Pattern and tailoring simple blouse

Pattern and tailoring simple blouse

Very often, many girls face a similar situation when seen in the fashion magazine blouse seems the perfect option, but it is impossible to find such, or at least a similar thing in the store. Or, it is impossible to purchase a thing of one of the trendy brands due to too high cost.

Do not despair, because from any situation there is always a way out and in this case it is undoubtedly there is. The sewing machine is practically in every home, and the fabric to the Method, along with other sewing facilities, will be significantly cheaper than the finished product. That is why, the optimal output from this situation will be an independent sewing of the desired product.

Necessary accessories

Like any case, tailoring requires some mandatory attributes, without which it is impossible to do. Consider in more detail which details of sewing accessories are needed, and also important to consider when sewing a simple clock blouse.

Sewing machine

It does not matter exactly what model is your sewing machine, the main thing is that it worked properly and did not have any defects, adversely reflected in the appearance and quality fabric.

An important factor is the right choice of a sewing needle corresponding to the type of tissue, because otherwise, too thick needle can leave not neat, too large holes on the material.

It is also worth noting that for the convenience of the sewing process itself, it is worth choosing a machine with a foot control, thanks to which both your hands will stay free, and you can hold and straighten the product without any effort.

Selection of material

In the choice of material for the blouse, you can not set yourself some strict frames, since various blouse models can be made of completely diverse fabric.

Distinctive features can concern only a style or model you desirable blouses. So, for example, for a summer model with a short sleeve, or even without it, linen fabric, lightweight chiffon or cotton.

Simple straight blouse is best made from cotton fabric, and an elegant elegant model – from silk fabric.


Nowadays, making patterns do not require any special work, since only specialized paper, pencil and line are necessary attributes.

Species on the manufacture of patterns, for your favorite items you can easily find on the Internet, the main thing is just clear to them so that nothing is imagined. But if, the blouse model was invented and developed personally, you will also have to carefully work on the manufacture of patterns.

Measurement of volumes

It is clear that the creation of the pattern is impossible without a thorough measurement of the volume of the body required for the sewing of the product in accordance with the required size. Since the pattern is made by half of the parts, then the results obtained during measurement should be divided into.

Depending on the blouse model, certain measurements will be needed, but the standard dimensions always remain among the same:

  • length of the product+
  • Width of opening sleeves+
  • Breast girth+
  • Waist girth+
  • hip girth.
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