Female sandals ecoCo

Female sandals ecoCo

Danish brand ECCO long and firmly ass on the Russian market, since its products enjoys considerable popularity and demand.

Benefits of the brand

Footwear is distinguished by excellent quality, convenient in the sock, the models of almost weightless, and the flexible sole helps to reduce the load on the legs.

In addition, at each stage of the production of shoes there is quality control. Therefore, for the release of the skin, the design of the models, the shoe accessories can be confident that the quality will not let. Everything is thought out to the little things. And the brand values ​​its reputation. The brand releases sports focus and classic models.

Materials: Leather, Suede, Textiles. Style: Strict Clear Lines, Scandinavian Design.

Brand Sandals Looks Sports and Casual. Casual sandals most often produced on a wedge, on a heel, on a small platform. Top and lower fasteners on velcro, which is very convenient, or on the fasteners.

On shoes there are special marks. Knowing them, you will easily navigate, trying on one or another model.

If you discovered the inscription COMFORT FIBRE SYSTEM on the shoes, it means that it is equipped with a special insole, it will not allow the legs to sweat.

The inscription Receptor means that when walking your stop will automatically make the right position, which will make your gait light.

And the inscription Ecco Hydromax suggests that the shoes have a special impregnation, repulsion of moisture. That is why your sandals look like on the rain and dirt as new.

Most Popular Colors: White, Black, Brown and Beige. Also there are often blue, red, silver sandals.

Customer Reviews

Buyers celebrate excellent shoes quality, its convenience. Many people write in their reviews that if earlier in the shoes of other brands on their feet always at the first sock, corns were formed, in ECCO shoes this does not happen. Moreover, the legs are comfortable and pleasant, as in native slippers, as the skin is good, and the model itself is thought out to the smallest detail and in terms of design, and design.

Shoes, as buyers write, is long, not one or two seasons. As a rule, 3-4 years they look like new.

Pregnant and women who, because of the profession, are forced to be on their feet for a long time, feel beautifully in this shoe.

Buyers are unanimous in the opinion that buying sandals of this brand is definitely. The high cost does not scare them, because there are always sales or stocks where you can buy shoes with a significant discount.

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