Green boots

Green boots

Green boots – not the most sought-after version of the demi-season or winter shoes. Usually prefer to choose classic, discreet colors. And in vain, because Green, according to psychologists, is one of the most positive and vitality in the color palette. It refreshes, gives positive emotions, and looks very nice. In addition, his richest gamma shades allows you to easily choose the appropriate option for any ensemble of clothes.

What is the combined green?

Green reminds of the arrival of spring, the appearance of the first grass and foliage on the trees. Therefore, it is especially relevant for the spring age. However, the golden autumn and snow-white winter this color will look no less bright and fresh.

Before you purchase green boots for your wardrobe, you need to remember several rules of combinations of this color with another clothing:

  • Light green shades (mint, lime, spring) are best combined with clothes of white, steel or other shades of green. Women’s boots made in these lungs, gentle tones are almost universally suitable for any clothes.

  • Emerald boots better selected under the clothes of all shades of brown. This is chocolate, and dark beige, and coffee.

  • Dark green boots are great for creating bright, bold images. They play the role of a contrasting accent and look beautifully with a coat or a jacket of bright yellow, purple, blue or dark turquoise color.

  • More reserved shades of green (green-brown, khaki, olive) are perfectly combined with white or brown. So that the image does not work gloom enough to add a bright accessory to it – yellow scarf, belt, hat.

  • Boots of bright green color will definitely attract attention, so the rest of the clothes must be withstanding in more muted shades.

Models of green boot

Green color universal. It looks harmonious in a variety of designs and materials – skin, suede, textiles.

  • Classic heel boots. The hairpin is always fashionable and elegant, and green boots on a high, thin heeled – it’s still fashionable, and very feminine. No less stylish boots on a wide steady or low heel.

  • Green boots will attract attention and extravagant style and color. Such a model is suitable for creating a catchy, bold image.

  • Boots on a wedge or platform have not come out of fashion for many years. Because such heels are very comfortable, and such models look very stylish and elegant.

  • Green boots can be monophonic, with a pattern or decorated.

Eastern motives or floral ornaments can be used as a lightweight, unobtrusive ornament. Such boots look very sophisticated and feminine. As decorative elements for decorating boots, transparent or green rhinestones, stones, silver and golden thread, metal parts are used.

If it is winter boots, the appliques from multi-colored fur can be used as decorations, inserts from leather or other contrasting material on texture. Lighter model boots require the same laconic and elegant decor.

What to wear green boots?

Green is unique not only by the variety and depth of their shades. He is good and the fact that any woman, regardless of his color, will easily pick up the boots of a suitable shade under their wardrobe.

Of course, green looks perfectly with all the shades of orange, brown and golden colors. It’s like a green foliage and the first yellow leaves, green trees and sun. Positive Associations, Harmonious Combination.

Depending on the style, the presence of a heel, decorative jewelry boots and other nuances selected suitable ensemble. Jeans are the perfect option for a combination with bags of almost any design. Under the boots on high heels, jeans-skinnie are perfectly suitable, and the combination of blue and green colors always looks very smart.

Classic boots are perfectly suitable for the trouser costume, and to a rigorous or romantic dress, and to denim shorts. The main thing is that the color gamut of the selected clothing is combined with a shade of shoes, and the image looked harmoniously.

If the boots have a bright shade, the rest of the clothes should be more restrained.

Khaki color boots perfectly fit as everyday additions to jeans, turtleneck and leather jacket, for example. Practical and stylish option for every day.

Treads – a very elegant model that is best combined with a short dress, skirt or shorts. The kit must be selected very carefully so that the image looks stylish and worthy.

Beautiful images

A saturated grassy shade Rubber boots on the heel will become a bright and spectacular addition for a set of gray leggings, beige tunic and a white raccoat. Scarf, made in different shades of green, will become a logical end of the image.

Stylish emerald color Treads on a high stud shade the beauty of a feminine set consisting of a plum color of a jumper and a luxurious colorful skirt. Admiration! As accessories used black gloves, handbag in the jumper tone and neat brooch.

Classic heel boots look perfectly with any clothes. For example, with a beautiful black dress and dense black pantyhose. Golden decorations are used as a spectacular addition.

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