Plaid from microfiber: the subtleties of choice and care

Plaid from microfiber: the subtleties of choice and care

When it comes to your own comfort and comfort of your children, it is worth it with all attentiveness to choose the choice of a suitable blanket. You can take it on the road to hide, because some models are very fluffy and weigh little. For example, plaids from microfiber, which easily placed in the road bag.

Microfiber (microfiler, microfiber) is a rather tight material that does not break. With careful attitude, it can serve over 5 years. Microfaiber does not smell and does not learn.

The microfiber plaid is becoming increasingly popular – it is associated with people with comfort and home heat.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any thing in the process of its use can be found both dignity and disadvantages, and it is completely normal. Due to its ultra-thin fibers, the microfiber has the following positive characteristics:

  • Fluffy and lightweight plaid has a slight weight, so you can take it on the road, it will not take much space.
  • Hypoallergenicity – the product does not cause irritation, allergies+
  • High hygroscopicity – the canvas absorbs moisture, exceeding its own weight 4 times, and displays it out+
  • High thermal insulation – the product is fine warming+
  • air permeability+

  • Insects do not become harmful insects, for example, ticks+
  • The product is very pleasant to hide – it is soft and gentle+
  • With frequent washers, the plaid does not lose bright color+
  • The material will dry quickly and wash it easy+
  • on both sides the product of the same coloring, it does not have a facial and wrong side+
  • Plaid serves quite a long time.

Unfortunately, microfiber has negative characteristics, but they are not critical:

  • It is afraid of high temperatures – plaid is undesirable to dry near the source of heat or on the battery+
  • Static electricity accumulates+
  • Gains fat – over time, the product decreases the ability to absorb and give moisture, as well as pass the air, but if the air is placed in a timely manner, it can be avoided+
  • The fabric attracts garbage: crumbs, hair and t. D.

To avoid the last item, when buying detergents, you need to pay your attention to those that have an antistatic effect.

Review manufacturers

When choosing a plaid, it is worth paying attention to the time-tested manufacturers. Everyone can choose a product for themselves and their children among a large range.

  • Tango. Chinese company with world name, publishing house textiles. Many are familiar with this company with its high-quality plaids from microfiber. The range includes products of different sizes, which allows you to choose a plaid for any age category.
  • Cleo. The company produces textiles for home. Wear-resistant blankets are manufactured in a variety of colors. Among the large range you can choose the product for both children and adults.
  • Vladi. The company is one of the largest high quality home textile manufacturers in Europe. The brand is also famous for both high-quality plaids from the microphamber. Here everyone will definitely find the perfect plaid for himself or their children: there are products with drawings, animals, monophonic and t. D.

  • “The Golden Fleece”. Textile company from Ivanovo. This brand in the assortment has products from microphaser of various shades. And you can also find children’s models: with drawings, animal print. Very soft and stylish products.
  • ARYA. Famous company from Turkey, publishing house textiles. Here you can safely choose the plaid, since all products are very high quality and is certified.
  • “Morphe” secrets “. Online store offers its customers high-quality home textiles, including plaids from bamboo microfiber. They are light, soft, warm and equally suitable for children and adults.

When buying a product, it is important to consider for whom the plaid is purchased: for a child or adult. 100% microfiber should be indicated on the label. The plaid can cost cheaper if the microfiber is diluted with another material, for example, cotton, but then its unique indicators are significantly reduced.

When choosing a blanket, it is important to take into account its width and length. The dimensional series is quite diverse, so you can easily choose the appropriate size: for newborns – 75×100 cm, grown children – 100×150, for an adult – 180×120 cm, for two adults – 180×210.

Consumer feedback on microfiber plaids Only positive – People celebrate that this product is very soft, convenient, they can even swear a child. Care for the microfator is easy, and you can wash in normal mode. Color even after frequent styrics remains the same bright and saturated.

How to erase and care?

If you do not neglect simple product care rules, then Plaid from the microfiber will serve for a long time heated in the cold season.

  • You can erase it in any way – manually or in a typewriter, but it is important to observe the temperature – it should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • It is impossible to erase the product using bleach, as well as chlorine-containing means.

    • It is not recommended to dry the product near the heat sources, especially on the battery, as it is easily deformed.
    • With regular use, the plaid must be erased at least once a week.
    • Material is impossible to iron.
    • Plaid must be carefully folded and stored in a rolled form. It will be the right storage of the product in a vacuum package.

    Warm and gentle plaids from microfiber are equally suitable for both adults and children. Acquisition of such a product is a correct solution for any person who takes care of its comfort. In addition to convenience and ease of care, the blanket will perfectly complement the interior and make cold evenings more comfortable and more pleasant.

    On the benefits of the plaid of microfiber, you can learn from the video below.

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