Closed shoes

Closed shoes

The choice of shoes – the task is not from the lungs. Each woman faces the problem of selecting shoes. After all, the range of the presented models is infinitely large, and I want to have bought shoes emphasize beauty and elegance, and did not spoil the image irrevocably. After all, in the appearance of the shoes, you can judge the taste of a woman, about her sense of style.

The variety of world shoes makes it possible to limitless. Today in stores you can find models from leather and textiles, open and closed, classic and original. To date, closed model of shoes are dominated, as the options for their use are much larger than open shoes or sandals. Yes, and the weather is so much predictable that it often wants to hide the legs from the rain and dampness. But on a sunny summer day, options shoes with a closed nose and a heel are very relevant.

So, the main thing is to deal with the variety of models and decide on the relevant wardrobe.

Types of closed shoes


Every season they remain the most popular and sought-after shape. Closing the heel and sock, the boats are perfectly sitting on the leg, giving it grace and grace. Modern boats are singing with various colors and decor and give them the owner of notes of sexuality. Among the models are popular as classic strict model models for official events and office work and bright original – to create a light casual image in the style of Casual.

This season remains a popular rounded sock at the shoes, and also conquers its place pointed. Heel can also be very diverse, from a small “gland” to a high stud.

The shape of the boat is so popular that small modifications of the pads and additional decorations led to the creation of various variations of this model.

  • Searpin – Classic boats without additional jewelry. Most often made of varnish skin.

  • Wrap – The model has additional fixation using a beautiful bow and ribbon tied around the ankle. Such shoes look madly feminine and romantic.

  • Ankle-Strap – Blooming shoes look very sophisticated at the expense of the strap, walking the leg in an ankle area.

  • Kitten Heels – Boats on a small heel-glassy are ideal for high growth girls.

  • Lita – This is a combination of an elegant boat and a massive tractor sole. The model among teenagers and young girls is especially popular. Gives the image of brutality, but in the right combination with the appropriate clothing makes the image feminine and fragile.

  • Wedge – These are shoes on a wedge. Another option closed shoes. The tanque this season is insanely popular. The manufacturers well have worked with this model, experimented with a height and shape of the fuzzy and created models that can be worn with sundresses, and with shorts, and with pants of any length, and even with evening dresses. For lush ladies, designers offer a wedge with a reinforced neck from behind, which makes shoes visually easier.

Mary Jane

Surfed model called the name of the heroine of a popular comic, suitable and adults and children. Restrained style, good fixation on the leg due to the strap on the rise of the foot do not allow to reduce the plank of popularity of this model closed shoes. Modern shoes can have a small heel or platform, sock of various shapes, but it does not affect the convenience of this model.


This model of boats, developed by the designer Christian Labuthen, appeared quite recently, but rapidly won popularity among young people. These shoes are distinguished by a very high hairpin in combination with a high platform in the sock. But the main thing here is the sole, which varies in color with the main color shoes. In the original version of the sole was red. This know-how in the world of fashionable shoes is patented by Christian Labuthen himself.

Ballet shoes

Options for closed shoes, which are not suitable for the summer season. Comfortable and lungs, they quickly won popularity due to a wide variety of colors and finishes. Ballets have light weight, so many girls carry them with them as a replacement pair, when it is necessary to rebuild festive studs.


This is another model, closing and sock and heel, but suitable for socks only in summer. Espadrilles are similar to ballet shoes, but the edge of the soles are frozen by weaving their jute shoelaces. This shoes do not have a heel and usually produced from textile materials.

Among the closed women’s shoes, there are several models that moved from the male wardrobe, but some modifications have undergone. As a result, women got comfortable comfortable closed shoes, not devoid of grace and beauty.


This is the low low shoes of the “male” style with an open lacing. That is, the sidewalls of the boot are sewn over the front of the shoes, as a result of which they are well disclosed when the shoelains is unleashed. Such shoes are perfectly suitable for high-rise legs.

Derby exists in a variety of colors, which allows them to combine both with a classic wardrobe and with ordinary street clothing. Black, brown boots usually wear with office style costumes. Bright options are perfectly suitable for a trip to a party or ordinary walk.

Derby is worn with shortened trousers, but in this case they do not wear socks. If you wear a short skirt, on the contrary, complement the mischievous image with socks. How autumn shoes derby is indispensable. Models on a thickened sole save feet from damp.


Some closed shoes borrowed from men. Unlike Derby Oxfords have a closed lacing. That is, the alluation shoes are sewn over the sidewalls. Oxfords loved women for their convenience, practicality and classic. Unlike Derby, such a model of semi -oticinets has a more official and strict style and is better suitable for a business suit.

Models with increased to 5 centimeters The heel look very feminine and can be combined with trousers, and with skirts. And decoking the models of rivets, rhinestones and textile inserts allowed women to create a wide variety of images.


This is a variant of the same derby or Oxford, having a distinctive feature – perforation. Holes can be throughout the shoe, only on the sock or on the bers (shoe sidewings with laces). Brogia most often used in summer due to good breathability.


This is an intermediate model between Derby and Oxfords. Different from them because instead of shoelaces there are cute buckles. Monks are striking than derby, but not as official like Oxfords.


Closed shoes “stolen” men are incredibly popular in the modern world. Learn the lic apartments are very easy. They are very reminded by men’s shoes without laces with a solid tongue. Classic leafers have a rounded or slightly rectangular sock with smoothed edges and decoration in the form of a tassel with a fringe on the front of the shoe.

Rigid sole and massive stable heel did not scare female representatives, but, on the contrary, contributed to the fact that the shoes moved into a discharge everyday.

Modern models are not as conserved and allowed a higher heel or a small platform. I wonder the leafers that combine various materials in structure or color.

Wearing these shoes with any Casual style clothing. This model with shortened trousers or jeans is especially elegant, emphasizing the fragility of the female ankle.


This model is almost indistinguishable from the Lofer. These are soft leather or suede shoes with an elongated tongue. Laces are absent, and the insole merges with the top of the shoes. Moccasins are decorated with small tassels on the front of the shoes. Sometimes to decorate the model by contour the shoes are skipped leather lace.

Top Siders

One of the variations of closed shoes is something among the mochains and derby. From moccasin top-catchers borrowed the shape and lace along the backs of the shoes. And from Derby, the small beents sewn over the shoe.

A distinctive feature are four holes for cords that are launched crosswise. Colors use a wide variety. There are no strict rules here.

This shoes look better with light summer costumes, jeans, shorts, short dresses and sundresses.

Combining various materials, trying new forms, experimenting with the size and shape of the heel, manufacturers every year happy new collections of trendy shoes. This means that every woman can easily choose the necessary pair of elegant comfortable shoes.

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