Barbie Fabric: Characteristics and Composition, Selection Rules

Barbie Fabric: Characteristics and Composition, Selection Rules

The development of new technologies causes the emergence of new products in the market, the textile sphere in this matter did not exception, in the light of which a new, but already very popular Barbie fabric. This material began to be actively used for sewing various clothes, in addition, trendy raw materials are actively used in everyday life, as well as in interior design.

What it is?

Barbie’s fabric came on sale not so long ago, but more and more manufacturers and shop owners replenish their range of species of these products. It deserves special attention, because on some individual characteristics it can be noted some similarity of raw materials with a rather popular costume, thanks to which Barbie can be attributed to a subgroup of such textile products.

The material is allocated by a number of specific features that should consider in detail to have the most complete view of the proposed new.

  • The material is highlighted in a very tender texture on the background of the matte surface. The strong structure of raw materials is visualized in minimal quantity. This is explained by the specifics of the manufacture of textiles, during which the unkked natural and synthetic threads are used.
  • The fabric can be attributed to the universal products of the costume-payable category, since Barbie is in demand for sewing costumes and dresses intended for evening and solemn cases, as well as for everyday and business clothes, workwear.

  • The popularity of textiles is due to the simplicity relating to the work on the creation of a particular outfit model. Fabric is easy to crumble.
  • And Barbie’s fabric is quite simply draped, despite its dense structure.
  • In a good account, the fabric has most consumers due to the fact that the raw material is perfectly stretched in the duck and. This nuance determines the possibility of tailoring, which will be practically perfectly sitting on the figure.
  • Despite the dense structure, the products are not a barrier for the natural circulation of air, in the light of which clothing from such a tissue is highlighted by a high level of comfort during even quite long-term operation. In addition, winter textiles from Barbie’s fabric perfectly accumulates heat, which reduces the risk to freeze in the top clothes from such a material.

It is worth noting at some pros and cons who are inherent in this product.

  • The main positive feature of the material should be considered a high degree of resistance to deformation, so that clothes from such raw materials are practically not taking place during operation. Such a characteristic is due to the presence of spandex and polyester tissue tissue, which are highlighted by their elasticity.
  • The presence of synthetic inclusions also causes an excellent adherence of textiles to the figure, so the thing sewn from such a material looks very kindly and expensive. In addition, artificial threads increase the strength and wear resistance of products.
  • Varieties of raw materials that have only natural components in their composition are highlighted by good breathability. In the light of this product from Barbie’s fabric sew not only for solemn events, but also for active operation in everyday life.

  • Positive customer feedback also touch the soft surface of the fabric, despite the peculiarities of the filaments.
  • As a rule, clothing from this material, due to the characteristics of its quality, does not require frequent care and washing, in addition, the raw material is distinguished by resistance to the effects of ultraviolet rays, so the fabric does not lose its paints from the Sun, but provided that the dyes used will be high quality.
  • As for working with the material, the masters of the sewing case note that the fabric is comfortable to cut, and in the process of work it will not crumble.

Despite the large number of advantages, this novelty has a disadvantage that concerns the need for delicate care, in some cases it will be needed to resort to dry cleaning services.

Composition and properties

Barbie’s fabric is produced by a strong weaving method, it is highlighted by a small glitter and soft texture, but depending on its composition, it can have different properties. Most often, as a basis, according to the description, the synthetic threads of polyester and spandex are taken, there are subspecies that are raw materials based on viscose and cotton. Such an indicator, as a density, the material varies in the range of 240-330 g / m2. As for the properties of the species of raw materials with the content of artificial fibers, the following tissue characteristics should be noted:

  • resistance to deformation, due to which the fabric is not crushed+
  • Good strength indicators+
  • Resistance to the effects of light and temperatures+
  • Minimal hygroscopicity+
  • Drapery.

Types of fabrics with a composition, which includes most of the natural threads, are inherent in such features:

  • High hygroscopicity indicator+
  • Resistance to thermal exposure and ultraviolet+
  • Small fermentation in mechanical exposure during operation+
  • Low speeds for deformation+
  • Average raw material strength+
  • Raw materials have excellent air paint records.

And also in the market shows another option of fabric – Barbie Light. This material is almost 100% made of cotton fibers, the inclusion in the composition of the elastane is minimal. This raw material is characterized by such properties as a high level of quality in all parameters. Most often, this product is used to sewing a clothing designed for socks in the summer season.

Combines all variants of Barbie fabric, regardless of their composition and origin of the fibers, the property is perfectly stained in any colors and shades.


The existing classification on this material allocates three main varieties of raw materials, which today are produced by the textile industry.

  • Monophonic fabric Barbie – It is offered in a large color of the manifold, in the world of what is well-deserved in demand. The second name of the species under consideration is considered to be the name of the smooth-colored textiles.
  • Next type of material – Print raw materials. Such a tissue involves applying a variety of patterns, images and drawings on the surface.
  • Bilateral Barbie Fabric – Pretty popular material, since its feature is the ability to operate on both sides. The exhaust of such products can be allocated by its color, due to which the products can be used for original ideas for creating clothes.

What you can sew?

Suitable category to which Barbie’s fabric belongs to the use of raw materials for sewing lighter costumes and dresses, including lightweight versions of summer overhead clothing. In addition, the material is used to create collections of business clothing, including skirts, dresses, jackets, vests. In addition, fabric is in demand for the manufacture of school uniforms of different types, including sundresses and costumes. From the material sew workers overalls and various uniforms. Therefore, based on the purpose and a wide range of use, four main directions can be distinguished in the use of textile products under consideration:

  • Products intended for solemn cases+
  • everyday clothes+
  • Working uniform+
  • Departmental form.

How to choose?

Positive feedback led to a wide demand for such a fabric, but despite the multifunctionality and availability of products, during the selection of a product for a sewing of a particular product should be thoroughly approaching the selection of raw materials. As for the selection of Barbie’s tissue, then during the study of the proposed range, such nuances must be taken into account:

  • The first priority is a clear definition of the Leson of the future product, since this will largely depend on the selection of one or another option+
  • It is important to draw attention to the composition, in some cases, for example, for the manufacture of summer products it is worth stopping your choice on a natural material, and the synthetic raw materials use to sewing the uniform+
  • For the manufacture of children’s and teenage clothes it is worth using “breathable” materials+

  • If the cut will be difficult, then the acquisition of dense material is recommended to refrain+
  • For elegant costumes and evening dresses should be given preference fabric with luxury glitter+
  • Light simple dresses or skirts will win, if used to make a print or double-sided fabric to manufacture them, which will expressly look not only near+

To emphasize the figure, it is necessary to give preference to Stretch Tissue Barbie.

Tips for care

Most experts agree that care for products from this raw material will correctly entrust specialists from professional dry cleaning. However, it is quite possible to care for clothes and independently at home. To do this, arm a number of maintenance guidelines.

  • As for washing, then such an impact on the material by manufacturers is made in the category of restrictions, but this does not mean that it is impossible to use a washing machine for clothing care. In this question, it is important to choose the optimally gentle washing program, the “manual mode” will be suitable for such products, and the temperature of the water used is important – it should not be more than + 40 ° C.
  • Use bleach and other chemistry should not.

  • After washing to give things to dry, it is necessary to dry out in a straightened form, avoiding direct contact of the product with sunlight.
  • If you need to stroke the fabric, then all manipulations should be carried out only with the wrong side of the thing, since the contact of the heating device with the front side may damage the structure of the raw material. Iron heating temperature must be within + 140 ° C. In addition, to keep the initial attractiveness of the product, it should only stroke it.

Barbie fabric things need to be stored only on hangers.

In the next video you can consider the costume Barbie fabric closer.

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