Women’s winter jackets

Women's winter jackets

Winter jackets will not only warm, but, with the right choice, create a stylish image. The rich finish of furs will make onions rich and attractive, and in some cases – bright and unforgettable.

Spectacular models

Postulate about winter jackets “fat, then warm” today is no longer relevant. Manufacturers of synthetic materials have long worked out the myth that artificial tissue or fur jackets can only be heavy and bulky. And with the help of designers, the modern fashion industry is ready to offer a wide range of consumers a huge line of a variety of winter models for the most demanding taste.

Youth models for teenage girls

Today’s youth instead of luxurious fur products prefers to wear jacket jackets in winter. Their popularity among the generation of Pepsi they won due to their practicality and convenience. And with a light filler in the form of a fluff wearing such clothes – one pleasure!

For teenage girls are specially developed by models that look stylish, but at the same time, very warm. The shortest length should be not lower than the middle of the hip so that the buttocks are covered. Also, almost all winter models are equipped with a hood, often with a fur that is easily unfastened.

Logs of teenage winter jackets has its own features. If the jacket has a straight cut, then it is often used straps that give silhouette a more slender look, or instead of them in the Waist area in the product, a wide elastic band or pulling lace is sewn.

Color Winter Teenage Jackets Manufacturers Adjusts For Interests Girls. Most often, teenagers are bright individuality who want to stand out from the crowd and be unlike others. Therefore, the models are chosen by the jackets with a wide variety of color – ranging from modest, neutral tones of black, gray, beige, and ending with acidic shades of green, yellow and pink. Winter prints are very popular – snowflakes, deers, skates and skis and t.NS.

Such different materials

Before buying winter upper clothes, you need to decide what you need. First of all, it is worth determining the material material. Depending on your lifestyle, they can distinguish. In order not to be confused in the diversity of textures and do not make a choice that then you will have to regret, we suggest you consider the most popular materials for the manufacture of women’s outerwear.


Undoubtedly the most luxurious material for winter clothes. If, when buying a jacket, you stopped at the showcase with the fur and fur, then you probably prefer elegance and grace in style.

Natural fur products distinguishes particularly long service life and excellent frost resistance. But choose which specifically the fur will be sewn your jacket, it is not easy.

Bobry fur coats are traditionally considered the warmest. If you are still important and beauty, then boldly get mink. Pushnina (sable, squirrel, rabbit, sandy, nutria) and looks, and heats up too gorgeous. In the most severe frost, you will not freeze in it.

For warmer winters or for wearing in the southern regions of Russia, the choice can be stopped on a doodle or on pieces. In the cutting fur does not lose its properties on the noise, but no longer has such frost-resistant qualities like whole skins.

When choosing a fur product, it is very careful to check its quality, because the fur is not cheap. Always ask the seller certificates confirming its origin and quality. You can evaluate all the properties of fur and independently with a detailed consideration of the fur coat.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Fur must go and glitter. If it seems to you that he is pale, then, most likely, the skins were stored incorrectly or were treated with handicraft.
  • Touch the pile. If, having spent on it, the villi is quickly returned to the place, in front of you – a quality product.
  • Pay attention to the offside of fur. In each natural product, the lining has a special cut to view the skins. It should be soft to the touch and elastic. If you have noticed any cracks on it, it is certainly for this fur coat less than a skewire, which is declared by the seller, they are simply elongated to increase the area.
  • Check out the seam. Than them are less, the better. In general, the proven manufacturers of fur products are reduced to a minimum, but they must be told. If they are missing, it is better to give up the purchase, as the skins are most likely simply glued, and after several seasons they simply lay down in different directions.
  • When choosing a jacket made of stained fur it is worth spending on the pile of a sheet of white paper or handkerchief. After high-quality coloring, they will never be traces. Even the slightest particles of paint still appeared on white, then after several seasons, the jacket will certainly lose its brightness and beauty. The purchase of such fur is also worth questioning.


Skin jackets are considered the most practical on the winter. Due to the fact that almost all models have a furs of fur or syntheps, they can easily turn into demi-season. At the expense of its properties, genuine leather not only warms, but also perfectly protects from snow, and from rain. Artificiality has only water-repellent properties, so when buying such a jacket should choose the most insulated models.


The most popular clothing for winter in women without doubt you can call the down jacket. Stitched from textiles and filled with Poor or by another filler, it is not only very resistant to our winters, but also available for most Russian consumers.

The warmth itself is a jacket filled with the Pup of Northern Birds Gahar. But, as a rule, such down jackets have a high cost, therefore are not so common, such as down jackets with a goose down, which is often “diluted” with pen. In such models, it is important to view the seams – they should not get out of individual feathers. With the inside, the jackets must often be shot, so that the “filling” when washing did not put.

Today, the choice of insulation has allowed a little expand the concept of “down jacket”. Survive models of steel jackets on synthepsion, Firebeek or Walterme. They have significantly smaller weight and volume than the fluff for which they loved girls who prefer practicality, comfort and beauty at the same time.

From the duplex fabric

From the most modern materials for outerwear, you can call duplex. Presenting a synthetic woven with duplication of insoles with knitwear, it has excellent water repellent, frost-resistant and wear-resistant qualities. When wearing a soft texture of the fabric is pleasant to the body. Unfortunately, the jackets made of duplex are practical only in dark color, as the bright due to frequent washes will quickly lose their water repellent qualities.

Type of filler


The fluffy filler of the jacket must have in its composition at least one fifth pen in order to avoid filler coming. The best are the feathers of Gagars and Goose – they are warm and light.

Since the fluff and pen during wet weather can get into and simply burn, it is recommended to choose a jacket with a special water-repellent cloth. If there were no such models, it is necessary to purchase impregnation in specialized stores and soak the jacket yourself. By this, you will significantly extend the life of its service.

Pen – Peer Material, you need a special care. Wash down-pen jackets need at t ° not higher than 40 degrees with a special tool, and dry, not pressing on the horizontal surface. It is not recommended to iron such a jacket, but you can slightly walk with a steamer.

Synthetic filler

Jackets with artificial filler are very popular, although initially they were representatives of sports style. Today, the synthet board is the main filling of winter clothes, it has become easier and thinner the fluff, and its cost is also at times lower. This artificially obtained material has very high brass qualities, so in such jackets you will not freeze in any frost.

Models with hood

Modern urban society requires not only beauty from fashion, but also practicality. The jacket with a hood is like best that these requirements. Pouche models invariably occupy the first position in the list of “urban” jackets. Their feature is a small volume and good warmers. At rush hour in transport in such clothes, discomfort will not be felt, and it is impossible to freeze in it in it.

Very many girls do not like to wear a hat. An excellent alternative to him is a hood, separated by fur. He emphasizes the features of the face and gives the appearance of a luxurious view. But it is worth choosing only natural fur, as an artificial spoil the whole image, giving the appearance a cheap and vulgar look.

Militari style

In the last fashion seasons, military topics acquired popularity. Characteristic features of military uniform due to contrast with femininity are able to emphasize a special charm and body bends.

Militarian jackets can wear young girls, and adult women. Designers expanded field shape design by removing the standard cut and the rigor of the lines. There are fitting fitted models that demonstrate the beauty of the female body.

Khaki’s color also lost its relevance, and now Militari-style jackets are neutral – dark green, beige, brown.

Wear a militari jacket with jeans or skirt in the floor. Well combined with her and knitted accessories – caps, scarves, gloves. To emphasize the military orientation of your style, then you can sew chevrons or straps to the jacket, and instead of boots or boots it is worth looking at Berester.


Unpredictable winter weather pushes us to choose the warm clothes of the most practical colors, how undoubtedly is black. On such a jacket, the dirt is practically not noticeable, which reduces the amount of its styrics. Agree, this color property is very valued when it comes to product made of natural fur.

As you know, black visually reduces the volume. With this quality, the magnified ladies are enjoyed by might and main, which, with the help of the color and the game, adjust their not the perfect figure. Especially relevant in the choice of outerwear – after all, the jacket even with the thinnest layer of a synthet or fluff is quite voluminous, and the wrong choice of their shade visually only adds extra kilograms.

Models of black winter jackets can be the most diverse – and elegant fur stripes, and practical parks, and leather models with a fur neck. With the right choice of LED, you not only visually correct your figure, but also get an indispensable option to the cold season, which will delight you with your convenience and beauty.

How to choose?

Most when choosing a jacket are repel from the price of a product that depends on the brand, the manufacturer, the material from which the jacket is made. If you have already decided on these parameters, but you cannot choose a specific model, we advise you to draw attention to the following factors:

  • The main thing is convenience. If you are experiencing in the jacket at least the slightest discomfort, then put it aside.
  • Excellent models are those whose Hem jacket and sleeves are separated by a tightening elastic band. And stylish and practical!
  • Castles and buttons do not have the right to comment on your part! The jacket is designed for the cold season, so the clasp must be the most reliable element.
  • The fitting models are better to postpone until spring, as most often under the winter jacket we wear knitted sweaters and warm sweaters. When choosing too narrow model there is a risk just not to get into your jacket.

Following these ordinary tips, you will get a jacket for which you will be missed in the summer and looking forward to winter to displacing it.

What to wear?

We present to your attention some stylish images that can be used as a basis and by their likeness to create your own unique bow.

Several options with a fur jacket:

Leather jacket with a finish of Chernoburki fur looks very impressive!

Bright red down jacket will be an emphasis in any image. And in combination with the classic combination “white top-black bottom” it looks very lively and stylish. High tanket sneakers complement this fashionable casual image.

Militaristic style is perfectly combined with leopard print things. Example we see in the photo. The military orientation of the upper clothes brightly contacted with a tender scarf and an openwork mini skirt, highlighting all feminine model features and emphasizing her individuality.

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