypass the artificial doubles, and they can be easily found in any winter collection. They are not inferior to natural in appearance, but at the same time they cost much cheaper. As for practicality, here natural bats won. Artificial material will not last long and has a low heat saving capacity.


This season has no clear restrictions in the length of the product. You can choose both short and long duck. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Of course, shortened styles are greater popularity. In the modern world, women lead an active lifestyle and most time spend behind the wheel. Short duck and beautiful, and comfortable. A vivid example of this style is the aforementioned root.

Extended Dublinki – Weakness of many designers. They are present in all collections. It is interesting to look at models trimmed by fur cunits, fox or sable. They choose women, values ​​luxury and style.

Doubles Long below the knee, too, found their admirers and are no less popular this year.

The distinctive features of the trendy duck of this season are:

  • The belt that performs simultaneously in the form of an adorning part and as a clasp. It perfectly complements the volumetric styles.
  • Contrast.
  • Fur finish. Most often it is colored, located on different parts of the product.
  • Unusual patch pockets.
  • Transformer collar changing the appearance of the dublinka.
  • Glossy coating products.
  • Decoration of Double Covers Fur inserts of various colors and textures.
  • Combination of fur and skin.

How to choose?

First of all, you need to choose the type of cover of the bed. If you choose the appropriate model is easy, then determine the quality of things and correctly pick up the size is much more difficult. It should be remembered that it is possible to choose the size only during fitting. If the dumble is tended forward either back, then it is uncalled wrong. In this thing it will be inconvenient. The dumble should not be too tight, because under it will have to wear a warm sweater. Sleeves should also be with a margin. After a couple of days, their length will decrease, since the bends will appear on the elbows.

Also, the duck should not limit movements, hands should move freely. In the process of fitting it all needs to be considered. Try to raise your hands up or dilute them on the sides. If you do not feel discomfort, then it is your option.

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