Analogs of Timberland: The best firms and models

Analogs of Timberland: The best firms and models

Timberland brand shoes are very stylish and high-quality shoes that people love all over the world. It is well suited even for the coldest winters and does not wear out for a long time. The only minus of products from this American brand is that it is very expensive. Therefore, you have to look for more accessible analogs.


“Timberlands” – These are the shoes from which the history of the brand began, which became a real legend. Love these durable yellow boots not just so. They are distinguished by a wonderful appearance. Such shoes are great and guys and girls. Boots fit well into most images in modern style.

Girls such practical shoes most often worn with jeans. Now fashionably combine “Timberlands” with straight rods. In spring or warm autumn, light “Timberlands” combine also with short shorts or dresses. The classic version for men is a combination of such a boot with loose jeans and the same riding.

There are many varieties of this shoe. There are lighter autumn options, and there are boots for harsh frosty winter. For women produce models supplemented with a higher heel. therefore pick up a suitable pair very simple.

The global popularity of the shoes of this brand led to the fact that “Timberlands” have many fakes, which naturally differ much lower quality. So there is no sense to buy fakes.

It is better to pay attention to the “Timberlands” type boots produced by other companies.

There are many options for comfortable and durable shoes, which costs cheaper goods from the famous manufacturer, but not losing as. Therefore, in order not to spend a lot of money, it is quite possible to buy good-free shoes from one of the manufacturers. Among modern companies engaged in the manufacture of such shoes, there are options tested by many buyers.

One of the strongest competitors of the Timberland brand – Red Wing. They have very similar shoes. Red Wing produces their shoes in the USA. This company is favorably different from brand-competitor. “Timberlands” have long been manufactured in Asian countries.

Red Wing shoes are still produced in 4 US factories. The same can be said about the materials from which boots create. So, for example, leather for shoes is made on the territory of Minnesota. Tight thick material, which is produced there by vegetable oak, is distinguished by very high quality. therefore Shoes are worn for a very long time and eventually become only better.

Such shoes work perfectly not only street-style fans, but also those who are used to strictly follow the office dress code. But not only Red Wing Make Similar Winter Boots. There are other good firms that have won popularity and men and women.


Men are suitable for choosing shoes more practical. As a rule, everything they need is work shoes that will be comfortable in the sock. It is also important that it does not wear out for a long time, so as not to worry about buying a boot too often.

One of the most popular brands that produces work shoes suitable for such a description – Cat. Look shoes not too elegant, but it’s long. Buying such shoes, you can count that it will be used for years. Select among the range of this company real shoes and in the style of Caushal, and in the sports style.

And you can also pay attention to the goods from ECCO. The brand has a whole series dedicated to an amateur simple and very strong shoes.

You can find low models, and high.


Products from some brands in quality are practically no different from “Timberlands”, therefore You can safely buy such shoes, not afraid to be disappointed.

Girls, appreciate quality and practicality, should pay attention to products from Wolverine Rory. Warm and durable shoes, but easy. It is made from unwelked skin. All the seams are high-quality, so shoes will withstand and rainy autumn, and snowy winter. For insulation of shoes, a soft and very warm artificial fur is used. Among the range of this brand you can find brighter and original things. So young girls who follow the fashion and wanting to always look very impressive.

And can also look at the brand Keddo. Previously, its products were considered suitable for the most part for adolescents. But this British company is pleasantly surprised lately. Since it was originally focused on the street fashion, the products may like the fans of simple and practical “thimberlands”. You can find boots and lacing, and with locks. Almost all models are flexible, but with the durable sole. Fit shoes for any weather conditions.

Connoisseurs of more brutal things suitable products from Zilli. Boots almost always additionally cubs fur. Therefore, this option is good for the northern winters. It is worth paying attention to the fact that girls, especially fragile, do not buy shoes with too thick soles. They are only suitable for large guys + women such models look no particularly beautiful.

How to distinguish the original?

But if no of the models submitted by other firms do not like so much like the products of the Timberland brand, then you need to learn how to distinguish the original shoes from cheap fakes so as not to spend money in vain. Original shoes recognize not so hard. Just be attentive to trifles.

Buying boots, you need to look at the box first. Already in its appearance you can understand a lot. A sticker is applied to the angle of the original box. She must go immediately for 2 sides. The creators of fakes often sin the wrong brand name on the packaging itself, and it is also necessary to pay attention.

The text must be easily readable and written without errors.

Next you need to open the box and check the shoes itself. First need to look at the sole. On it, like on shoes, there must be a company logo. He should look correct. It is possible to recognize fakes by the fact that the logo seems glued to the sole. It looks unnatural and inappropriate. The sole itself must be wide, corrugated and durable: so she will definitely not pass moisture.

The skin should look “impressive”. Original “Timberlands” make from high-quality nubuck. This is a special subspecies of the skin, which is characterized by a soft and slightly darous texture. In its appearance, nubuck looks like a suede.

Replica looks completely wrong. The skin is more reminded of rubber, it seems rough and not so beautiful. In quality it is also much worse. Some particularly unfair manufacturers are used for sewing shoes leather. Such a fake from the original to distinguish much easier.

And also determine the original in its accurate appearance. In real “Timberlands”, all the seams are smooth, and the threads are not sticking out. This guarantees a long service life.

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