Children’s shoes Timberland: features, assortment, choice

Children's shoes Timberland: features, assortment, choice

American company Timberland – a famous manufacturer of outerwear and shoes for men, women and children. Its products are stylish and comfortable, it is known all over the world due to its high operational properties: durability, ease, durability. Almost all shoes of this firm waterproof.


Children’s shoes Timberland specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the growing feet of the child. It is known that Baby legs pass several stages in their development, and only at the age of 5 years the structure of a children’s leg and gait start reminding those in adults. Children’s shoes Timberland takes into account these features.

It provides the right landing and support for the feet to children at any age – from babies to adolescents, and besides, manufactured by innovative technology using water and dirt-repellent materials, so it is the best choice for walks and games in the fresh air in rainy weather.

Views and models

Timberland Shoes Model Row includes children’s Boots of various types (hiking, waterproof, winter, demi-season, high, everyday), as well as boots, sandals, sneakers and even booties.


Provide maximum comfort for the legs during outdoor activities. Withstand any weather conditions, whether it is a hot summer or cold winter. The inner part of the boot is equipped with removable insoles from ultrawood-produced material Ortholite, which not only provides the moisture removal from the shoes, but also supports the foot while walking, as it has depreciable properties. The sole of the boot is made of patented rubber oil resistant material and is ashable by thermolate.

Classic model and face brand – 6-inch Yellow Boots. They are ideal for cold and wet autumn weather due to waterproof, hermetic seams and warm top from genuine leather. Soft backdrop provides an ankle additional comfort and support, EVA insoles amortized and softens blows.

There are models for both teenagers and kids. “Toddler” models are distinguished by the presence of a protective coating from water and splash blaster ™ stains.


It is believed that these boots got their name because they look outwardly resemble shoes that wear polo players. The most important distinctive features are their height (before the ankle), the thin sole and the absence of a heating lining.

Traditional chucks of dark brown color, but you can find models in a wide range of colors. As a rule, they are made from various types of skin (suede or nubuck).

Children’s model Chukki NEWMAN JUNIOR Made of nubuck and has a SensorFlex ™ three-layer sole, which provides support for the foot at any loads. The model is equipped with a removable ortholite insole and a mesh breathable lining. Produced in three colors – traditional yellow, black and brown.


This is a hiking shoes designed to provide good grip with a surface on uneven, steep, slippery, dirty road, as well as protect your feet from bruises and abrasion. In addition, such shoes should be easy and convenient.

Model Euro Sprint Made of a nubuck of premium and finished with a tone line, a rubber sole provides protection against water and good stability on a slippery road. Other features include stainless fittings, laces with metal eyeles, as well as air-permeable lining from the grid.


Asphalt Trail – High boots for children in the classic style made of genuine leather in traditional yellow. Boots are fastened with zipper, but there is also a lacing. Corporate logo is located on the heel. Boots are equipped with an Ortholite insole for good depreciation throughout the day, the top boot is finished with a soft insert for better comfort.


Model Oxford Hook-and-Loop Suitable for both games and school. Features: Premium-class leather Timberland® with rubber coating, comfortable velcro fasteners, Ortholite® insole for depreciation and foot support.

Winter boots

For winter, the company offers Model Chillberg – These are cozy winter boots designed specifically for growing children’s legs. They are made of waterproof genuine leather and are insulated with Primaloft® insulation. Sole provides good grip with a surface that is necessary for active games in winter conditions. There is an artificial wool lining. Lacing on stainless D-shaped rings.


Models of summer children’s sandals provide reliable fixation of the foot of the child due to double belts, and EVA compression soles contribute to the clutch with soil and absorb shocks.


And finally, for the smallest The firm offers charming children’s booties made of environmentally friendly natural materials, Ideally suitable for children, with soft leather soles.

Infant Crib’s booties are supplied with 100% cotton cap.

How to determine size?

Timberland® shoes are designed in accordance with US size standards. To transfer to international standards on the company’s website there are special tables and dimensional grid. For accurate compliance you need to know the length of the foot. Besides, The company recommends buying footwear on the field less. For example, with the size of shoes 12 (according to American standards), it is recommended to take the size of 11.5.

In addition, you can use the branded removable insole of Does IT Fit, specially designed to provide good landing for a children’s leg. All you need to do is remove the insole and put it under the child’s leg. If the stop length corresponds to the length of the insoles, the size is properly correct.

Criterias of choice

  • Water protection properties – The most important thing for children’s boots. In any weather, in the rain or in the snow, the toddles should always be dry. Choose waterproof boots or at least waterproof.
  • Boots should be not only waterproof, but also breathable, To legs not too much. It is useless to protect your feet from the water if inside the boots look like a sauna.
  • Rubber sole. Children love snow, ice and winter games on the street. But the icing asphalt is a threat to child safety. Rubber sole helps to avoid such risky situations. Its presence is a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability of the baby on the snow or ice.
  • High and soft backdrop. This prevents snow from entering the shoe and helps to fill the bottom of the trouser in the shoe.
  • Comfortable fastener. The smaller the child, especially since it is important. Laces or buttons are not always suitable for young children. If a child under 4 years old, he should not buy shoes with shoelaces. The kids are easiest to contact the zipper, and buttons at this age should remain a purely decorative element. An older child can buy shoes with laces, especially if he is already able to tie them.
  • Lining. With the cozy inner lining of the baby, the baby will always remain warm, and such boots are much more convenient to carry.
  • Landing. Ask your child to try on shoes and give him a little like in them. If shoes are too close, the baby will feel uncomfortable. If the shoes are too big, it can stumble. If, while walking, the heel moves up and down or if the child can remove shoes, not unbuttoning zipper or unlocking the shoelaces, then it is probably too large for him.

What to wear?

Since Timberland shoes waterproof and warm, it is more often worn in winter or autumn. At this time of year, it will be well combined with overalls or windbreaker. But it can be worn in summer under jeans or shorts, and sandals for boys and sandals for girls are suitable for any outfit.

About how the boots of Timberland are produced next.

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