Velseloft: Types, Features of Choices and Recommendations for Care

Velseloft: Types, Features of Choices and Recommendations for Care

To date, the textile market is represented by a huge selection of materials that are used both for sewing clothes and for the manufacture of various accessories. This deserves special attention to Velseloft. Despite the fact that this type of fabric is synthetic, it has excellent performance characteristics, is available in price, and no less inferior to the quality of cotton and flares.

What it is?

Welloft or, as it is also called, microfiber, is a modern material that is produced in the form of a soft cloth with a medium or long pile. Externally, such a fabric has similarities with Mahra, Fliss and Velor. But in contrast to them, the welloft is softer and gentle, since its fibers have other characteristics and structure. For the first time, this material was manufactured in Japan in 1976, the basis for its creation was Polyamide. Thanks to modern technologies, the production of fabric has been improved over time, and at the moment it is produced with a maximum fiber diameter of 0.06 mm.

Now the microvolokna, from which produce a welloft, thinner human hair a few hundred times. With a bundle of one synthetic thread, you can get from 8 to 25 fibers. This means that the fabric is ten times thinner of natural silk, wool and cotton. Despite the high density, the material is rather light and fluffy. It can have a pile both on both sides of the canvas and on one.

Composition and its properties

Many, touching the Veltsfoot, confuse him with knitwear, but in fact he has nothing to do with this tissue, because another raw material is used for its manufacture. In addition, Veltsoft looks outwardly on Mahru, but this impression is deceptive, since polyester threads are used for its production, and for terry material – cotton cotton. This material is distinguished by the composition and fleece. Its threads are a special processing, as a result of which an increased density acquire. The canvas turns out easy, not electrified and perfectly holds heat.

The chemical composition of the Veltsofte is simple, only polyamide is present in it. Due to the fact that the density of the material is 300g / m2, covered from it the debts in operation and do not lose the original appearance even after numerous styrics. The tissue produces various types and shades, products with beautiful patterns and unusual color are enjoying great popularity and demand. Of these, they usually sew children’s clothing, and monophonic material is used to make items of decor, plaids and other wardrobe things.

Velseloft received many positive feedback, this is due to the following benefits.

  • Lightness and weightlessness. The canvas acquires this effect due to the special method of production, in which the space between the microfiber threads fill with air. It gives the fibers a greater volume.
  • Soft and tender structure. The microfiber tissue pass special processing of technical lubricant.
  • Durability. The material does not stretch, does not change its original shape, and is resistant to mechanical effects. In addition, the web for a long time remains bright. After washing it does not learn, since its threads are painted with environmental and resistant dyes. The fabric is also not inclined to the formation of rods.

  • Safety for health. Despite the fact that there is a pile in the canvas, it does not save the smells and does not collect dust. In contact with the epidermis, such a fabric does not cause allergic reactions. Polyester, which is the main component of the material, is not suitable for the formation and vital activity of fungi and harmful microorganisms. Therefore, Velseloft is completely antibacterial.
  • High thermoregulation indicators. The fabric is not only pleasant to the touch, her fluffy and long pile saves warmth and quickly heats the body.
  • Air permeability. Since the material has a porous structure, its fibers do not overheat, and the body in the products from the microfiber breathes.
  • Simple care. After washing, things from the Velsoft quickly dry and do not impenet.

Despite numerous advantages, Velseloft has disadvantages. Its only minus is considered low hygroscopicity. Therefore, this fabric is not recommended for the manufacture of sportswear, as it quickly absorbs moisture and long delays it on the surface of the epidermis.


At the moment, there are many types of synthetic fabrics on sale, but Velseloft is significantly different from them. This applies not only to its design, but also operational characteristics. Depending on the structure of the fibers, the material is divided into several types:

  • Pile (happens with a middle and long pile)+
  • lounge (ultrastovoft)+
  • unilateral+
  • bilateral.

In addition, the fabric is characterized by soft and appearance of the decor. Now enormous popularity is very popular with the texture of some animals and other materials. Material varies with color decoration.

  • Monophonic. The canvas has only one definite color. There are no ornaments and drawings on it. Most often from this species make items for adults. Externally, he resembles knitwear.
  • Printed. The surface of the fabric is decorated with bright and unusual patterns. It is well suited for sewing various interior items, warm blankets and plaids. In the design of the material there is also a drawing, but it is applied using printing. In such a performance, the fabric amazes with its variety of patterns. They can be decorated both in pastel and in a contrast bright color.
  • Large-scale. It is also called Velseloft-Jacquard. This is a furniture fabric, which is characterized by large drawings and patterns placed over the entire surface of the canvas. This type of microfiber is obtained using a special weaving methods of multicolored threads. Also small patterns may also be present.
  • Pressed. In the manufacture of this type of fabric, the pile of unique technology is laid in different directions, creating various ornaments. The density of this material is up to 280 g / m2, the width of the web does not exceed 200 cm. It is usually used for sewing blankets and plaid.

That sew?

Of the beautiful and soft fabric, which is called Velseloft, usually sew slippers, caps, sweatshirts, pants, pajamas, as well as robes for children and adults. In addition, there are excellent products for newborns in the form of blouses and winter overalls. Clothing from Veltsofta enjoys great demand because it perfectly saves warmth, does not matter and does not lose color after washing. Also, this material is often used when you need to sew plaid, blanket or baby bedspread. Beautiful and decorative soft pillows.

Handwriters engaged in tailoring at home apply material in the manufacture of fluffy and soft toys. The microfiber is made and a warming lining for clothes. The only thing to independently sew products from this fabric is difficult, since during the cutting the canvas very much crept and crumbs. In addition, there should be special skills and to create seams, since the threads can cover the fabric, and its pile.

Veltsofta houses are recommended to sew products along simple patterns, giving preference to ultrastow. It is much easier to work with him, and there are more chances to get a beautiful pillow or blanket. To create the same decorative items, it is best to choose a fabric imitating fur. It will work out both the original plaid and a small rug. Velseloft opens up huge opportunities for creativity, so you can experiment with it in various style directions and sew any things.

How to choose?

Before you buy a cloth to tailoring or product from Veltsofta, you need to know where it is planned to use them. Pattern and color coloring It is important to select not only according to personal preferences, but also take into account their combination with the decor in the room (this concerns the covered, plaid and blankets). In addition, it is important to pay attention to the size of the canvas. For example, for sewing the plaids is required by a 20 × 200 mm size, it will fit perfectly on a double bed, but it will be too large to apply as capes on the shoulders. To decorate the seats it is desirable to give preference to the dense material in neutral shades.

Need to buy high-quality fabric, so it’s worth carefully consider her bends. In the case when the canvas has sections with a wizard or oil view, it is necessary to refuse the acquisition, such a product will last long. In addition, the material does not allow the presence of shutdown loops and asymmetry of the pattern, this all indicates the poor quality of the fabric. Single Velseloft It is recommended to purchase for sewing at home children’s, male and female costumes. It can also make warm and soft slippers. The microfiber with a long pile can be applied as a plaid and towels, in its characteristics it largely exceeds the usual Mahru.

Famous manufacturers

To date, Velseloft is presented in the textile market both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Famous brands in the manufacture of microfiber use the most modern technologies, due to which the material is solid and amazes with designer design. Good reviews received a fabric produced by the Finnish company Marimekko. It annually replenishes its collections, suitable not only for sewing clothes, but also for decorating interiors. High-quality material is sold at an affordable price, so each wishes can acquire it and embody any idea into reality.

Stylish and modernly looks vesoft, which produces Turkey. Textile factories Yunsa, Soktash and Ayildiz are produced on exports like cloth fabric and finished products from microfiber in the form of plaids, blankets and designer clothes. Different products are distinguished by the original print and contrasting color. Turkish bathrobes for baths, children’s overalls and pajamas enjoy greatly popular. In addition, from the material you can also sew soft and tender towels, which in quality and price are not inferior to Mahra.

No less popular tissue and domestic production. Russia is represented by such well-known brands like “Tex-Design”, “Globus” and “Viotek”. Despite the fact that the products are synthetic, they have good thermoregulation, soft, resistant to wear, and absolutely safe for health. Collections of these manufacturers are characterized by special design, robes, towels, plaid and blankets are most often dominated. At the same time, depending on the season, drawings and patterns on the canvases change. For spring and summer, products are produced in contrast coloring with flowers and bright patterns, and for autumn and winter – in warm and neutral colors.

How to wash?

Velseloft has excellent performance characteristics. Caring for it is simple, to wash the microfibra in automatic mode at a temperature of +30 degrees. It is recommended to use the usual powder for washing, intended for mixed and colored fabrics, you can not use bleaching preparations containing chlorine. After washing, the welloft will quickly dry and does not mean, which is ideal for those housewives who iron. At the request of the product, you can slightly try with the inside with a warm iron or sip. Since it is synthetic material, it is impossible to iron at high temperature, otherwise the fabric is damaged.

Velseloft is in great demand, he received positive feedback from many owners. Young mothers most often acquire children’s blankets for discharge from the hospital and are satisfied with the quality of the fabric. Such products can be used for more than one year, they do not change the shape, coloring and size. In addition, the clothes and blankets from the microfiber are like babies, because they are warm, pleasant to the touch, and resemble a soft toy. Adults are appreciated by Velseloft – such objects of the wardrobe, like bathrobes, home suits and pajamas, create comfort and securely protect in cold evenings.

About how to wash clothes from Veltsoft, see the following video.

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