Choose suede half-boots

Choose suede half-boots

Nothing can better emphasize femininity in the cold season than women’s suede half-boots. This shoes are not in vain deserves the attention of all fashionistas from the season in the season. A variety of models allows you to choose each lady half-bootfish, reflecting its individuality.


Suede – excellent material for making shoes. It has a number of benefits: keeps warm, not stretching, rather wear-resistant. Despite all the advantages, suede is very capricious material requiring special care. Giving her preference, do not forget to purchase special care products. They have a moisture-repellent effect, and light rain them. Thanks to them, Suede will serve you longer. Also do not forget about another suede feature: Models of it are presented in different colors, which makes it easy to combine suede half-boots with all the outcome of the wardrobe.


Modern manufacturers offer fashionable variants from suede semi-boots.

On heel

Heel emphasizes femininity, makes silhouette slimmer. It can be high or low, stable or thin. Whether it is a hairpin or wide stable heel, boots with them can be comfortable and make diversion in the wardrobe.

For example, low-boosters on low heels will not complicate movements, but make an image more feminine.

On platform or wedge

Such models will become an excellent alternative to winter boots for those who are used to carrying shoes on heels, as the platform or a felt tank is more resistant than high heels. The size and height of the platform is selected individually.

On a flat sole

These models can rightfully be considered the most comfortable and practical, they are well suited for long walks and travel.

Suede half-boots for winter with thick soles are perfect for any frost.

Demi-season models

Demi-season models suitable for both winter and autumn will become an excellent solution provided that no strong frosts in winter. Buying such a model will make a variety of wardrobe.

It is advisable to avoid socks of suede half-boots in rainy, wet weather. It is better to choose dry days for this.

With a fastener

Much more convenient to shove boots with a clasp, but designers offer and models without it, but with a wide balance.


The color gamut of suede shoes can be the most diverse: from light beige to black and dark blue.

Part of the wardrobe can be a few pairs of shoes of different colors. For example, red suede semi-boots will become an original solution for autumn. Also autumn colors can be considered burgundy, dark green, caramel. Blue, gray, pink shades are perfectly suitable for spring.

Do not choose bright shades of beige or other colors, as the suede is easy enough to get enough, and the heel from moisture is noticeable on light shades. It is worth paying attention to darker tones.

What to wear?

Women’s shortened shoes from suede depending on the model can be added to any image.

  • The most successful solution – put on suede half-boots on a heel with a skirt or dress, so it turns out a very feminine and stylish image.

  • Low-heeled half boots or flat soles are perfectly combined with trousers and jeans.

  • Suede is a unique material suitable for both leather products and Denim or even Shelonga. Do not be afraid of original and daring combinations. For example, silk or chiffon midi length dress with low-heeled suede seams.

  • Now very relevant models of half-board on lacing and thick soles. Such a model can be combined with any clothes (trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses).

  • As for combinations with upper clothes, short boots do not require something defined. Half-boots will be perfectly combined with a long coat, and with a shortened lightweight winter jacket.

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