Genuine leather shoes

Genuine leather shoes

Choosing yourself shoes, every woman wants to acquire the most convenient and comfortable option from natural components. New-fashioned boutiques offer new products, made of the most diverse on the texture of materials: leather, synthetics and textiles.

Eminent Matters of the Shoe Industry Recommend to stop the choice of genuine leather. Such shoes have a number of advantages.


  • Strength

In any line of models, leather shoes will serve much longer than their analogues from other materials. Inserted inserts in the heel area reliably fix foot, and skin treatment makes it wear-resistant. Such shoes can be worn by several seasons without loss of quality, while they retain a presentable appearance long enough. These products are resistant to moisture and cold.

  • Comfortable steam is designed to reduce the load on the foot

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, famous brands have achieved the opportunity to reduce the blow in contact with the surface and evenly distribute the load on the foot. It is in leather models that a feature is manifested as much as possible, due to the material capable of keeping the form.

If, with the first fitting, shoes can sit with some discomfort, it has anatomy of legs and adjusts to its features. At the same time, the material does not rub his legs like leatherette or textiles. This feature allows you to make a pair with an orthopedic slope.

  • Block

The standard block will not slide on the sides or go ahead: thanks to the clear form, the legs are given excellent fixation and protection against injury, which is not in analogs from other materials. This will allow you to wear a couple throughout the day without a sense of discomfort.Genuine leather has hygienic properties.

Use it in the design will create a favorable microclimate in the inside. Thanks to this, the legs will not sweat, as the material perfectly passes the air and regulates heat exchange. Synthetic tissues can lead to the appearance of unpleasant odor or fungal diseases.

  • Attractive

External pairs are characterized by elegance and nobility. It is different from other design and form products. The smooth structure without roughness is pleasant to the touch and even in the heat remains cool.Caring for this product is much easier. Using a special cream or paint will give a pair of the initial species.

How to distinguish genuine skin from artificial?

In view of the fact that the cost of such shoes is high, often sellers are trying to give a pair of leatherette for natural. The leatherette is noticeably inferior in quality and deadlines.

To avoid deception, acquiring an expensive pair, brands offer to pay attention to several features inherent in natural material:

  • Thermal feature test. Putting the hand to the leather product, the present component warmer, while the leatherette will remain cold.
  • Sing of artificial material covered in front of a film. To the lower layer of the tissue film can not stick. Fake can share on layers, and leather – no.
  • In case of moisture, the genuine leather is noticeably darkened. Leavas in this case will remain unchanged. This test can be carried out on a special sample tag, which is available in each leather product.
  • The thickness of genuine leather is noticeable more substitute.
  • Test for flexibility. Powing your finger on the skin, it forms small wrinkles that quickly disappear when removing the finger. The leatherette does not have such elasticity.
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