Duspo fabric: composition and characteristics

Duspo fabric: composition and characteristics

To date, the most accessible to create clothes are synthetic materials. True, some prefer to replace them with natural. In fact, the current synthetics is characterized by high quality – all this is due to the application of the latest technologies for its receipt. So, for sewing streetwear, the masters often resort to the tissue of Duress – high-quality, durable, reliable.


DEWSPO (“Duspo”) – comes from the English words “Rosa” and “Polymer”, in addition, this fabric has a second name that needs to be remembered to not be confused in the subsequent choice – Poly Ponzh.

Material is also called hen – this feature allows you to immediately understand the true purpose. For its production, a special method of linen weaving polyamide yarns is applied. The finished product is highly density, it is also not subjected to rapid wear, resistant to various damage. What is important, Duspo is very pleasant to the touch.

The tissue density is determined by the following signs – 240 tons (TEX) is the highest indicator, allowing you to call DJs by one of the most dense materials for tailoring of the outerwear.

By the way, it is worth knowing that Tex is the number of threads in 1 square inch surface.

However, the density affects not only the method of weaving. Properties such as moisture resistance, water-repellence and air exchange, are obliged to special impregnation with polymers.

The canvas of DJs in its structure is lightweight, resistant to multiple bends / chains, and that is why it is boldly used to perform complex patterns.

Outerwear from Duspio is very practical, as well as easy to care – even after repeated styrics, the color of the fabric remains in its original form. It does not wet, not blown away, withstands frost, does not fade in the sun.

In addition, everything perfectly passes the air, keeping the desired heat, which is called air exchange.

Types and characteristics

On the finished products from this fabric you can find a label with a special marking – So manufacturers note the variety of DPPS used for this product.

  • “MILK”. The fabric from the wrong side is impregnated with a water-repellent layer of white. Differs in smoothness, light glitter. Does not be burning, mol. Provides the integrity of the down filler in jackets / down jackets – a special impregnation does not allow fluff into the seams.
  • “BONDING”. To obtain it, they connect the polymer canvas with a soft lining from knitwear, most often used Fleece. It has a high degree of protection from cold and water, ahead of the properties of fabric from natural fibers.

  • “Peach Skin”. Otherwise, “peach leather” is a special type of impregnation that makes the structure of the material of velvety. Most of it sew sports or casual clothes of the highest class. She is durable, pleasant to the touch.
  • Pu. Transparent impregnation protects fibers from blotting, chemical impact, as well as sweat and fat. In its structure, transparent, so it is applied mainly to the wrong side, although it is also on the front side of the finished product.

  • Wr. It is an innovative water repellent layer, providing rolling water drops from the surface of the jacket.
  • “Rey”. Thanks to this impregnation, the material becomes more rigid, and the painting becomes pearl.

  • Cire. Gives the canvas with beautiful glitter.
  • “Jacquard”. So denote the textured surface.
  • “Punching”. Application of perforations in decorative purposes – inserts, stripes, pockets.

In addition to universal impregnation, there are 100% synthetic polyester synthetic fibers.

You can highlight the main advantages of DEWSPO fabric:

  • protects against strong wind+
  • Excellent passes air, not allowing the greenhouse effect+
  • Does not wet under the rain, repulcing water drops+
  • does not fade in the sun after multiple washes+
  • Not afraid of bends+
  • Soft to the touch, light by its structure+
  • Durable products, durable, are not subjected to wear.

Application and care

Duskey is the best material for making clothes for every day, outdoor activities, sports. Fabric is used to create wardrobe elements for the whole family – adults and children. Waterproof costumes (skiing, mountain, for snowboarding, and so on), consisting of pants and jackets, or overalls, are especially appreciated. Such clothes are great for winter sports. This also includes warm down jackets, jackets that are not changing and bleaching, as well as stylish coats and raincoats for spring and autumn.

The material is sufficiently easy to use – it is easy to cut, create various patterns, so some even sewing clothes for animals.

Properties such as urgency and irrepressibility allowed us to apply Duskey in the manufacture of tents for tourism and recreation. Such a fabric acts as a plug-in material placed between insulation and the upper coating of the product.

The properties of the canvas allow you to use it in the manufacture of children’s walking strollers, carrying, car chairs, sled. But Dewspo with impregnation “Peach Skin” is at all used as an upholstery of upholstered furniture.

Many world winter clothing brands use this particular synthetics. Thanks to its excellent properties, she loved athletes and travelers. However, such products are quite expensive, which is explained by high quality.

You can buy DEWSPO in specialized fabric stores or order via the Internet. The average price for the meter of fabric is up to 200 rubles. By the way, to buy retail much economical. Many online stores offer such a service.

Products from this type of synthetics do not require special care. First of all, you need to know which impregnation was applied to your clothes.

Synthetic compounds ensure unique properties of the product. Therefore, it is important to keep them in the washing process.

Recommendations for care

    Manual and automatic washing (in typewriter) is allowed. Used slightly warm water – no more than 40 degrees. Drying in the drum, as well as a strong spin not recommended and not required, as the fabric will quickly dry naturally.

    • Whitens whitening with chlorine content, cleaning with chemistry (dry cleaning) – prohibited.
    • Cheap temperature – not higher 150 degrees.
    • Some types of lining material require a special automatic / manual washing regime. Therefore, thoroughly study the labels – all the subtleties of the care are indicated.
    • It is not necessary to fear the fading of the fabric – high quality Duspo does not allow clothes to dump even after multiple styrics. By the way, there is a special paint, which can be repainted, for example, a white jacket, while maintaining the structure of the fabric in integrity.

    As it turned out, synthetics is no longer a low-quality material for tailoring. Today manufacturers use the latest technology to obtain durable, persistent, reliable textures. So, Duspo is one of the optimal fabrics to create warm sports or casual wear, namely: down jackets, jackets, waterproof suits, overalls. Such clothes are designed to protect us from frost, wind and moisture.

    On the properties of the tissue of Dusyvo, see the following video.

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