Bright sneakers

Bright sneakers

Fashion trends

Fashion for a healthy lifestyle and bright colors of clothes are firmly rooted in the social life of modern people. Together with this trend has become a topical Sport Chic style. Young girls and ladies Molded in their everyday images prefer such a style with bright sneakers. It is convenient, practical and at the same time not deprived of chic and femininity.

Now the brightest shades of sports shoes changed the once fashionable warm tones. Named Kuturier attached to this comfortable sports shoe charm. Many beautiful colors and accessories give sneakers not only brightness, but also notes of glamor. Multicolored shoelaces and appliques on sneakers are the object of attention of designers, which inspires them to new creative ideas and the creation of masterpieces of sports shoes.

What to wear?

Most female representatives do not know what to combine and wear bright sneakers. The growing popularity of this shoe makes Fashion of professionals come up with new images and styles in clothes.

Want to jump perfectly in bright sneakers but do not know what to wear such shoes? The answer to the question, with which wearing bright fashion sneakers are simple – as you wish. Main Your Assistant – Originality and Creativity.

  • Young girls students and teenage schoolgirls to short skirts-pencils and skin shorts, suede or jeans are suitable multicolored (bright blue, red, purple and other saturated shades). Such bright sneakers will become the main element in the image of Street Style.

  • Girls can also combine bright sneakers with a middle-length skirt-pencil to the knee. For top of the vertex in such style, top, shirt, pullover, short jacket. At the same time, flowers in clothing is allowed not more than three. But creating a bow with bright sneakers, it is important to remember about the contrast table so that the image looks harmonious.

  • Neon sneakers The brightest tones are perfectly combined with white pants (without arrows). Also with such sneakers will be stylish looking narrow trousers with a white shirt.

  • The combination of sneakers with a dress not so long ago in fashion. However, such a feminine image can be applied to bright sneakers. It is worth it to repeat that here is once again everything is harmoniously combined.

    Dresses with bright sneakers can be worn in different lengths. At the same time on dresses are not only allowed, but also a variety of color prints are welcomed.

  • Bright colored sneakers can be covered with a coat, with a vest and even with a fur coat. The image with a coat is especially interesting, practical and beautiful. Excellent with bright sneakers will look a bulk coat length to knees.

  • Tried onions – Bright jeans sneakers. Jeans can be of various shapes and styles (skinnie, bananas, boyfriends, etc.) – the model everyone should pick up the features of their figures.

  1. For the image of Casual, bright sneakers can be worn with bulk t-shirt, t-shirt, top and jeans -Boflands+
  2. The same image can be created with jeans wide – they emphasize feminine blouses, sweaters or cardigans. The main thing is to avoid the unisex style, which can spoil the shape, making it a formless.

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