Sewing swimsuits for rhythmic gymnastics

Sewing swimsuits for rhythmic gymnastics

Girls who are engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, must necessarily have their clothes form – a special swimsuit. Costumes for the speech may need several, it all depends on the number of rooms delivered, and these are overhead on the budget of the whole family.

It can be sewed at home, having a sewing machine, fabric and a swimsuit pattern.

Where to start creating a swimsuit? The name of the next chapter and will be the first crib for those moms, whose daughters are engaged in the sport.

How to build a pattern?

The pattern can be obtained by 3 ways:

  • Take ready drawing. Semi-cuddle breasts and half gravating waist – measurements that will help determine the pattern of the desired size.
  • Drawing can be obtained if you describe the old swimsuit (after turning it inside out). This method of receiving the pattern has its drawbacks: the seams interfere with the proper compilation of the scheme.
  • Accurate drawing Swimwear Operate with self-build pattern.

What sizes should be removed to build a swimsuit pattern?

Conditional designations for sizes:

  • O – Girth+
  • D – Length+
  • W – Width+
  • (O) Neck+
  • (O) chest+
  • (O) waist+
  • (O) on the bottom edge of the swimsuit panties (not to be confused with the hips)+
  • (O) Hands (the Portnovo meter must pass through the top point and the area of ​​the armpit)+
  • (O) wrist+
  • (O) hull. (Measurement is removed without tensioning tape).

  • (D) shoulder. Merta ends where the shoulder ends+
  • (D) sleeves. Mereka is removed from the point where the shoulder ended+
  • (W) Transfer (take measurement exactly between hands)+
  • (W) backs (measurement is removed similarly before and add 3-4 cm)+
  • (W) Front panties. The line runs about 5-6 cm. below girth along the edge of panties+
  • (W) panties behind+
  • (E) (measured from a high point of shoulder to the waist)+
  • (E) backrest (measurement decreases by 1 cm)+
  • (E) Boca (from the armpit to the waist)+
  • (E) panties (measurement can be removed by conventional panties with high waist (non-threes))+
  • (W) shoulders (the tape passes through the lower level of one shoulder, the 7th cervical vertebra and the lower level of the second shoulder).

The photo shows how all the measurements are removed.


  • On the paper from above to put a label. Vertically down to construct two segments equal to 1.5 cm and 5 cm. Discover the neckline.
  • Horizontally postpone the following measure: (W) shoulder minus 2 shoulder lengths and divided into 2. From the resulting tag, omit perpendicular (2-3 cm) and spend the line (we get shoulder).

  • From the top point of the shoulder down to postpone the measure number 7 and spend line.
  • On the result, postpone the following measurements: No. 7, 8. The waist lines are obtained for the main parts.
  • Waist girth divided by 4. Result To postpone as a segment from the middle of the swimsuit through the point 8.
  • From the label 8 to postpone the measure number 9 (Boc Length). From the label 8 down to postpone the measure number 10. An example, as the construction should look like, is given in the photo.

  • Next, chest girth, grumps on the lower edge of the panties divided by 4. From the middle of the swimsuit through the points obtained already postpone the results obtained and hold horizontal lines. It will be breast lines and panties. Discover the line of Boca.
  • From the girth line at the bottom edge of the panties down to lower perpendicular 5-6 cm and spend a horizontal line. From the middle of the swimsuit to the right to postpone: (pre-magnitude of the width of panties in front and rearly divided by 2).
  • Through the bottom label to postpone the segment equal to 2.5 cm. It will be a lastrian (overhead detail in panties for the convenience of movement and compliance with body cleanliness). Draw a line of panties on a swimsuit.

Now it is worthwhile to do the drawing of the Prum:

  1. (D) shoulder divide on 2 equal segments and down to omit perpendicular equal to 5-6 cm and spend horizontal.
  2. Formula: (W) Protects and Backs / 2. Postpone the results as segments. There should be two labels (the difference between them is about 1 cm). Spend two smooth lines.

The drawings of the main parts are ready.

All constructions have been constructed in the backrest template. First cut out the contour back. The backrest circuit should be overloaded again on the new paper, then cut the front of the front of the swimsuit.

Sleeve pattern

The drawing of the sleeve includes 2 measurements: Merka (o) Hands and (D) Opat Sleeves. Determine the height of the OKAD Sleeves will help usual T-shirt.

Pattern is quite simple. The photo below illustrates all buildings. Himself the drawing of the sleeve is similar to an inverted trapeze. Oakat sleeves is built on the example of the photo.

Skirt pattern

The skirt for a bathing suit resembles clothes with a crooked half:

  1. On the finished template for the transfer and backs, to remove the time of the semi-clapset of the place where the skirt will sew.
  2. On paper spend horizontal. Down to postpone perpendicular 2-3 cm and a circle to make a semicircle (the skirt radius is equal to the length of the skirt).

Skirt pattern ready.


There are certain rules and requirements for sewing suit for rhythmic gymnastics. One of the first requirements refers to the selection of material.

According to the requirements of the judiciary, the main part of the gymnast suit should not be made of transparent tissues. The body of the body to the breast of the swimsuit is necessarily cut from dense materials.

What kind of fabric to choose as the main material and what to buy for finishing a swimsuit?

The main material must be well stretched and be moisture-resistant. Designers Professionals are recommended to look at the bifxia.

Biflex – knitted fabric that meets all requirements. Biflex swimsuits are well idle. Graceful figures of gymnasts will emphasize matte material. Brilliant give expressiveness and elegacity costume. The fabric is perfectly combined with other materials.

Guipure – tender and beautiful fabric with drawing. He performs his special role. It is used as a finish on a bathing suit or cut the sleeves. Suits with guipure trim are characterized by a special chic and romanticity.

Velvet – noble material having a soft short pile. Of the dense overflowing fabric, they sew both the swimsuit itself and combine it with other materials. Velvet appliqués on a swimsuit are a stunning decor on a suit.

How to sew your own model for performances?

In any sport, there are always a lot of speeches and competitions. For such events, gymnasts have a suit that is used only for performances. Swimwear are decorated with bright and expensive decorative elements, brilliant fabrics are used.

Sew swimsuit for performances need in a relaxed home setting. If it allows a member of the apartment, then when making a suit mom with a daughter, it is better to stay alone in the room. It will help to quietly make fitting and perform neatly all sewing operations and discuss the costume decor.

To sew an outfit for performances other than all above the listed items at the beginning of the article, still decorative decoration (if envisaged) and sewing supplies. A detailed master class on the manufacture of a swimsuit will be given below.

Attention should be sharpened only at one moment. Application or other finish on a suit must be performed first (while the swimsuit itself is at the preliminary stage before assembly). This will allow the decor better and gently.

Master Class

The master class includes all detailed instructions based on the pattern, which can be built from our first chapter:

  • Prepare everything you need for cutting and sewing.
  • In any bathing suit there is another indispensable detail of the lastrian. By the main parts of the swimsuit, overwhelm the inguinal part (lower part of the panties). Two parts of the drawing of the lasty glue. Cutting the lastics is made in one copy.
  • Separately carve the neck Basic details.
  • The next sewing stage will be cutting. Fabric fold on equity thread. All patterns to pin pins on the material. The drawing of the transfer, backs and skirts must lie on the bending of the fabric. Carve out all parts of the swimsuit with letters on the seams.

  • Bottom swimsuit notify and sew on the car. Now it comes the lasty turn. Lasting is cut in a single copy. The width of the leasting to handle the stitching “Zigzag”, the open sections of the length of the lasticians will go to the seam.
  • Lasting to apply the front side to the offside of the swimsuit. This is a very inconvenient place for laying machine line, so the lastysuit is recommended to notice to the swimsuit a little away from the open sections additionally.

Open sections of the lastics can be treated with 2 ways:

  1. Open sections Snack on the wrong side of the swimsuit without bending and sew a zigzag line or process on overlock.
  2. The edges of the leasting notify the seam in the bending and pave the machine line.

How to sew a swimsuit? Watch the video tutorial.

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