Types of dignity and shortcomings of microfiber towels

Types of dignity and shortcomings of microfiber towels

Now light industry, like any other, tries to “keep up” with innovative technologies. Therefore, uses a large number of unusual materials with improved properties. Among them, it is especially worth noting by Microfibra. It is a fabric that is made of polyester fibers. In some cases, this may also be polyamide or any other polymers. Recently, towels, about varieties, advantages and disadvantages we will talk in this article have become made from such a material.

Advantages and disadvantages

Release towels from microfiber in different colors, in addition, they have different sizes and purpose. Microfiber towel differs from similar but made of other material. To begin with, it is worth considering its main positive parties.

  • Small weight. If you compare the towel from the usual material with the one that is made from the microfiber, then its weight will be easier several times. For comparison, such an example: a terry towel, having a size of 300 millimeters by 600 millimeters, will weigh up to 200 grams, and only 38 grams made from microfiber.
  • Takes a little place. It is pretty compact. For example, a bath towel can be collapsed and it will be the size of the fist. Therefore, it can be taken with you either in a hike or on a trip.
  • Little dry time. It can be dried literally in 25-30 minutes, especially if there is solar or windy weather on the street.
  • Well absorbs moisture. Although the microfiber towels and occupy quite a bit of space, still it is possible to wipe it dry.
  • Convenience and easy to use. If these are tourist towels, they can easily put in pockets of the bags or simply bring to your belt using a cover.
  • Hygienic. Some manufacturers handle materials used for towels silver ions that do not give to develop bacteria.
  • Hypoallergenicity. Products do not cause allergies because it does not contain harmful particles.
  • Long time towels remain in good condition.

However, despite a large number of advantages, such a material is still and some minuses:

  • When drying in nature, you should not hang a towel very close to the fire, otherwise it can melt+
  • warm you, unlike a terry towel, it will not be able.


In the modern world, the microfibrous towel is quite popular. People use it in different spheres of their livelihoods. For example, to visit the beach and the pool, for drying hair, swimming, use in the kitchen, as well as for different types of cleaning, including in order to wash machines. However, most often towels are used for tourism, as well as for travel.

For tourism

Such a view of the towels sell most often in the covers. They can easily fold and put either in the bag, or on the belt, or just hide in pocket. In addition, the towel is easily erased even in very cold water. It also crashes, which is very convenient for use in the campaign.

If necessary, it can be pulled instead of a tent or just use how the headdress.


Now microfiber towels are often used athletes. Such a product is quite thin, so it can fit even in a small handbag. At the same time, the places for other items will remain abound. This is important for those people who are engaged in sports, because many after the gym immediately go to work or just sit with friends.


Such a view of the towel is useful to all summer holiday lovers. It is easily abandoned, so you can even use it as a replacement chaise longue. Well, or simply wipe it dry, so that wet skin in the sun is not “burned”.

For the pool

By analogy with towels for the gym. These are just as possible, even in the most tiny sports bag. Due to the intense work schedule to the pool, it is most often possible to go only in the morning, before work. If you choose such a towel with you, it will not take much space in your business portfolio.


Coming to get down, your things need to be left in the pre-banker. So the bath towel must necessarily be such that it can be easily hanging on a hanger. It is for this purpose that it has either velcro, or butchers. In addition, with the help of these “locks”, they can be fixed on the body. So, the towel will definitely not slip from the sparkling body at the most inopportune moment.

For kitchen

Such towels often buy for kitchen. After all, they are not only well absorb moisture, but also well passionate. In addition, they will dry very quickly, so they can be erased several times a day.

In addition, the material used for such towels often use antibacterial, and this is very important because the plates are in contact with food falling to our body.

For cleaning

Due to its softness, the towel is often used for cleaning. It does not scratch absolutely no surfaces and perfectly absorbs moisture. So hostess home buy it and motorists in the car. Thin towel from high-quality microfiber can be wiped and the door of the expensive car, and window glass, and mirrors. They will not remain any scratches or ugly divorces.

Seeing in the store high-quality towels from such material as microfiber, it is worth “doing a big purchase” at once. After all, they will be useful in the bathroom, and in the campaign, and even in the favorite car!

Subtleties of choice

Choose a towel made from microfiber, still stands very carefully. First of all it should be approached to perform the selected goal. That is, if the towel is needed for wiping the dishes, then you choose some more compact option. With him and work more convenient, and places above the table it takes less.

In the hall or pool is already bought something more. So a towel should be comfortable to wipe. As for those products that choose for the beach or hiking in the sauna, it is not worth saving. The product from the microfiber should be comfortable to poop. Besides, It is important that it is enjoyable to the touch, because this will enlighten a comfortable rest.

It is also important that the towel can be purchased without any visible defects. In stores goods buyers often touch hands. Therefore, the towel may accidentally break or smear. So it is necessary to carefully inspect the selected goods before purchasing. As for online stores, shopping should be done exclusively in proven places.


Microfiber towels are completely “non-additive”, so they do not require special care. You can wash them in any way, that is, you can safely use and manually washing mode, and the machine. However, the water temperature does not have to exceed 40 degrees.

In addition, you can use the usual soap for washing, and powder. The only thing that should not be done is to use the means in granules, as well as those tools that contain chlorine. Optimal option – gentle leaving. Also do not need to use air conditioners. After all, then towels will not so well absorb moisture and resist bacteria.

For drying it is better to use the usual rope. Do not need to dry them over fire or on electrical devices, because as a result they just pay. If the thing is erased at home, it is quite possible to use an electric dryer. In any case, the towel will dry very quickly. Also, microfiber towels can not be ironed for the same reason. In addition, the fabric almost does not occur, so there is no need for this special.


If we consider most of the reviews about microfiber towels, then reviews most often positive. Many note the ease of care, the compactness of microfiber products, as well as ease of use. Those people who have already bought the data of the towel have already been convinced that such a material does not learn and not deforming even after a long time. In addition, the towels dries very quickly and, despite its compactness, absorb moisture well.

Buyers noted that there are practically no shortcomings in such products, so they recommend buying such textiles to their friends and acquaintances. Especially those who are interested in tourism or any kind of outdoor activities. Microfiber product allows you to experience any journey and outdoor activities with comfort. Summing up, we can say that such towels are practical and convenient to use both in everyday life and in extreme conditions.

About the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber towels, see the following video.

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