Green Boots

Green Boots

With many shades, you can combine green ankle shocks and look stylish. So the presence of such shoes in the wardrobe will not make you refuse your favorite things.

Subtleties of choice

Green Ankle Boots are special shoes, which means you choose it right, carefully and neatly.

First of all it is worth paying for the features and disadvantages of the legs.

  • For high girls with ankle shape there are no restrictions in choosing ankle balls in green.

In this case, you must have two pairs: with a low heel for each day and with a hairpin for solemn cases.

  • Holders of thin legs should not choose models with a wide balance, with a roughetic mold or platform. In this case, the legs will seem even more thin, which will spoil any image.

  • Who really needs green ankle boots with a wedge, so it is complete ladies. An alternative to the wedge is fat heel, which also fits such a type of figure. From the models with a wide-scale top of the full women will have to abandon, since the leg will seem even more voluminous.

Such a different green color

Green color combines a huge amount of shades, each of which is special and unique.

  • The combination of gray and green creates a democratic shade, which is simultaneously bright and muted. For boots in such a shade easy to choose clothes and accessories.

  • Bright green with saturated color and maximum darkness – the choice of bold girls who should be in the spotlight in any situation. Such a color must be combined with simple clothing. As for colors, you can stay on gray or black or yellow, orange, red, brown, purple. The image must be comfortable and most suitable for your character.

  • Pale shades of green perfectly suitable for spring and summer. There is nothing to be surprised here because the range of the Boots includes models not only for the cold season. You can pick up bright clothes to pale green shock.

  • Militari style is embodied in olive or khaki blank. What to wear such shoes? Do not fall in camouflage so that the image matches the selected style? Under such original shoes, you can wear jeans or shorts of their denim, white shirt or your favorite T-shirt. Skirt with a colorful print can also be an excellent option.

  • Finally, there remained the most beautiful color of the Bootlims – Emerald. To such shoes you need to pick up clothes in the cold, the same amazing shades. It may be a wine, saturated burgundy, crimson, purple, lemon.

A color scheme

Under green ankle ankle boots, you can pick up clothes in warm and cold shades.

  • Blue color is adjacent to green in the color range, it allows without restrictions to combine green ankle ankles and blue things. The most elementary option is blue jeans and ankle boots in green. In a strict image, jeans can be replaced by pants or skirt, which will not cover the knees. In tone to shoes, you can even add accessories. The right solution will buy along with shoes and bag in the same color.

  • Brown accessories can safely turn on in blue-green images. It is very convenient because, for example, a brown bag has versatility and can be combined with other things.

  • Combine red things with green ankle boots can afford only bold nature, which are used to trying bright and extraordinary images. Since the colors themselves are bright, it means that clothes and shoes should be simple. Red can be replaced with burgundy if such bright images are not for you.

  • Purple with green boots combines very well. Such images tend to measure bright and contrasting. You can look at the shoes in the style of khaki.
  • Pink things with green shocks do not create glamorous images as it may seem. Footwear in this case is softening elements that dilutes the gentle of clothing.

  • Under black things you can wear dark green boots. In this case, the image will be strict. Dilute its gloomy will help white, beige or blue top.

  • Based on green shoes, you can create romantic images that will emit tenderness. To do this, you need to choose things in white.


Very many brands represent green boots on the podiums. ATTENTION Attracts the evening shoe model from Louis Vuitton.

Color of green metallic in combination with contrast finish make these ankle shoes luxurious.

The daily option is presented in the ADRENWHOL CREDECOEUR collections. Suede models combine two colors: deep olive and dark green. Heel is low and steady, which allows you to wear such shoes to work.

Paola Ferri released a whole line of shocks that possess a concise view, a restrained style, a comfortable form.

Such ankle boots can be worn with skirt, jeans, trousers. A distinctive feature of this shoe is a side decorative snake.

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