Choose booho shoes

Choose booho shoes

Bocho – style for casual, fun walking in the life of young people. Clothes and shoes at first glance may seem weird, but they are produced from natural materials. The general image has a certain charm, it is beautiful and comfortable.


Bocho – controversial bright style, can combine rough elements, bohemian accessories and air outfits, youth romance and deliberate untidiness. Bunlet style, but with the presence of a note of ethnic. All together creates a catchy amazing image, no one leaving indifferent. It is either loved and taken, or do not understand and scold – everything depends on the artistic perception of each person.

Direction can be designated in two words – comfortable multi-layered.

Volumetric things Do not constrain movements, decorated with ethnic patterns, embroidered with braid. They can consist of several tiers of skirts with adjuncts, long shirts and short jackets, attached at the same time and resembling a multi-year Christmas tree.

The shoes are also volumetric, free, comfortable, made of leather or coarse natural fabric, decorated with beads, colored cords, spurs, shiny fasteners.

Studs and elegant forms to boho relations do not have. Depending on the selection of shoes resembles a cowboy outfit, children’s immediacy, funny grandmothers retroezda, sloppy shoes. Still a lot of analogies that are poorly perceived by traditional perception. This shoe style can be designated as “rustic” with plenty of decor.

In fact, it is expensive and high-quality shoes on a well-thought out block. It is done by hand from natural good skin, it’s easy and convenient in it, it does not create discomfort and does not rub.

What shoes are fits?

Enthusiastic, lightweight and reckless style boho is going together with clothes, shoes and accessories. Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable due to age or complex. But one who still wants to join him, can choose mixing styles. The easiest option – Choose boho shoes to the clothes of another direction. How to do it, and which models are combined with one way or another, let’s try to figure it out.

Bold, unusual shoes are suitable for extraordinary personalities, fearless, with a positive look at life. As well as light, soaring girls, at first glance, frivolous, but in fact prone to reflections on the eternal, to the philosophical perception of the world.

Footwear for any season is selected On a flat sole, a comfortable wedge or a small square heel. Color spectrum Must be a nonsense, pleasant pastel shades, the lack of causing varies is allowed due to the abundance of decorative elements.


As for the summer, in the style of Bocho Successfully combined light lace dresses with coarse bulk shoes. You can afford and familiar sneakers, But to provide them with creative cords from organza collected in children’s bows. Even Sapozhki With a long fringe of thin skin wear in the summer with flying air dresses.

The warm season is also worn ballet shoes or sandals On color laces or with clasps, necessarily decorated by beads, brooch, chains, leather flowers. There are negligent patches, tassels, and all this is worn with shapeless sundresses, multi-tiered dresses with a hint on a rustic folk theme, in which glamorous notes are incomprehensible.

It should be noted separately to many women Sandals “Gladiators”. They are performed by different heights. For openwork short skirts, models raised to knees are well suited, lower options are combined with any long dresses, especially good with lightweight hoods marked with floral print.

Spring, autumn

In the style of Bocho, many models of women’s shoes Spring-autumn are borrowed from men’s trends, for example:

  • Cossack boots, embroidered simultaneously fur, braid and lace+
  • Snickers of leather or suede+
  • Cowboy cowboy painted or fringe+
  • Martins of gentle children’s shades or in the form of flower beds.

All this shoes can be worn with a denim skirt or a warm dress of free cut, a spacious pullover, a vest from Denim.

Boots, reaching the ankle, should be free, but do not hang on the foot. Such shoes are suitable for jeans. Included with golfers can be worn with a mini skirt. High boots The coarse view on the thick cast platform is combined with a bulk coat and a long cardigan.

Late spring or early autumn, you can pay attention to boho shoes. These are leather handmade models on a thick sole, are unusually comfortable.

Footwear with a hint on retrostil creates a delicate image, especially in combination with openwork socks.


Boots, shoes, half boots Fur from high-quality leather or suede is well combined with spacious dresses of wool and knitwear, with sweaters and coarse knitting cardigans.

Ankle boots in the winter version have a thick sole or high platform, insulated woolen cloth, fur.

Maybe decorated with fringe, rivets, beautiful buckles. Boots with soft shine in western style or in the form of moccasin are conveniently worn with tight jeans, a lush scarf and a long-standing jeans, which creates a slightly carefree, sloppy image.

To cowboy boots Woolen tunic, black warm tights or denim shorts over a tights and a motley knitted vest.

Criterias of choice

Bocho style assumes comfort, so products must be high quality and comfortable. It is on a comfortable stay in the shoes first of all pay attention during the choice.

The appearance of the models is responsible to taste preferences. But you should not forget about the compatibility of shoes with clothing. Style, though it looks like punish, in fact, everything is thought out in it – from mixing coarse and gentle to unusual color gamut.

To, really, get into the topic of boho, should look at the shades of models.

Caramel, cream, gentle-blue, pearl shoes, really, meets this style. Tonality should not be too designated or expressive, it is the refinement of the color that gives the bohemian character of the stylistics of Bocho-Chic.

    Large luck, if you manage to purchase Models with light loss imitating time. They are well combined with a multi-layer, slightly negligent appearance and most accurately form an image.

      Stylish examples

      The combination of clothing, boobo shoes and accessories makes it possible to create amazing images:

      • Flower Print on Boots+

      • Girl in gray+

      • Bold image+

      • Bosnodniki boho+

      • Combination of rough shoes with gentle dress.

      Style allows you to change images that feel like a romantic young lady, gypsy, serene hippie, windy girl, thereby making a variety of routine life.

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