Green sandals

Green sandals

Green shoes – a bold solution, thanks to which any image becomes more solar and summer. Sandals of this shade perfectly fit not only in the onions in a free style, but also perfectly complement the business ensemble. How to make it so that the image looks the most harmonious – read in our article.

Features and advantages

Most green is associated with spring grass, sea breeze, thick foliage. And this is not by chance, because the number of green shades just fascinates – pistachio, salad, lime color and sea wave – not the whole list of these summer tones. Choosing a pair of sandals of one of them, you can afford to create a truly lightweight and air mood, even if you are on a strict event.

What to wear

I would like to note that selecting the image to the shoe follows the saturation of the green shade. So, delicate light colors of sandals, such as mint, aquamarine, the emerald will most harmoniously look in the lungs and flying images, where the main focus is on air and femininity. Choose green sandals with linden, chiffon peasant dress and clutch on a thin neat chain. Such a combination of light green shoes and yellow tops looks very fresh and in summer.

More stringent and cold shades of green – olive, swamp, dark green, khaki and fern color – suitable for creating a business lady. Choosing such dark green sandals, you do not break the strict framework of the business dress code. You can combine them with black and dark gray pants, a pencil skirt and even with a suit. Do not forget that some accent should be present in the image – let it be a bright hairpin, a contrast bracelet or other major decoration.

Very successfully combine green sandals with things on which there is a print. Bright and solar pattern can sometimes make an image of finished and organic without unnecessary accessories.

Select stylish dresses with an animal print, berry and fruit pattern, ethnic motifs or in classic polka dot – any of these options will be harmonized with green shoes, but provided that in the picture of the clothes will be at least a small amount of shoe shade will be present.

Stylish images

  • Excellent bow in business style. Snow-white pants in combination with a bright green cotton shirt form a great summer tandem. Tolding the ends of the shirt on the stomach, the model demonstrates a seductive tummy, but it does not seem to be a vulgar special. Solar mood introduces a bright handbag in the form of a watermelon, and green sandals with a blue strap on top perfectly completed. Invisible, but a bright emphasis in the image is a manicure of a girl – it is very successful echoes the handbag.

  • Excellent example of how successfully green sandals can fit into the urban image. High heel and a small platform can add a few missing growth centimeters and also help to visually pull the silhouette, making it more elegant and slim. Skinny jeans classic shade, light blue top and cardigan with a smell of sandals tied with a neat thin brown strap, look together simply, but no less feminine. Accessories in the form of hours, bracelet and glasses have decorative, and functional importance. Such an ensemble is quite suitable for a trip to the movies on a day session or for cute gatherings with a girlfriend in a cafe.

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