Skirt Tutu for girls do it yourself

Skirt Tutu for girls do it yourself

Skirt, which is called Tutu, is one of the options for skirts. To sewing such a pretty skirt use the fatin of the average hardness of different shades. Each girl in the skirt tutu looks charming and smart.

Spectacular images

Skirt tuta most often choose for a holiday, for example, for a matinee for the new year, for graduation, for birthday or on March 8. Also such a skirt is used for family photo shoots.

The smallest girls together with the skirt tutu wear a boding or tile. Young older beauties with such a skirt you can combine the most different top – tops, tights, shirts, blouses, T-shirts and other options. You can wear such a translucent skirt both with pantyhose and with leggings.

What kind of gum to choose?

For the manufacture of a skirt of a tutu with their own hands use a wide gum. Its width is 2-3 centimeters, and the length of the gum is counting, taking the waist of the girl 4 centimeters.

How much fate you need to skirt tutu?

Fatin, from which the tutu skirt is made, cut into stripes. The width of such bands will be 15 cm, and to calculate their length take a double-desired skirt length plus 2 cm. If desired, the edge of the fatin stripes cut off the corner. If you need a skirt on the waist girth 50-60 centimeters, then for such a product you will need about 60-70 strokes of the fate.

Although one-photon skirts of the tutu are very common, it looks very interesting and brightly looks a product from a fate of several shades. If you want to make such a multicolor option, you should purchase a fate of a different shade.

How to sew your own hands?

Necessary materials:

  • Striped fatin.
  • Rubber.
  • Satin tape and other materials for decoration.

Master class without using a sewing machine

Creating a skirt tutu without sewing takes only 1-1.5 hours, and the process itself is so simple that any mom will cope with him:

  • Sisting the ends of the prepared gum manually or on the typewriter for the formation of a ring.
  • Put this ring on a chair or rolled up a blanket.
  • Twist from each strip of fatelight a small roll, find the middle and tie the twisted fatin around the gum by the usual knot. You need to trace not to overcene the gum and at the same time tie a fire so that his strip does not hang out. In addition, the ends of all fire cuts must be obtained after tying the same length, if you did not think to make them different.
  • Continue until the moment when all strips are tied around elastic bands.

More complex sewing with lining

For such a skirt, we need to have some sewing skills, since the process of its manufacturer includes cutting and tailoring lining.

Stages of manufacturing such a skirt will be such:

  • Preparation of the desired materials – fate, gum and lining fabrics.
  • Creating the pattern of the Sun Fyson skirt, on which the workpiece will be made.
  • Cutting the Sun Fatin Skirts.
  • Cutting blanks for lining skirt. Its length should be shorter than the length of the fatin parts, and the edges must be treated with zigzag or overlock.
  • Stitching gum in the ring.
  • Seving to the gum of all fatains skirts.
  • Sewing of the resulting design to the lining skirt.
  • Decoration of the finished skirt.

Below see short video equipment.

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