Gold shoes

Gold shoes

Shoes are often the most catchy element of the female dress, especially if it is exquisite gold shoes. Naturally, The model with a coated made of noble metal Most of the fashionista is not affordable, but they are glad to wear ordinary shoes of this color.


Gold shoes, first of all, look at the scene and any solemn event. This thing always looks expensive and status. They are combined with almost any outfit, giving it a stylish look.

One of the advantages of the shoes of this color – it emphasizes the sophistication of gold jewelry and similar fragments on clothes. In addition, nothing will emphasize the beautiful tan of your feet, creating a glamorous seductive image. Gold shoes, in principle, are suitable for any skin shade.

This shoes, even on a flat sole, does not complete the leg. And, importantly, golden shoes are unlikely to come out of fashion soon.


Stylish female gold color shoes are represented today in a wide variety of fittings.

Basically, this exquisite shoes are intended for evening ensembles, so the most inquired in the fashionista options with a high heel.

If you need a universal model, look at the classic boat. Consider the version on the heel or with a heel-glass. You can try the massive heel cone-shaped or rectangular shape. Boats are fully closed at the top or have a different kind of cutout: on the side, on the cape, on the back.

The simplest toufllic shoes, made in gold, will turn into elegant. Experiment with texture: perfect smooth skin, soft suede with golden spraying, embossing under crocodile skin, perforation, rhinestones. The most bold can wear gold-colored shoes with aggressive spikes.

Unusually watched combined models: for example, it can only be a heel stud or sock. Sometimes even a thin edging along the edge and catchy metal buckle is able to significantly transform shoes.

Wonderful urban style solution – Golden shoes on a wedge. It happens hidden (the shoes are completely golden) or cork. Second option more casual.

Evening image perfectly complement the shoes on the stylish platform with the heater, and the metal color can be only a platform or vice versa.

Recently Popular Fine Gold Ballets of Various Facilities (Smooth, Relief, With Perforated). Often they are equipped with cutouts on cape either on sides.

Fashionable Metal Color Sandals with elegant weave of thin straps and various types of soles. Pretty stylish looks in Greek style with lacing, which often reaches the knee. Alternative to sandals make up the shoes with an open heel.

Gold shoes with straps – a great solution for everyday socks. Due to the convenient detail shoes tightly fits the leg and rubs less. Strap, thin or wide, can be on the lifting of the leg or cover ankle.

It looks unlikely in golden wedding shoes. Only the shade of gold should not be too dark (close to chocolate). For a happy event, it is desirable to purchase a sophisticated model on a small height or flat sole. If the bride’s dress opens his legs, it is better to take golden sandals with straps on ankle.


Forming your image with golden shoes, it is necessary to take into account that this color has various shades. Pale gold, similar to color on champagne – the most soft shade of gold, ideal for creating a summer image. It combines, as a rule, with light clothing.

The shade of bright gold always dominates the ensemble, and it is better to combine it with the outfit of matte.

Dark gold looks great with dark colors and tanned skin.

Whatever metal shade you choose for your shoes, remember that in any case it will attach attention to my feet, so you need to take care of impeccable pedicure.

How to combine colors?

There are many colors that are as if created for a combination with gold.

  • First of all, it is a classic black. This color is suitable for any shade of the skin, with gold it looks as impressive as possible.
  • Elegant white color also “friendly” with gold. Even an inexperienced fashionista will not hit, choosing this combination.
  • The harmonious and mysterious duo with gold will be emerald – you will get an elegant and unusual image. The same, in principle, you can call and red color.
  • Golden in combination with gentle pink or peach gives the effect of lightness and airiness. Included with blue the color of the noble metal slightly fade, but this not too catchy image also looks elegant.
  • Good and calm combination – gold and brown.

However, along with these harmonious combinations, there are colors that should not be adjacent to the golden tint.

  • Tasteless to combine golden with silver. These self-sufficient colors will not tolerate competition.
  • It is unacceptable to combine with gold multicolored things – so you will get a funny clown ensemble.
  • Leopard drawing, striped print, leather inserts in combination with gold look vulgar, because there should always be a sense of measure.

As for the wedding shoes of the golden color, it is desirable to pick up a champagne dress for them. Such a bride looks sophisticated and elegant. Also harmoniously with such shoes will look like an ivory outfit.

What to wear?

Golden shoes for office suit can be selected with any heel size. This is especially true of the trouser kit: under the pantyl low heel will be impaired, but it is very convenient, with you create a beautiful image. This is the perfect solution for future mothers, as well as those who have problems with Vienna. Especially beautiful such shoes look with black pants.

With a feminine skirt and dress harmoniously, the shoes of the noble metal colors on high heels are looking – as a rule, this is an option for a business evening and a festive image.

Under graceful sandals with intertwatted straps, pick out the outdoor summer sundress from overflowing fabric – such a duet will look catchy and glamorous.

An extraordinary model of gold shoes with ties will be a relevant addition to a soft pink dress.

Gold color shoes, fully decorated with rhinestones, are designed to create a purely romantic image. In this form you can perform on the stage, putting the elegant, but not a brilliant dress.

As for tights and stockings under golden shoes, stop on a bodily version or a light tanning. In some cases, it is permissible to wear black tights (for example, if your black or deep red dress), but they should be very transparent. Tight items to wear under such shoes completely unacceptably.

From accessories for gold color shoes suitable jewelry from a similar metal. Massive or small – in any case, they will play in a new light in a tandem with golden shoes.

How to care?

It should be noted that golden shoes do not wear every day, because various damage is immediately noticeable on this product (if, of course, you are not moving on the garden exclusively in the car or taxis). This is a model for special cases.

Dirt with this shoe need to delicately remove a wet napkin. Wash the product only with non-rigid means, otherwise, the color of the tufelk may change. Also, gold-colored shoes should be dried under direct sunlight.

Beautiful images

  • The adorable dress of the classic length, arched from the hip, attracts with its unusual colors, which is going on with a red-haired girl – a combination of emerald and golden strips. And at the top of the product, the strip is arranged horizontally, they are longitudinal from the hips, which visually slim down the lower part of the body. An ideal addition to such an add-on is gold color shoes, decorated with coquettle bows. The model has an interesting cone-shaped height of medium height. Thin strap on the waist coinciding in color with shoes, makes an image of a more holistic.

  • Spectacular golden sandals on thick soles and high heels lengthen the already slender legs and effectively combined with a short-red dress-red dress. Such a shade in clothes is very to face blondes. A small handbag is made in a calmer shade of red, and the metal strap echoes the color with sandals. This brave and density image competently complete sunglasses.

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