Boots from deer skins

Boots from deer skins

Boots made of deer skins – these are national shoes of many peoples of the North. Such shoes is part of the national costume and reflects all climatic and weather conditions of the terrain. Features of the shoes are also due to the lifestyle of the people and the main activity.

Name varieties

The name of the boot may vary depending on the area of ​​distribution, traditional use and difference of models.

Unputa is the Evenkie name of the shoe (mostly these models have boots with a fur outside). This short shoes with fur lining made of deer skins with legs. Unputs can also be high and even long. A feature of the CNT is their high thermal functions.

Torbas – High boots like the Unte, only in their manufacture instead of fur used wool, and instead of soles – sheep leather. Torbasa boots are called the peoples of Siberia and the Far North.

Pima – high fur boots with the top of the knees used by the peoples of Khanty and Mansi.

Pima are worn with a special stock (dry grass insoles. Women’s models differ from male only with some details and decorations. Pima also used by the peoples of Zauralye, Siberia, Nenets.

Pius – shortened soft boots up to 20-30 cm using cloth and leather. Used dolgans.


Every year, shoes from deer skins are gaining increasing popularity among the widespread population not only Siberia and the North, but also around the world.

Boots are comfortable with a long walk and protect against snow and frost is not worse than Russian felt boots. Boots can keep warm for a long time and very comfortable in wearing.

As a rule, the shoes have a castle with a side or in front. Models can be richly decorated or, on the contrary, have no stylized decorations.

Color boots varies depending on the type of wool, from which shoes are manufactured. Often it is black, brown, milk, redhead. Boots can be both long and shortened.

Women’s boots made of deer skins are now at the peak of fashion and enjoy mad popular with fashionistas around the world. Many world fashion houses successfully produce various models boots, which differ in the height of the boots themselves, along the length of the wool, in color.

Now many manufacturers argue wool boots, giving care of winter shoes. True, in this case, the boots lose some of their heat-water functions, but such a model looks very stylish and pretty.

Also, the fashion designers are combined in one model of shoes and long wool, and odorous – it looks like this option is quite original, and the shoes remain warm and protects against all weather adversity.

Men’s models boots are usually produced without any decorations and additional inserts. Here the main function is to protect from cold and internal comfort. Varieties of men’s boots can be high and short.

Children’s models boot made of deer skins are manufactured on a special technology that gives them ease of weight and in wearing. Boots, or unts, no worse than traditional boots protect baby legs from cold.

There are models both for boys and for girls, as well as models for both sexes.

Advantages of boot

  • Among the many options for winter shoes for the jewelry and blizzard, boots made of deer skins are distinguished by special thermal conductivity – it is very difficult for them to freeze even at the most severe temperature. In addition, boots are well protected from snow and wind.

  • Despite the pretty “flexible” species of boots, they retain their original appearance, do not lose shapes and do not wear out for many years – after all, no wonder such boots were the main type of shoes in the north, where the weather is not considered.

  • In addition, soft boots made of deer skins are very stylish and fashionable combined with proper clothes. Such shoes is a bright distinctive accessory for winter season.

  • In addition, the boots are part of the national costume of some nations of Siberia, and such a choice of shoes becomes practically patriotic.

How to distinguish real boots from fake?

Often boots made of deer wool are replaced by less durable shoes from cowhide skins. How to distinguish real boots from fake?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the pile. Reindeer wool differs from cow’s fact that it is more rough and rough to the touch. Cow wool soft – you can compare it with a dog.

Also, unscrupulous manufacturers are painted with cow wool to give it for a deer. To catch a hoax, just enough to lose the wool between your fingers – the fingers should remain clean, without signs of paint.

How to choose the boots?

Before buying, you should make sure that the wool on the shoe is not painted, because with high humidity such boots can “flow” and lose their original color.

Also check the pile on the surface of the shoe. Fur should be smooth and smooth, without rush and proper. You can spend a palm on the piston and check: if the fur did not remain in the hands, then such shoes can safely buy.

Do not be afraid if one pair of shoes will differ in color – the natural shade of deer skins can not be the same everywhere.

An integral rule in the choice of shoes is a compliance of the price and quality. Real boots made of deer skins can not cost cheaply, but also too expensive a couple better not to choose. It is better to navigate at an average price – it depends on the region in which the shoes are sold, and from the manufacturer. Foreign manufacturers tend to overestimate the price, but this does not indicate a higher quality of goods.

What to wear?

Boots made of deer skins are difficult to call universal shoes, so it is very important to choose the right combination with clothes. So, the following elements are perfectly combined with classic untes:

  • Dublenki+
  • Fur Tulups or vests+
  • Some types of fur coats (it is better to combine the color of the fur coats with the color of shoes)+
  • Rarely unts are combined with duby jackets and classic jackets+
  • Leggings or pantyhose with wrapped+
  • Narrow jeans or pants so that the pants can be directed inside the boot+
  • Skirts and medium length dresses without bright details and decorations.

It is better if the fur of any kind will be present in the design of the outerwear or accessories (caps, scarf, vessels).

How to care for shoes?

Salt, which sprinkles the streets of cities can damage the material boot. So every time you need to wipe the shoes with a soft, a little damp cloth. After that, you need to leave the boots and let them seek.

In the event that dirt got on the surface on the surface, then you must first dry the shoes, because with dry fur it will be easier to remove contamination. After that, you need to consider dirt using a brush.

Keep the Unputa need in a warm, dry place, but inside it is necessary to put a sock slice of the fabric, as well as cardboard under the height of boots so that the shoes do not laugh and saved its shape.

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