Green shoes

Green shoes

Green shoes – an excellent solution for girls who want to dilute their wardrobe with bright colors, and at the same time not to look like everything. Most often you can find colored shoes of other shades, many fashionists undeservedly bypass this particular color.

Try trying the boats or ballet shoes of emerald, coniferous or lime color, and you yourself make sure how stylish they look!



Classic boats – the most popular view of women’s shoes. There are no fasteners on them, and the features are deep cut and thin heel-stud.

Today there are boats in various variations – with a heel of different heights, with a pointed and rounded sock, from various materials. So every girl can find a couple to taste.

Mary Jane

Characteristic feature of this model – strap on the rise. Perhaps the only shoes that came to us from the children’s wardrobe.

They can be on a heel, on a wedge and at all on a flat sole. They are comfortable, but has one essential drawback – a visually shortening the leg, unlike boats. Therefore, it is necessary to select clothes to them very carefully to compensate for this deficiency.

Open toes

Open toe shoes practically do not come out of fashion. They look pretty luxurious, making the image of a girl with elegant and sophisticated. They are well suited for summer time of the year and are suitable for any type of shape.

In most cases, such shoes do not contradict the business dress, so they can be worn in the office, unlike open sandwiches.

On a tanket

Wedge shoes perfect for everyday socks! They are slimming, make you higher, but at the same time they are much more stable and more comfortable than heel shoes. The tank is always in trend, however, it can still be modified. For example, this season designers are experimenting, decorating the surface of the wedge of various decorations.

Without heel

There are various women’s shoes without a heel, but ballet shoes remain the most popular. They are suitable for students, housewives and business girls, because they are comfortable and practically versatile.

Ballets are with a rounded and sharp sock, with a small cable and without it, with various decorative elements. This is the perfect shoes for every day.


Light green

Personify freshness and ease, it is spring-summer shades, practically weightless. These include all bright, elevated tones. Shoes of this color are ideal for tender summer images, complement the romantic bows for the first date.

Bright green

Active green shades can also be used in the summer wardrobe, they will ideally complement active casual images. Lime, salad and shades of juicy greenery – shoes of such colors will attract attention and definitely will not leave you unnoticed.

Dark green

Saturated green shades look luxurious and exquisite. Bottle Glass Hint Shoes will be appropriate in business wardrobe.

Emeralde will complement the evening look, but will also look great in everyday images.

Best of all in the style of Casual style will look deep shades with an admixture of gray or brown. Such shoes are ideal for every day, because it looks much more interesting to boring black.


  • Leather shoes – the optimal option for those who purchase one pair of shoes for all occasions. They are reliable, comfortable, legs in them are feeling very comfortable. The skin is not afraid of rain, as a rule, does not rinse. Mattering shoes will serve you not one season.

  • Artificial leather shoes are not so durable, besides, the leathesum does not let the air. The main advantage of such shoes in low cost, so you can buy a new couple every season. Best not to use them for everyday socks, and have for a special case.

  • Suede shoes look very impressive, but require special care, without which they will quickly lose their attractive appearance. In the rain, they are not recommended to wear, but a special water repellent spray will help correct the situation.

  • Varnish shoes will undoubtedly attract increased attention. In addition, they are at the peak of popularity this season. Since the lacquer does not let air, it is better not to wear such shoes daily. They are ideal for accessing and other special cases.

What to wear?

  • Best green shoes will look at the company of clothes and accessories blue, yellow and blue. If you make a business image, give preference to the clothes of all shades of brown, gray or black.

  • Bright green shoes can be a key element of your image. Best of all, they will look at the company another thing made in the same color scheme. Well, if it is not a handbag, but a T-shirt or blazer.

  • If you make a daily image, there is nothing better than a combination of jeans and spectacular suede shoes. Logsa jeans can be almost any, the best of all will look at blue torn Boyfriend, black skinnie or Mom-Jeans with an overwhelmed waist. Complete the image of the blouse and jacket or the blazer of a neutral shade.

  • Casual images performed in Color Block technique will be originally. You can combine green shoes with monophonic clothing clean spectral shades. For example, with red pants and yellow blouse.

  • In the absence of a strictest dress code, green shoes easily complement the business look. You can wear them with a trouser or skirt suit, or combine bottom with a light shirt, a blouse. They can become an emphasis of any familiar image.

  • Saturated green boats will be appropriate in the office complete with a case-case. You can add an image with a jacket, thin strap in tone and a spacious business bag. The final stroke of the image will be a light scarf that you can casually tie on the neck.

  • What to wear green shoes on a date? Give preference to the gentle green shade models and combine them with a lush or tailored skirt and top with open shoulders, which is now in trend. Complete the image of the clutch and elegant decorations.

  • Emerald shade shoes are ideal for accessing. They can be combined with spectacular evening dress, romper or brush suit. Prefer along a calm saturated color so that he harmoniously looked with your shoe.

Spectacular images

  • An excellent example of how to successfully enite green boats in the business wardrobe. Wear them with a black and white striped costume consisting of a long sleeve blouse and a pencil skirt. Complete the image of a spacious black bag, watches and jewelry in the style of minimalism.

  • Practically monochrome image made in shade asparagus. Short trapezoid dress with a white collar and fashionable shoes with a jumper on ankle. Stylish image for accessing is diluted with a multi-colored handbag on a long strap.

  • Look in the style of Casual is better supplemented with heel shoes. Wear them with blue jeans and vest. So that the image does not look bored, add it a bright pink blazer and large image glasses in horny frames.

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