Taslan fabric: features and characteristics

Taslan fabric: features and characteristics

Thanks to innovative developments, new materials are being created with improved properties. In a row of modern fabrics, the Taslan occupies a special place.

Properties and species

Artificial material Taslan is durable, formed by the rep and weaves, creating a small rutter, so he grungy to the touch. Due to the porous structure, thermostat and air exchange is ensured, the special polymer layer contributes to the repulsion of dirt and water, and the reinforcing threads retain the form, prevent stretching. Due to the combination of properties, the material is indispensable in sports, top, demi-season (warm) clothing for children and adults.

The description of the quality indicators of Taslan and their designation can be seen in the generally accepted international labeling system:

  • HI – PORA – Improved air exchange properties+
  • PU – used way to process outside or inside impregnation from moisture penetration+
  • PU 3000 – reinforced water-repellent qualities+
  • PU FOAM – Polyurethane Processed+
  • WR – material does not wet, pushes water with drops.

    The fabric can have different density (specific weight):

    • 180 g / km (thin)+
    • 228 g / km (average)+
    • 330 g / km (very dense).

    These parameters work as pointers when choosing a material for demi-season, warm or specialized items, products with the necessary qualities and operational properties.


    Taslan includes the chemical fibers of polyamide, nylon, polyurethane or polyester, extending the lives of things that provide comfort and comfort.

    Main positive fabric characteristics:

    • Polyurethane provides staining durability and reduces the degree of ultraviolet influence+

    • Special impregnation reliably protects material from moisture and pollution+

    • The porous surface provides breathability, creates a certain microclimate, due to this, the fabric is hygroscopic, easy+

    • Resistant to the effects of chemical and organic solvents+

    • The material has a high density and does little weigh+

    • Not afraid of multiple mechanical impacts and friction+

    • long does not lose appearance, not deformed+

    • Looks aesthetic, produced in a wide color palette+

    • easy to handle and sewing, when starting the edge, do not appear.

    The list of flaws is small, but they are:

    • Taslan refers to the segment of not very cheap tissues+

    • When moving, a small rustle is created, because of what is limited to the area of ​​use (hunting, fishing, special equipment)+

    • In the manufacture of things you need a special sewing machine.


    Taslan is suitable for things with any filler, perfectly operated in sports ordinary clothes and for extreme sports, outdoor activities, as it reliably protects from wind, rain, snow, frost, sun. Reinforced fiber with impregnation in the material allows you to be on the street in any weather, feel comfortable in the fresh air.

    Well showed myself a fabric in teenage and children’s clothes. Overalls, jackets, winter clothes, raincoats, raincoats are durable, do not throw movements, protect against moisture, and the property of Taslan to create a microclimate protects the active, mobile child from overheating or cooling. Pollution, stains, dust are easily removed at home.

    Also will provide a good service. Waterproof accessories: Mittens, gloves, caps or bags.

    Widely used Taslan in the manufacture of furniture. Beautiful, durable, safe and reliable sofas, puffs, armchairs, made of fabric with artificial fibers, do not lose form, are easily clean, decorate the interior. Impregnation of material protects furniture from spots, dirt and moisture.


    Like any fabric, taslan in cleaning and leaving has some conditions and limitations.

    • When washing the material, you can use both dry and liquid detergents for synthetic tissues (it is preferable to liquid, as they are well polished, do not leave tracks).

    • It is allowed in the care manual and automatic washing with a spinning on small circulation, in the “delicate” or “synthetic” mode, at a temperature of 40 degrees.

    • The ironing is allowed when heated to 130 degrees. This will avoid the loss of the properties of Taslan. If after washing the product to straighten or shake, it will quickly dry, with water-repellent materials water rolls the water itself.

    • When eliminating contaminants, chlorine-containing agents and bleaching cannot be used.

    • In order to avoid static electrical charges in things from synthetic tissue when ringed good to use air conditioning.

    • To care for furniture from Taslan, it is recommended to use dry brushing or vacuum cleaner, stains or minor contaminants are eliminated using a weak soap solution and dry napkins. After a small wet cleaning, the upholstery should be dried by a warm iron through the fabric.

    When buying things from modern artificial fabric, you need to carefully read the label with the designations of care and perform all manufacturer’s recommendations. Then the product lasts long and reliably, glad to see.


    Most people who enjoy goods from Taslan, notes its positive properties.

    • Parents who bought children from this material (overalls, trousers, jackets) are satisfied with their stability to a large amount of washes. Alternatively, after each walk, you can simply wipe the dirty places with a brush or cloth.

    • Sometimes avid fishermen use camouflage clothing from synthetic fabric in extreme conditions (especially in winter). The quality of things tested by the winds, rains, cold, leaves a good impression. Pleasantly surprises the strength of the material.
    • There will be no comparison kits from Taslan for Snowboard and Ski. Sports jacket, pants, gloves “breathe”, they are not hot in them, there is no sweating, they do not wet from wet snow or rain, not blurred by mountain wind.

    • Such things are worn in the city, because there is a large selection of models, colors and complete sets. Long-term outdoor walks pass with pleasure with any weather.

      Such reviews are changing our presentation of the synthetics.

      What qualities the costume of Payer from Novatex is from Taslan’s fabric, see the following video.

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