How to sew a swimsuit: patterns and master classes

How to sew a swimsuit: patterns and master classes

In the summer, when a suitable weather is coming for a sun, swimming and pleasant pastime at least weekends on the shores of the lake or the beach, it is impossible to imagine your life without a good swimwear. Properly chosen bathing suit will allow to hide some flaws of the figure, if there are, and emphasize undoubted advantages. But if there are no suitable model in stores – according to the material, a storm, coloring or general quality, not trouble – you can sew a bathing suit yourself.


Consider all the steps of this process – we will select the right fabric, type of bathing suit, its pattern, see workshops, and we get a unique perfectly sitting model that will allow your owner to become a queen beach

What fabric can be sewn?

The first stage on the way to independent sewing of the swimsuit – the choice of suitable fabric. Here it is important to divide the fabric in two directions – elastic and non-elastic. For a bathing suit, the optimal elastic fabric will be, as it:

  1. Badly absorbs moisture and therefore quickly dries.
  2. It holds well (for example, Lycra), which is especially important for fusion swimsuits.
  3. Not exposed to natural and chemical – do not burn out, do not lose.
  4. Suitable for any type of swimsuits (knitwear, lycra).

Note that in the manufacture of a swimsuit from elastic fabric, all additional elements (such as lining) must also be made of elastic tissue or carved in a diagonal direction – it will also give them elasticity.

The main types of fabrics that can be found on the label, five:

  1. Lycra. It is used in the manufacture of almost all types of swimsuits, as it is a elastic fiber capable of stretching and returning the initial form. Typically, the swimsuit fabric is 20-30% composed of this material.
  2. Polyester. It has long been used in production, as swimsuits made with its use practically do not fade. From his minuses, you can allocate what such a swimsuit dries quite a long time and quickly deformed.
  3. Polyamide. This type of fabric is used to produce corrective shapes of swimsuits, which is caused by pulling properties. It will quickly dry and is not prone to burnout, but is a brilliant material, so it is not used more often on their own, but in combination of Liker and Elastane – it provides him with durability.
  4. Tuper. Named because it is very pleasant to the skin. Food is formed from the connection of Lycra and knitwear. Its advantages – instant drying, elasticity.
  5. Microfiber. She misses the air, elastic and pleasant to the touch. May eventually stretch, so suitable for girls with constant figures.

Neelastic fabric can be used to sewing a swimsuit model that should not be drawn (bikini). For them, such materials like peak, denim, Muslin, compressed crepe, chiffon, veil, peak and others.

In addition to fusion pieces of fabric, swimsuit can be born of their various threads or yarn. Such models are usually jammed and have a lace insert that will add femininity. Threads for such a swimsuit should be selected by the same principle as the fabric – they should be elastic, pleasant to the touch and durable.

Construction of a piano swimsuit pattern

The pattern of a swimsuit is a time consuming process, as it includes many parameters. It is very important not to be mistaken in size so that it is for nothing to translate fabric so that the model sat on the figure, did not fall down when leaving the water and did not rub the skin.

To make it easier to make a pattern of patterns for a jagged bathing suit, use the standard pattern pattern scheme. Copy or redraw the front and spinal part of the pattern, following the middle of the spin of both parts are parallel to and that chest lines, waist and hips are on the same level (horizontal lines).

Now we find the point of the length of the seating. To do this, down from the waist line in the middle of the back will postpone the value of this length, we note the resulting point and spend a horizontal line from it until the middle of the future swimsuit – it turned out the line of the sum of the lifting.

We define the line of the lasty (this is an extra layer of soft tissue in underwear, ensuring comfort when wearing it). To do this, you will need to postpone two points:

  • The first – located downstairs along the middle of the back of the swimsuit (from the point of the side of the sum-fifty folds laying ¼ values ​​of the length of the seat + 1 cm)+
  • The second – located downstairs along the middle of the front of the swimsuit (from the point of the length of the side of the lifting folds, lay the ¼ values ​​of the length of the seating).

Of the resulting points, we carry out small horizontal lines inside the pattern of the pattern, the length of which should be 3 cm each, and for 16 and 18 sizes – 3.5 cm each.

In contrast to the compilation of the standard dress pattern, when drawing the pattern of the bath pattern, you should not add additional centimeters for free felting on the main lines (waist, chest, thighs), even if the future swimsuit is made of flaky fabric.

Here, on the contrary, it is required to make a standard pattern by narrower on the same values ​​that were given at the very beginning of the construction:

  1. Suracing on the back: on the lines of the chest and waist – 2 cm + along line, 3.5 cm above the thigh line – by 1.5 cm.
  2. The narrowing of the front: along the lines of the chest and the waist – by 1.5 cm + along the line, 3.5 cm above the thigh line – 1 cm.

Seasonish on the back is often done a little more than in front of the front, which is associated with the features of the figure.

Last action At this stage for the top of the swimsuit – focusing on the line of the standard dress pattern, spend the sidelines of the swimsuit.

Build a neckline. Standard depth of such a cut is 3.5 cm above the thigh line. To determine the width of both parts of the swimsuit, we use the seating length parameter already found. From the middle of the back, it will be ¼ of the circumference of the thighs divided by half, and from the middle of the front it will be equal to ¼ circumference of the hips, divided by 4 and minus another 0.5 centimeters.

Now connect all the above designations – the extreme values ​​located at the base of both sides of the swimsuit, with dots of the length of the seat length and lower points on the side lines. Reduced each of the resulting lines twice and denote the leg hole, correlating it with the outlines of the body in these areas.

Note – the cut in front should be deeper. Focusing the side of the sides and at the base, carefully look at the compatibility of the cutout lines of both sides of the swimsuit, aligning them with each other.

NSIn a sharp lining of the lastrian. On the front of the battery drawing, we will postpone 1 cm, and then, using the first drawing as a sample, designate the vertical lining lines. To make a lining without using an additional bottom seam, we move from the first drawing already available parts of the lining and compatible them at the bottom line.

We will spend from the base of the base of the neck in the center of the rear of the swimsuit line down 1 cm long and spend the horizontal line to the middle of the front part. In the middle of the scheme, draw the second line, which will be below the level by 2.5 cm.

We define what parameters width must match the straps from the back. The distance from the middle of the back of the swimsuit is 2/3 width of the back, and the width of the strap will be 1/3 from the width of the back. I will postpone the necessary points and denote the neck and the break down to the horizontal line of the bust.

Determine the values ​​of the width of the straps of the front of the swimsuit. According to the constructions made above, postponing the same distances (2/3 and 1/3 of the width of the back), then also draw a premium and denote the neck, which will be located above the chest level by 7 cm.

Check the imposition, whether the obtained lines, the neck and the armima are converge – first along the shoulder lines, and then by side lines. If necessary, adjust.

Depending on the material used for sewing, the direction of the thread on the parts of the pattern is changing – they should be specified in the drawing in advance so that it is not confused

  • For non-elastic fabrics optimal is oblique cut (when the thread is located at an angle of 45 ° to the middle of one of the parts of the swimsuit)+
  • Neelastic, but soft fabrics should be flashing parallel to the midships of the swimsuit parts+
  • When using knitwear or other elastic fabrics, which have a stretch property in two directions, the thread should be directed so that the parts are as elastic in width as elastic.

To draw the chest pulp, with the help of copy paper we will transfer the upper extrusion.

To determine the area in which there will be a cup of future swimsuit, from the center of the breast, swipe a circle with a radius of 8 cm (for 12 size). For other sizes, it can vary on half acetimeter.

Gently performing all the measurements and transferring them to the drawing, you can get the pattern of the perfectly sitting fusion swimsuit.

Simulation of a split swimsuit

Separate bikini swimsuit – one of the most popular types of bathing suit today. With him, most of the body will cover the smooth tan, he also looks beautiful on girls with a good figure, since most of the body is open. Consider the pattern of the pattern of a separate swimsuit with a bando bondage (strapless), allowing you to get a tan, suitable for any dress.

The top swimsuit is a simple strip consisting of the front and rear parts. The rear band is narrowed to the middle, starting with a distance of 3 cm from the midline and then to the center. The front strip increases in the same distance, the upwards.

Each strip is divided into two equal rectangles with the following parameters: the length is a semi-cuddle of the chest, multiplied by 0.88 minus 4 cm (the length reduction compensates for the tensile tissue) + height – 12 cm. We add to this 1 cm for overlock and stitching of gum.

To sew a swimsuit with a bunch of straps, produce the following measurements: chest perimeter at the bottom to the midline, longitudinal diameter. For these standards, the upper part of the swimsuit is embroidered with the addition of straps, rear strips and fittings. On the upper and lower part of the cups pass the rudders to make strings.

The design of bathing panties is a more complex and multistage process. So that they sat well, you can resort an old bathing suit and on the finished pattern. Knowing that this model will definitely sit well, sew the bottom of the swimsuit. If there is no such model, edits are modeled by the dimensions taken from the figure. Pay attention to the fabric from which the swimsuit will be sewn – if it is knitwear, then from all received parameters you need to take 10-15% of the length so that it does not stretch too fast.

Do not forget that, in addition to basic sizes, you should leave small allowances to subsequently flash fabric and insert gum.

Sample modeling, see photos.

How to sew a large model for full women with their own hands?

The choice of swimsuit for full women often becomes a rather difficult task, as most stores cannot offer high-quality models of correct patterns that would simulate a figure and allowed girls with any given to feel confident enough to get out in the summer on the beach. If there was nothing suitable in stores, you should not despair – you can always sew a swimsuit with your own hands.

First of all, pay attention to the choice of fabric for the future swimsuit. It should be elastic, but should not be very hot, otherwise it stretches after the first swim. The most suitable fibers that must be present in the composition of the material – microfiber, tuner, Lycra or Elastane. Models containing in the composition of polyamide are perfect – it refers to materials capable of visually adjusting the figure due to the weighting effect.

Next criterion – breast support. Here you can how to remove the pattern on the cups of the previous swimwear, if he kept the shape well and make the pattern to the current sizes. Please note that straps should be wide for the shoulders visually looked narrower and neat.

When choosing materials, look at the elastic. Use the latex made from latex, as they are not exposed to the bleach and salt contained in the pools and oceans and, therefore, will serve as long as.

Very good on a lush figure, smelting with an overwhelmed waist look – adding to the main line of the waist of panties 10-15 centimeters, it turns out a stylish model, visually outlining the figure.

Recommendations for sewing a swimsuit:

  1. Make in the liquefold folds between cups, a little gather kaen to the middle. Watch the resulting folds for consolidation and, if desired, decorate – so the model will look much more interesting.
  2. Straps should be wide for two reasons – in order not to create discomfort when wearing and not crash into the skin and that the swimsuit looked neatly on a complete figure.
  3. When the bathing panties pattern, regardless of the selected type of pattern, leave up the top line 3 of the additional centimeter for the gum and be sure to leave the seam firmware.
  4. Do not clash the slits to feet so that they do not rub the skin, especially after swimming.
  5. Follow the direction of the thread when sewing – with a loop loop on the knitwear should be blown down from top to bottom.

Observing these uncomplicated rules, you can be sure that the swimsuit will be sewn correctly and will take a worthy place in the summer wardrobe of his owner.

The best models of lush swimsuits can be viewed in the following video:

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