All about ballroom dance shoes

All about ballroom dance shoes

For a professional dancer, shoes are considered almost the most decisive component of the costume. Its thoughtful selection allows not only effectively presenting itself, but it is also easy to move around the parquet and perfectly reproduce any dance element.


Ballroom dance shoes must meet several important criteria. First of all, shoes must provide reliable contact with the floor, and therefore be made only from genuine leather. The sole, stitched from this material, looks outwardly nasha, but absoluses absolutely and allows you to really feel the floor covering. If the sole of the shoes turn out to be made of plastic, then the foot will slip, and the rubber will prevent the embodiment of most movements, including rotations.

The following important condition is the presence of a correct supinator – the element in the soles and supporting the shape of the foot. In simple shoes, this detail in length comes to the middle of the sole. European ballroom dancing, they are standard, require the use of an enlarged supinator, as the step often starts off the heel. For Latin American dancers, on the contrary, we need models with a shortened supinator, since most of the movements goes from the sock.

Ball shoes must match the lifting artist, that is, it must feel the insole along its length.

Height and shape of a heel fixed by hydraulically selected depending on the variety of performances. For example, a high and thin heel is suitable for the lat. The novice dancer, on the contrary, is recommended to look after an element not higher than 5 centimeters to save balance throughout the performance.

Dance shoes must be flexible. You can check this parameter directly in the store, bending the model toe. It should be remembered that the rigid steam limits the movement, which is particularly relevant for the standard and caribbean programs. Open toe with a heel is considered unsafe, but they are indispensable in some directions, for example, Argentine tango.


Despite the similarity of most of the models of dance shoes, they differ in purpose, and according to the material used.

By destination

Under sports and banal usually implies Latin American and European dances. Shoes for classes them has its own specifics. Children’s models designed for dancers under 11 years old are universal. Such shoes are called rating and used not only for performances, but also as training.

Adult models for the Latin American program have high heel: About 4 centimeters for men and from 5 to 9 centimeters in women. Their dense fit to the legs is provided by a strap. Men’s shoes for European dances have a heel equal to 2 centimeters. Women’s shoes can be on the same high heel as in Latina, but necessarily with the boobrel and the model “Boat”.

Jaiva shoes – one of the elements of the Latin American program, Also can be used in hip hop, aerobics and rock and roll.

The height of the heel does not play a special role, but the forked sole is obligatory, allowing the stop easy to perform absolutely any movements.

Some dancers prefer classic samples with rubber sole, Providing additional clutch with the surface, and others choose comfortable shoe skin shoes.

The highest quality tango shoes are created by manually Tangero Specialists. An antistress placed inside eliminates overvoltage in the front of the foot and evenly redistributes the load. Girls usually choose sandals on a heel from 5 to 11 centimeters, and men – elegant boots on the standard elevation.

By material

Usually for the production of dance shoes, durable natural materials are used – genuine leather, its artificial analogue, brocade or satin. Satin shoes look extremely impressive, but quickly contaminated. Considering the difficulty of care of the cloth, it also rapidly fails. Leather models are more practical, plus it is easy to care for them.

It is best to manifest natural leather, in size stretching on the foot and providing her aeration.

The most popular creators of equipment for ballroom dancing are considered Brends Aida, Dancefox, Supadance, Eckse, Dancemaster, Galex, Dance Naturals and International Dance Shoes.

Domestic brand AIDA broke into the market back in 1993, submitting high-quality ball shoes to the public. Today the company is not only known everywhere, but also recognized by many famous artists. AIDA products meet all the requirements extended by professionals. It is not only pleasant to wear, but also stylish, because the design of the models has always corresponds to fashion trends. Interestingly, all brand products are performed manually, as the company completely refused conveyor production. In the assortment you can find goods for men, women and children engaged in different directions.

Another Russian company is known entitled Eckse. Production is carried out on high-tech equipment using only quality materials. Technological control service necessarily evaluates all footwear design steps. For the creation of shoe pads, both forms and profiles, respond to outstanding specialists not only in Russia, but also of England, Italy and Spain. The benefits of ECKSE shoes include excellent elasticity, reliable fixation of legs and ease of operation. Plus is the constant update of a wide range, accompanied by searching for fresh designer decisions.

Dancefox attracts its beautiful and very stylish shoes, suitable for all kinds of dance directions. The brand’s chip is the release of the same model of women’s shoes in several variations, which allows you to choose the optimal dimensions of the heel for the desigted design. Many female shoes, by the way, are decorated with Swarovski crystals, and the goods for men are equipped with a special heel with the ability of shock absorption and not cutting edging. Goods for children are made taking into account the anatomical features of the growing foot.

Brand Supadance, originally from England, is known to any dancer. Each model presented in its assortment is created manually, but based on innovative technologies. The company bet on outstanding quality, relevant design and convenience of wearing. Purchase will succeed in both training shoes and equipment for speeches.

Another famous English manufacturer isInternational Dance Shoes, The production of which is concentrated in the town of Milton Keynes. Dance shoes are going and processed manually, but the brand will use all available technologies to constantly improve the quality and update design. Comfortable shoes provides artists maximum freedom of movements.

Often preference is given to the goods of Galex. Each brand model is available on the market after productive cooperation with designers, researchers and professional dancers. A wide range of brand is constantly updated with novelties.

Finally, The rating of the best manufacturers includes the Italian brand Dance Naturals. To create dance shoes, it uses only environmentally friendly materials, up to dyes, due to which the shoes acquire hypoallergenicity and allow foot to breathe. Checking the heel balance with a mechanical press provides the correct weight distribution between the rear and front parts. Each new model is first tested in laboratories, then several months is checked in practice dancers, and then enters the mass production.

Child Nuances

Separate dance shoes should be in accordance with the size of the foot.

It is important to remember that such shoes are always stretched, and therefore it is not necessary to take them with the “stock”, otherwise they will start falling after a few days later.

If a smaller pair is really comfortable, you can take it.

In addition, the strength and wear resistance of the material must be taken into account, the softness of the surfaces, the comfort of socks and an attractive appearance. During the fitting, even the slightest discomfort should not be felt, otherwise, during classes and performances, it will only increase.

The width of the mounting strap on the ankle can not be less than 8 millimeters, otherwise the strap will in the leg. Stop must be firmly adjacent to the insole, and buckles – to be devoid of sharp protrusions.

Black color for dance shoes is considered universal, but beige visually lengthens legs. In some cases, it is a bodily equipment that allows you to hide the shortcomings of dance, while white and black emphasize all foot movements.

The most suitable materials are genuine leather and suede, but for such shoes will have to regularly care.

Selecting dance shoes for a child, you must not forget that the height of the heel should not exceed 5 centimeters.

The optimal indicator ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters. The child should wear lungs and comfortable shoes so that the back is not tired during classes, and the load on the legs was minimal.

Of course, it is not necessary to navigate not on the wishes of a young dancer or a special design, but on those parameters that ensure the comfort of the legs and minimize the likelihood of injuries. For example, an additional plus will be the presence of fasteners on the fingers and a special strap passing under the sole and turning around the legs.

Novice dancers of mature age to start it makes sense to choose a model with a 4-centimeter block heel. Next, you can already purchase three versions of shoes: Training, Latino and Standard. The male dancer at the beginning of the career will be able to limit the standard black shoes, the heel of which does not exceed 2 centimeters. Then the collection of the equipment can be supplemented with Latino and training models.

By the way, a truly significant rule is the purchase of products only proven manufacturers. In the dance industry, world-famous brands conquer the popularity of the audience not by catching design, namely high quality. Manufacturers of specialized shoes spend large sums on the development of light and flexible pads that require one hundred percent security. However, if the budget is too small, then it is better to take cheap shoes from a little-known brand, than to deal with in everyday shoes with an unsuitable sole.

A good solution will be pre-read reviews, as some foreign samples do not cope with Russian realities and, gliding in their homeland, robbed, clinging for sticking irregularities not the best scenes. Domestic manufacturers usually take into account this aspect.

Secrets for care for dance shoes You will learn by looking at the following video.

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