Soft fabric: composition description and scope

Soft fabric: composition description and scope

The dream of any mistress is a beautiful, soft and durable fabric that you do not need to iron. Multiple textures and colors of very soft tissues based on polyester fibers are combined under the name “Soft” and are of interest not only from the owners and Shve, but also in well-known fashion designers, decorators, as well as interior designers.

What it is?

Soft – this is a gentle synthetic matter, externally resembling velor. There are many varieties of this material – from gentle translucent fabrics to a heavy light-tight porther cloth.

Often, such a bilateral fabric: one side is covered with a pile (short or long, with a glitter or without thermal printing), and the second is matte and smooth.

You need to choose the material when buying is very careful: Soft is made mainly in Turkey and China, so be sure to ask the certificate of quality from the seller and carefully read the description of the composition and address of the manufacturer.

Also, due to the increased demand for such a material there are many fakes, and it is possible to independently distinguish them only by toxic smell or colorful matter.

Application area

Soft fabrics are very pleasant to the touch, dense, well hold the form, perfectly withstand multiple washers, keeping their color and texture, so they are used in the manufacture of a wide variety of things and clothing.

From such fabrics sew:

  • Bed linen and pajamas for the whole family+
  • Children’s textiles+
  • Home and Casual Dresses+
  • costumes+
  • Mattress shop+
  • Furniture covers and sofa pillows, upholstery for upholstered furniture+
  • bedspreads and blanks+
  • Curtains and curtains.

This material likes to all: the tailors attracts ease of working with him, the owners – simple care for products, children love a pleasant texture of the soft fibers, and fashionista attracts a variety of colors and textures.


The basis of any type of software is polyester fiber, which can be both in pure form and with various impurities.

  • Elastan It is used to give the material of elasticity with the purpose of making the fitting and at the same time does not constrain the movement of clothing (mostly sports costumes).
  • Cotton or viscose Add to synthetic fabrics to eliminate the fibers, improving air permeability and increase human hygroscopicity.
  • Nylon Added to soft matter to produce fire-resistant fabric, which is mainly used as curtains in kindergarten and drapery in banquet halls.


All types of software possess similar characteristics and properties.

Pilotous matter is resistant to pollution due to a special dirt-repellent impregnation, but dust can accumulate on the rifus side of the fabric, which is easy to remove at home. Also polyester fibers are resistant to mold, smells, moths, fungus and dust due to special processing, but at the same time safe for health and hypoallergenic.

Soft fabric for furniture upholstery has increased strength, wear resistance, but at the same time it is easy to dramatically due to its supple structure.

Any software-matter saves the form well, does not learn and has a low degree of shrinkage of fibers when washing, but it should be noted that her wash it is necessary in warm water. Polyester fabrics are well stretching and easily returned to the original state due to the addition of elastic fibers.

The drawing on them remains clear and bright over the years, the fabric has stability not only to washing powders and gels, but also to the effects of ultraviolet rays, which prevents the fading even 3D printing.

Circulation software can be done on the equity, and on the transverse thread, which considerably saves money (for sewing the curtains of a fairly one-time or double stock of the tissue instead of the usual triple stock for obtaining beautiful folds) and time – with any stringent fabric, it does not refuse and keeps fuel.

Another undoubted advantage of polyester fabrics is the absence of the need to smooth iron.


Conditionally, the software can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Textiles for sewing clothes (these are fabrics with additives of elastane, cotton, lycra or viscose)+
  2. Interior textiles (canvas that have passed special treatment with various impregnation).

It is customary to distinguish many types of software, some of them are 100% polyester, but they are obtained in different ways and differ in the invoice and properties.

  • Welloft It is a fluffy comfortable knitted material with a pile of medium length for sewing of home clothing, in appearance remotely resembles a mahers. Can be painted in pastel colors, but also meets bright.
  • Extrasoft – This is a light fluffy matter with a short, sufficiently dense pile, used in the production of pillows, blankets and domestic dresses.
  • Super-Soft (so-called crepe viscose) is a dense wear-resistant web, has a velvet texture with embossed. Used for sewing furniture covers and upholstery.
  • TermakAkard – this is a velvety soft web with thermal printing (used as a furniture upholstery).
  • Soft silk is a cloth with glossy glitter. Ideal for sewing curtains. It is possible to draw a drawing through 3D printing.

There is also a software with various impurities.

  • UltraSoft (polyester 94% + Elastane 6%) – It is a gentle fabric with an imperceptible pile and jacquard pattern for sewing blankets, pillows, bathrobes and plaids.
  • Intersoft (polyester 30% + cotton 70%) – This mixture matter, has increased strength and elasticity, is used for tailoring trousers, sweatshirts, as well as clothes for outdoor activities.

  • Niagara (Polyester 97% + Spandex 3%) It is a light flowing tissue resembling artificial silk, but with reduced fermentation and increased strength. Such material is suitable for sewing not only blouses, but also evening dresses.
  • Soft Satin (Polyester 10% + Cotton 10%) Very nice to the body material for sewing bed linen, shirts and children’s textiles.

  • Bebi-Soft (polyester fibers 20% + cotton 20%) – This is a double-sided fabric, with the front side is a knitwear, from the wrong side – a pleasant to the touch artificial fur (intended for tailoring of the outerwear: COFF, Cardigans, vests).
  • Stretch Soft (contains from 1% to 30% elastic fibers) It is a fabric reminiscent of velvet, but has increased extension and has a much lower price. This material is well suited for tailoring of dresses, sports and home clothing.

Blackout differs from all types of soft fabrics – this is a heavy three-layer porter matterium:

  • The wrong side consists of light dense fibers without shine+
  • Then there is a layer of black polyester fibers+
  • The front side of acrylic fibers can be with glitter, embossed or pattern.

It is worth noting that blackwood has a very high ability to delay the sun’s rays (up to 90 percent), suppresses the noise that inflows from the street with an open window, perfectly restrains the heat in the summer heat due to the increased density of the material. The variety of textures and colors allows you to select functional and stylish curtains for any interior.

Tips for care

Bed linen (like clothing) from soft tissues It is recommended to wash in manual or delicate washing mode in a machine-machine at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. It is forbidden to use bleach and aggressive detergents.

In no case can not be dried this matter in the drying machines, t. To. The structure of the fibers and the material will lose its properties from the effects of elevated temperatures.

Curtains and curtains can be brushed with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner, optionally to wash. After washing, there is no need to iron them, it is enough to squeeze in a washing machine for 800 revs and hang dry straight on the cornice, whether to make the width to the desired waves.

It is enough to dry clothes from such a material and is completely optional to iron the iron, but if the elements are formed due to pressing at elevated speeds (1200 revolutions) – you can try a little warm iron.

Stains with such material are easily eliminated by soap.

Soft fabrics affect their variety, give space for fantasy and creativity, at the same time they are unusually functional and, with proper care, retain their properties over the years.

Description Quality Fabric Software and Supersoft Watch In the following video.

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