Golden barelogs

Golden barelogs

Golden Sanding Sandals – a real precious framing for female legs, they add the appearance of their owner of a luxurious shine and truly royal nobility.

In such a shoe, you can feel like a Cinderella, Princess or Hollywood star at the presentation of the famous film.

If gold sandals features a smooth material with an even glitter, then golden couples have a characteristic sampling, they are festively overflowing and playing all sorts of sunny shades.

Materials and decor

Materials for sewing gold sandwesters and the texture of their surface can be the most different – smooth skin, suede with gold spraying, plush velor with embossed or high-quality synthetic leatherette.

For the sandals, it is not so fundamentally the use of only natural material, since the leg in them and so great breathes.

The combination of various materials in one pair, such as leather with velor or suede with textiles, looks perfectly. Not low demand among fashionistas, gold sandals, decorated with rhinestones, beads, buckles, bows, as well as decorated with appliqués, perforation and metal details.

The most soft and neutral shade of gold color – pale gold color resembling Ivory. Sandals of this color are not necessarily putting on a celebration, often they are used in creating lightweight casual images for summer.

Sandals shade of bright gold will become the dominant of the entire image, so they are better to wear with clothes not bright colors.

A pair of sandwichees of the shade of dark aged gold will look great against the background of a noble summer tan, it is better to combine them with dark tones.

One of the trends of the last seasons is a combination of various colors and shades in one product. Sandals look quite stylishly, where along with a neutral tint, used when sewing the entire product, the details of golden color are used, for example, thoughts, border, strap or heel.


Since basically a pair of gold sandwood is purchased to create a solemn evening image, it is worth paying attention to high heel or hairpin.

Such sandals are preferable to the shoes, since the area of ​​the “gold” used in them is significantly less. It is for this reason that gold sandals look no vulgar and defiant, but easily and air.

In the summer, gold sandals are quite relevant, they look great both in combination with elegant sundresses and with candid shorts.

Compromise Between the stud and flat sole can be considered gold sandals on a wedge /

Excellent options are also sandals platform.

Such model classes are very stable, and at the same time, there are several additional centimeters of growth in their owner. The tanner may look like a common sole, for example, cork, and maybe a hidden, covered with the same “golden” material as all the product.

As for the species, gold sandals can be both with a fully closed top, and have different cuts – on the sock, side or on the back.

Sandals with straps – the most popular choice, because they not only look spectacularly, but and more tightly fit the legs, so such models are more comfortable in the sock.

The strap is of different thickness, it can be on the rise or in the ankle area.

Straps can be in the form of the letter “T”, pigtails, membranes or braided.

How to choose?

When choosing an ideal pair of shoes, it is important to pay attention not only to its attractive appearance, but also for convenience.

Truly comfortable sandals should not help even on the first fitting. No couple is even the most beautiful shoes worth the corners on the legs, which will certainly appear in the process of unlocking.

At the same time, sandals should not be too vigilant, and sock and heel must be perfectly coincided with the parameters of your foot, because such a feature of open shoes – any defects and flaw will be in sight.

When buying, pay attention to the quality of the sewing – there should be no sticking thread or traces of glue.

Color – uniform, glitter – high-quality. The smell should not push. The insole of high-quality barenes is usually made of natural porous, well absorbent moisture material.

What to wear?

Gold sandals can be put on whenever it is necessary to raise the mood and arrange a small holiday.

They look great almost with any clothes.

The most successful colors combined with golden sandals: yellow, orange, brown, beige, peach, pink, blue, blue and, of course black.

Warm shades from cream to chocolate – perfect gold color partners.

They beneficially emphasize the noble glow shine.

Pretty effectively will look like an ensemble of a bright orange dress, golden clutch and gold sandals.

Also, a casual ensemble can consist of a pair of narrow jeans, a sand color, trimmed with sequins and a pair of golden sandwicheels on a heel.

Pink outfits in combination with gold sandals give the image of a guide and ease.

Here, golden sandals do not attract the focus on themselves, they are more likely to complete and harmonize the overall impression of the ensemble.

Cold palette of blue and blue shades slightly drows out an excess gold glitter.

Such an image must be complemented with stylish accessories and yellow metal jewelry.

Excellent Ensemble – Emerald Dress, Golden Sandals and Luxury Handbag on Golden Chain.

Since basically a pair of gold sandwood is purchased to create a solemn evening image, it is worth paying attention to high heel or hairpin.

On a black background, the luxury of gold looks the most advantageous. Little black dress in combination with golden sandals – stylish selection of any modern fashionista.

It is interesting to look a strict business suit with gold sandals.

Pale golden sandals can be combined even with white clothing.

No wonder, many brides are picking up to their wedding, alongside, not traditional snow-white shoes, but fashionable sandals shada champagne or ivory, often with a golden tint.

It is important to maintain the shade of shoes competently selected accessories.

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