Poplin: description, composition and rules

Poplin: description, composition and rules

In the modern market, a huge number of different types of fabric are offered so that the consumer can choose the desired, focusing on his own tastes and preferences, but not everyone is made from safe and high-quality ingredients. Among popular canvases can be mentioned poplin, it is made of natural cotton, sometimes with an admixture of synthetics, and has a large number of positive feedback from buyers around the world. In production, a linen weaving is used, which makes fabric similar to sitherium or hazard. What is this material, how to choose it correctly, and what subtleties to pay attention to care, talk in our article.

What it is?

Such a fabric, like poplin, is known and enjoys well-deservedly since a long time. It sews clothes, bed linen and many other things. So widespread use of the material due to the fact that it is very pleasant to the touch, soft and at the same time has an attractive appearance.

From the Italian language, the name of this fabric in a small rutter is translated as “papal”, and it has its explanation. From a long time, rich and beautiful clothes for the Pope of Rome were made precisely from this material.

In our country, Poplin became known in the XVIII century and almost immediately gained popularity from its inhabitants, After all, it turns out not only beautiful and high-quality, but also affordable things.the name of this fabric in a small rutter is translated as “papal”, and this has its explanation.

Fabric description should be started with the production process. It is a linen weaving, but for it the fibers of different caliber are used. The base of the fabric is made of rather thin threads, the transverse weaving, the so-called threads of the duck, at least one and a half times thicker and are no longer so smooth. It is such a weaving that ensures that the most unobtrusive rubber relief. Currently, Poplin is used mainly for the production of bed linen, but other things made from it use no less demand.

Due to the fact that in the manufacture of Popinee, both natural and synthetic threads are involved, attracting matte glitter appears on the canvas. Many compare this material with a bump, but it is not entirely correct. Poplin is lighter, and when contact with the skin it seems much more gentle.

Main characteristics

Currently, Poplin is based on cotton. In some cases, silk threads are added during the manufacture. To the canvas were more durable, it can dilute with synthetic components. This material is located in the average price category, but there are also quite expensive varieties. We are talking about tissues manufactured in countries such as China, Turkey and India. Their difference is that only natural cotton raw materials are used for production, respectively, the strength, density and wear resistance of products at a fairly high level.

As for the main characteristics, this fabric in a small rutter has excellent density. It can be of two types: the density of weave fibers and surface strength. This is a determining point confirming the quality of products. Despite the high level of this indicator, the material remains soft and enjoyable to the touch, IS well passes moisture and air, so clothing from these canvases is high in demand in the market.

Another distinctive feature is that Poplin almost does not mind, respectively, there is no need for constant tissue stroke.

This became possible due to the embossed structure of the material and transverse logs on it. At the same time, the canvas are unpretentious, they can be calmly erased if necessary, without fearing the loss of color and without using any special detergents. Material absolutely inert.

As for the similarity of Poplin with a bump, you can allocate some significant differences. Calcusement is a kind of cotton fabrics, despite the fact that the poplin can be more attributed to natural silk matters. In addition, the poplin is not as durable and has less high density. On its surface, relief drawing is distinguished clearly, while the calico is quite smooth and smooth.

Varieties are far away

Poplin is quite popular and often used in modern society. In this case, he has several varieties. First of all, the material can be divided according to the composition and the type of dyeing.

According to the composition

Basic separation occurs in the composition of the canvas. Main types – Cotton fabrics, silk and synthetic. Materially consists of cotton, however, together with it, wool, silk, synthetics and viscose can be present.

Most often, manufacturers add synthetics, but its number is very small. Many less often appear on store shelves Materials with woolen or silk fibers. Grodesin – Dear Poplin, It is manufactured in India.

By type painting

By type of staining, the poplin can be divided into bleached, stinging, smooth, multicolored. Consider each of the species in more detail.

The bleached material is obtained, as can be seen from the name, using the whitening of the fabric. Initially, the canvas have a shade of yellow or dirty gray, which looks visually not very beautiful. The material is subjected to chemical processing, as a result of which unwanted shades are eliminated. As a result, it turns out a smooth white color, which in the future can be applied a variety of patterns or used in its original form.

Printed poplin also called printed. Today, manufacturers have the opportunity to apply drawings with the help of modern specialized printing devices, resulting in clear and most bright ornaments and patterns. On the touch material is very gentle and smooth. How long will the dye last on the fabric, without changing its color, depends solely on the quality of the composition.

If it is pretty good, the material will be absolutely safe, it will not be frozen and burn out in the sun.

Direct, etching and backup printing can be used in production. In the first case, the paint is immediately applied to the canvas. Depending on the manufacturer’s company, the color composition can be additionally fixed by a special film, it helps to keep the color longer, but the fabric itself becomes more coarse and the air is already worse.

With anterior printing, the drawing is applied to the pre-painted monochrome fabric. The dye is removed in a special way on the necessary areas of material, it leads to the formation of an ornament.

As for the backup printing, in this case, a special reservitating composition is applied to the fabric to the cloth, which prevents the dye entering. Next is made painting, and after the material is driving, the composition is removed from it.

The smooth population is obtained when applied to the fabric, the previously passed bleaching procedure, any required tones. Manipulation with the use of staining drums and lasts for 10 hours. After that, the canvas must be wrapped, which will help remove excess the coloring composition. In the future, the fabric will delight its owners with brightness and saturation of colors, while staying resistant to fading.

Multicolored poplin turns out when the threads are intertwined, in advance painted in a certain color. The dye is applied to the fibers in the same way as indicated in the previous method. The staining procedure itself passes as follows: first there is adsorption – this is when the threads absorb the paint, after that the diffusion is the penetration of the composition into the fibers, and finally, fixing – fixing the coloring pigment in the material.

Pros and cons

Studying information about this or that material, you can not lower the moment about its advantages and disadvantages. Many consumers respond positively about their way, because it has several advantages. This, for example, attractive appearance and beautiful shine. In addition, it is impossible not to say that the fabric practically does not fade, it is resistant to the effects of sun rays, not afraid of elevated temperatures and other adverse environmental factors.

Wear resistance poplin is very high, while the fabric remains light and very soft, does not interfere with the passage of air. These canvases are absolutely safe, things made of them will be suitable even for small children and newborns.

The composition is present in most part natural fibers, so high-quality material cannot cause allergic reactions.

As well as undoubted plus is unpretentious. It is absolutely not necessary to iron, especially if we are talking about bedding, you can wash, not afraid of fading and loss of things. At the same time, the price remains at an affordable level.

Despite the fact that the use of such fabric causes predominantly positive emotions in consumers, some notice its flaws. They are not too significant, however, when buying material, they must be taken into account. It’s about such moments as the possibility of a slight shrinkage of the fabric, if it has wool in its composition. And there may also be some difficulties in the sewing process. The material has screens that may complicate the crog process, so it is better to apply to a professional master to fulfill individual orders.

That sew from poplin?

Having learned about all the advantages of the material called “Poplin”, consumers are primarily wondering – and what things can be sewed from such a versatile and comfortable fabric. As practice shows, you can list the range for a very long time. The canvas are suitable not only for the manufacture of bed linen, but also for various products that can enjoy both children and adults.

Products from Poplin are very in demand on the market. Consumers Offered Women’s Clothing, Men’s Shirts, Sports, Pajamas, Children’s Assortment, Overalls. All products are ideal for carrying them every day. In addition, all sorts of towels, tablecloths and curtains are made of material. It is actively used to create copyright toys and souvenirs.

As for bed linen, many consumers prefer to acquire it exclusively from this fabric. And it is not surprising, because products from Poplin have many advantages. Lingerie is quite strong and able to serve its owner for a long time, it is nice to touch it, it is perfectly holding the form and retains color even with constant use. And pillowcases, ducts and sheets well absorb moisture, paste air, while maintaining heat.

Care required Minimal, Linen can not even stroke, it will be enough to wash in a washing machine.

How to care for cloth?

So that the cloth served as a long time, it is necessary to care for it correctly. In the case of a flint, the process is not difficult, since the material is quite unpretentious. However, it should be borne in mind that on certain subtleties, first of all, the composition of the material is affected, so before you do anything with it, you need to pay attention to the label.

Especially this concerns the washing of products. Some unpleasant things may occur here, since things containing artificial materials and synthetics do not tolerate hot water, and its temperature should not exceed 40 degrees when washing. Spin, drying and ironing should also be done more accurately.

Natural materials usually do not occur. They calmly erase in the typewriter on the selected modes, pressed and smooth without difficulty.

Tips for choosing

A large number of people make a choice in favor of things from Poplin. However, there are those who prefer to first compare it with other materials to decide for themselves what is better. One of the similar tissues is Ranfors. It is a bit more dense, but this is reflected in price. Consider what to pay attention to those who still decided to choose products from Poplin.

First of all, it is necessary to assess the quality of the material from which one thing is made. The principle of sewing plays an important role. If products have uneven untreated seams, it is better to give up the purchase. But it is also worth paying attention to the products of famous manufacturing companies, in this case more chances to purchase high-quality material.

Ensure that the real on the counter is far away or not, as follows: a piece of fabric is thoroughly frozen in hand. The original material will quickly deal and acquire the initial form.

Sometimes with poor-quality making problems may arise regarding fabric painting. Persistent dyes do not blur when in contact with water and do not remain on the skin. The danger of poor-quality materials is that they are able to provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Good paint is characterized by color brightness and clarity.


Most of the consumers’ reviews about the use of Poplin positive. Users allocate that the material corresponds to the stated characteristics, has a fairly long service life, it does not mind and does not learn. It is completely simple to care, which is especially suitable for employed people and practical hosts. Some themselves prefer to buy materials of proper quality to sew the necessary things from them, and at the same time note the convenience of working with a cloth.

About the differences between the fabrics of bedding sets, see the following video.

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