How to sew a women’s t-shirt: patterns and master classes

How to sew a women's t-shirt: patterns and master classes

Currently, the choice of T-shirts is very wide and diverse, but every person wants to create something original and special. Sew a T-shirt with your own hands cheap and very easy. This lesson will help with pleasure to spend time, since the pattern of this product is easy to build, does not require a large amount of tissue, and the whole process will not take more than two hours.

To create such a product, you need to have overall sewing skills, attentiveness and desire to create an extraordinary author. In the embodiment, such a dream will help some necessary information in building a T-shirt.

Building the basis of patterns

To properly build a pattern of any T-shirt, you need to make a drawing of the base on paper. It can be noted that this drawing is simple because you do not need to draw a chest and waist sweeping, which will noticeably simplify the task.

First you need to remove measurements in strict sequence: neck, chest girth, chest, waist, back width. They are divided in half, as the drawing is in half.

Next build a straight corner. From this angle, we note the length of the product, to the right postpone 1/2 of the chest girth. Blacks down the height of the chest, spending a smooth line. It will be considered a depth of the armor.

On the resulting line, measure 1/2 width of the back and celebrate the point. Now we expect the passage. Breast girth Delim on 2 and add 3-4 cm. From the points received, we carry out perpendicular. Now the drawing is marked back, prugis and in front of the product.

We divide the prugi zone in half and down the line. It will denote the side cut of the product and back. Additionally, removing the measurement length of the waist back, down posting this measure, we carry out a horizontal line – it will be a waist line. From the waist down posting 18-20 cm, celebrate the thigh line.

Now you need to build a throat line. Calculate measurement, neck girth divide by 3 and add 0.5 cm. This measure is laying in the top of the direct angle, called the width of the neck of the back. We put the point, from this point we carry a line with a height of 2.5 cm and decorated the neckline. Of the two perpendiculars spent at the highest points, we put down 2.5 cm and put a litigation.

Now it is necessary to build a prum.

From the top point of the neck through the point 2.5, we postpone the measure of the shoulder width of +1.5 cm, carry out a line. On the drawing of a direct angle of handle up posting 2.5 cm, we carry out a horizontal line, to this line tolerate the backrest width. To calculate the depth of the neck of the handle, you need to add 1 cm to the width of the neck. From the top point of the neck, we spend the width of the shoulder + 1.5 cm. Extreme dots connect the curved line of the armor.

Next, we build a sleeve.

Black-to-straight angle, lay down the length of the sleeves, to the right with the width of the sleeve, it is calculated by the formula: half a chest girth divide on 3 and add 6 cm, put the point. Down posting 3/4 of the depth of the armor – this is the height of the OKAT. In the drawing, the width of the sleeve is divided in half, indicated by the mark. From this point to the right and left the line to the depths of the sleeves, pay off the OKAT line. The resulting drawing and will be a sleeve T-shirt.

On the video, see the workshop on the sewing of the product.

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