Closed heel shoes

Closed heel shoes

Closed heel shoes are an important emphasis in the image of any fair floor representative. They are able to tell others about the nature and taste preferences of their owner. Therefore, it is so important to know which models of the heeled shoes are the most fashionable, and most importantly – how to choose them.


Mary Jane. This model is known for a very long time and does not lose its friendly popularity today. These shoes used to be considered children and did not have a heel, however, over time, they changed and became part of the women’s wardrobe.

Mary Jane are perfectly combined with jeans, pants, skirts and dresses. Best of all such shoes looks with retro style things.

Shoes-boats. These shoes literally broke into modern women’s images. Many fashion designers represent their outfits exactly with boat shoes. Such a model perfectly complements classic ensembles.

Sustained heel shoes. The image of a modern girl cannot be imagined without this comfortable shoe. Sustainable heel is perfectly combined with a classic knee skirt or shortened trousers.

Shoes on lacing. This is the most suitable option for daily wearing. Such shoes tend to have a low wide heel, which makes them incredibly comfortable. This shoe is able to supplement the image in the style of Kezhal or become part of a classic ensemble.

How to choose?

Of course, it is originally necessary to pay attention to the material. Of course, genuine leather is considered the best option. The only lack of leather shoes can be considered price, because such models are usually worth notice. In this case, you can look at models from a high-quality substitute for genuine leather.

Oddly enough, the first thing you need to do, choosing shoes from the leatherette, it will smell them. The fact is that most substitutes are treated with a special solution in order for the material well looked and lasts longer. However, if the smell of the shoes is strong, from buying this pair it is necessary to refuse, because there is no guarantee that it does not disobe.

Shoes from suede also attract their appearance. But it should be remembered that suede products can be worn only with dry weather, besides, they require careful care.

Lacted shoes have long been popular with fashionistas. It is important to know that this material is very capricious. Lacted products do not like moisture or heat.

Choosing closed heel shoes, it is worth paying attention to the following features:

  1. High girls need to wear shoes on a low heel. Otherwise, the silhouette will be elongated that visually adds unnecessary centimeters growth.
  2. Low ladies should not be purchased with a strap model. Such shoes can visually shorten.
  3. Girls with magnificent forms should be shoes on a low heel.
  4. Do not buy too cumbersome shoes, it will lose image.

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